Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hi guys, short update hehe miss me? Back to square one.. Trying to keep a very low profile. But it definitely still needs some adjustments. Exercised 1 time this week only... :/ and I have have decided on something, going to just give up, and give that a chance. Any icy cold mountain, even myself, would melt. But why.. Its better to choose something which makes you feel better about yourself than worthless. Guess its all part of a selfish human nature.Too bad i am the kind of person who would only realize the importance of something after its gone. Unfortunately, I am just made this way.. Thinking alot. I guess all efforts made are futile now, seriously have never felt so hesitant over something for so long. I guess I am just simply not worth it and giving it too much thought. 

Photos on whiplash facebook page up SONAR w the clique! First time my whole clique is attached, too bad guys hahaha.

weishan, me, tricia, regina and tessa.

LOL i look like i got abs but slightly distorted

and one w marilyn may and amanda!

Finally saw twin after 300 weeks...... I have to admit it is my bad, cause now other than clubs. Its hard for me to meet up my best friends....... not proud of that.......... really have no idea what i am doing. Jess came over to my house ytd and so did zhiyan~ didnt take much photos because I really just want to be mysterious so no one would know my whereabouts hahaha

miss our twin love? Cannot wait to do the twin vlog w twin soon ;)

aunt got this for me cause i always lose my keys.

only photos of TGIW w nat

and davis


carrot cake on the thursday after a hangover. Went to eat at chompchomp later at night, havent been there in a very long time. :)

starbucks w shan in the afternoon trying to get some work done..... super hangover face.

and the latest family member of the group. mr eldin !!!! hahhaa last long, snatch away my club partner.........

face before club

after club. hahaha super random.

tired eyes..

super love sandwiches.

and tomyum vermicelli seafood :D

more salad because i had two suppers ytd. And finally tried MacDonalds new fish fillet tangy sauce burger and their lemon chicken wings.

I am a lazy girl. With complicated thinking which sometimes i wish some people could understand. :(

shag face. xoxo eugeniania

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