Friday, March 1, 2013

Timbre + Namnam + Zouk

Hello guys, im back for another short update. Thanks for the well wishes. Im okay now, could be better, but im okay. Lol. I have decided that i'll slowly start partying lesser. I know, the impression of all these are bad, but people need to know me, to understand. I want to say something not very humble but i think i'll just stick to being humble. I am ironic, I want to not care about what others think, like it is my life, my own choice, but i care. HAHA, so back to round one.

 I feel quite lousy, I think.. But guess i'll leave all this out here, in case i get judged. Need to start exercising. Healthier lifestyle, Remind myself again to make wiser decisions in the future. Drink lesser, getting headaches often. It is also better to be sober, in case i do embarrassing stuffs again, which will never ever happen. Time to maintain, revert back. I bet no one understands what nonsense i am typing. I just feel soooooooooooooo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cause aiya freaking no swag left.. (not saying i was swag but i usually dont do things like that but theres always a first, which ruins) Anyway, i tried being a party promoter but i gave up, i cant entertain people. Too lazy, too much effort.
KK time to go back to my egoistic old ways. heh and officially stop being a tool.

start off w a picture of my yummy caramel corn

back at paris baguette again, this time the seafood chowder seemed not as nice, but the italian chicken wrap that looks so normal, tasted great. :p

sticky chewy chocolate at swensens.

namnam noodle bar, ordered the dry beef noodles, yumm. seems rather healthy? supposedly no msg in their food

yummy beef

was so lazy to put makeup and to conceal my face or anything, so just practically shades all the way. 

feels good, heh, but i became tanner, and i kinda like wearing my shades in this position hehe

timbre w the bros ytd, finally tried it for the first time, everyone was raving about their duck pizza.

singapore river in the evening, so nice.

i think there are seats inside as well, as well as sheltered and non sheltered areas on the outside.

timbre offer and menus

settled down, the tables damn low inside..

pretty light, it was kind of stuffy though.

started getting dim so its kinda hard to take nice photos while chilling inside.

beer, dont understand why guys like to drink beer.

and guys cant take photographs too hahaha

ordered two plates of buffalo wings

two duck pizzas and Buffalo chicken pizza or smthing (i forgot the name)

one pizza of this size is supposed to cater to four people, means 16 people in total, we had 8 ppl. 
Means we can really eat? hahaha.

greedy pigs in action

i preferred the duck pizza! the sauce damn nice. heh and i like the crispy flakes.

the lightning was kind of nice,  and i didnt put any makeup AT ALL. but cant be bothered. check out my eyebags heh

i really wanna perform again somedayyy, live band, the guy sang damn well. Acoustic, lifted up my spirits 

ben came to find us after work. chilled at the river side awhile, someone puked, a stranger HAHA 
running bad, 
comes timbre to chill,
ended up puking at 9pm.

quite horrible group shots HAHAH everyone looks shitty

kuanbing, roy, junjie, jikun, jon, ben, raymond, me, tricia, ritz

went topshop recently heh

got this top in black!!

TGIW at zouk i like wednesdays.


some girl group shot in the toilet, lifestyle getting so mundane and boring. 

i look funny smiling w teeth hehe

uploading these cause twin looks good

large group of us that night! 

w michelle :)

hi vail ;)

pretty karen :)

hehe chloe ^^

hehehe eunice :*

w maybelline :D


w humphrey :D

and claire :)

handsome boys, humphrey and JJ

dionna and callista ! hahaha and twin LOL

twin and me w michelle :)

horrible photographer LOL

unprepared me, maybelline and zhiyan LOL

what was marcus doing hahaha

shall end of the group shot w all sp girls ;) hehe and some others who werent inside~

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