Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pulau Ubin

hello. im in such a good mood today! :) went to pula ubin to cycle with wenmin louis bryan brandon and chunks!
first step to losing weight HAHAHAHA died man damn tiring.

this was probably the first time i exercised in SUCH a long time, and long time defination is - like maybe half a year? haha since i went into the hospital that period of time to stay esp. i think my stamina has became real bad and my QI4SHE4 not good. means face color or smth hahaha dunno how translate. step one pro chinese here B)
thus im feeling real hyper now!~

on the bus with wenmin <3 ^^ heh
she looked like korean galgal today bunning up all her hair. HAHAHA i wanted to wear my Num tank top but decided not to cos the guys will most probably nag at me cos one of my num tank top says "Rugby" blabla and all the sports that they play or smth LOL HAHAHA but i dont play it. i just bought it cos it was the trend that time :< Ironic much ?

OH the sweet cpl ROFL i think wenmin and louis is like the longest cpl tgt among all my friends.

hahaha recently if i think i look damn ugly i'll just star my face away hehee

hahaha the patch of yellow retarded stickers is meant to repel mosquitoes! heh only wenmin the thoughtful girl brought like water, insect repellent etc for all of us. i think it helped abit. LOL pula ubin's amount of mosquitoes really can diee

group shot wo me

so do i look swag with sunglasses?:) HAHA

red one
nah black one looks nicer

"i think i look like some actress" AHAHAH WITH SHADES

the stray dogs^^

me and wenmin as usual more kanchiong spider rented our bikes at like around 8 dollars for the day. quite cheap la. but the guys got theirs at 6 LOL

im the most amateur cyclist there tho :( i learnt cycling when i sec 4 only la! wah everytime i cycle sure will have accident one like cases of me flying into the bush or smth LOL

they were just fooling around with the double cycle bike for ewhile.

i look so cute ROFL

scratch***scratch* LOL

at this part i was alr damn tired i think this would be the last time and first time im going to go cycling at pulaubin cos i REALLY cmi the slopes are DAMN tough i kept jamming and getting off my bike and make all of them wait for the lousy me hahaha then i got damn pissed at a point LOLOL too pissed to even care abt the mozzies which attacked us when i stop LOL

i got bitten the worst la. my fat juicy thighs time to lose weight MEH

some ulu house to stop n rest cos i was damn angry at bryan for bringing us into a SUPER UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN FILLED WITH ROCKS N COCONUTS N BUMPY SUPER BUMPY BIC TRAIL make me use all my energy there cos i couldnt ride thru it then finally long way inside. DEAD END. damn.

scratching again HAHAHAHA

OOOH we saw wile boar hahaha couldnt take proeperly they were gone too fast

hahahaa i look like some weird tourist with my usagi band on my head

yoyo im swag HOHO

sweat until cmi my face red and SWEATY N OILY BLABLA

he think he cute.

louis think he fit.

omg aft this part no pics but THERE WAS THIS HERD OF MONKEYS.

then louis dont believe he slowly cycle. then i was pushing my bike behind with wenmin in between us. the last man pushing again.

Then i finally cycle alr they all stop so i also have to stop (ps getting my bike to start IS DAMN HARD FOR ME HOR) then we saw this like herd of monkeys like got at least 20+ screaming and running from a LOUD GROAN -wild boar downhill then they all pro what 3 2 1 all ZOOOOM cycle run alr then i stand there stun awhile try cycle but STUCK so i just throw my bike and bag there and RUN away in the oppsite direction DAMN SCARY most scary experience ever i thought the monkeys were gonna eat me or smth la i wanted to die hahaha almost cry hahaha
they think funny but aft that my face PALE.COM

climbed up like 6+ storeys gonna die again LOL. to see the view.





dont worry, i wont fall into the sea one lah.

bryan handsome wor
hahah was trying to take the BEAUTIFUL scenery damnnice but i look damn not beautiful la

rofl short vid of the guys playing afool

haha and a rdm lame vid of me

hoped u all enjoyed this post!
xoxo eugeniania ciao

WALAO i dam irritated by ppl who kp me on FORMSPRING
follow me on twitter btw im niceee ;)

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