Monday, March 11, 2013

Intern 2 + Facebook page/Nuffnang + Party

Hi guys! I super need a BIG FAVOR please. 
I'll appreciate it a great deal. For my intern i need to achieve 8k likes within 5 weeks on one of the company facebook product page. Planning to do a photoshoot and ask tricia to be my model real soon to promote the product, revamp the page, so you guys can keep a watchout! hehe it will be my first professional photographing.

Please help me go to this page and click like PLEASE. i know i have minimum readers who don't give shit about me but one little like will help hopefully! 

if you guys have time, you can also help me click on the nuffnang ads below my blog banner. Thankyou! :) 

Was bored at work so i did a panorama banner. I think i'll get scolded if my boss sees this.

no makeup every single day. Dressed like an auntie, workplace area have lots of those scary looking workers. Me and weishan are like one of those few young chicks. HAHAHA

Hawker centre FOODPORN. something you'll rarely see cause i tend to overspend on good food. The work area only has one hawker, currently not bored of their food yet. Still acceptable, my stomach is actually really easy to please. And i got reminded that i needa start learning how to cook HAH. Great way to save money for me too. But i sit whole day and eat, my butt hurts. 

I am a noodle person.

kinda like their wanton noodles and chicken rice stall noodles


w regina :)

and natnat :)

not forgetting jess :)

on saturday.

jacket and bralet is back!

girl group photo! photographer was drunk..

My home fridge has been restored. 2 boxes of magnums, haagen daaz 2 tubs, ben and jerrys.

and i finished tubs myself. One of my fav haagen daaz flavor. MACADAMIA NUT BRITTLE

but so far, i have been exercising and makeup & contacts free
I am rather tan now, but i feel good. Healthy. My eyebrows are so non existing. 

finally i have some natural blush from running. Guess how many earholes i have.

xoxo eugeniania

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