Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Demi Lovato Concert + Ding Tai Fung + Cover (I Knew You Were Trouble) + SONAR/ZOUK GNO

Hey guys :) Im here to update again! I just did a new cover. Its not that good, but i really like Taylor Swift's new album's songs so i just did it for fun since i had a DSLR on my hand. 
Hope you guys enjoy it! Red- I Knew You Were Trouble

I was feeling quite down in the afternoon cause i quarreled w my mom :( + Super stressed with intern work which added to my fume. I am so not independent and immature.
:'( Felt like crying. But i felt better after playing two songs which i blasted in my ears the whole afternoon. Sometimes listening to music makes me feel a tad better. 

sigh my mom mad super yummy breakfast for me this morning before we cold war. Her sandwiches and salads are the best.......

packed some to share. Cabbed all the way to serangoon then back home today morning.

Ohwell, I shall not rant and continue with what my blog post is going to be about! Mainly with my girls, and Girls Night Out (Finally with my besties) love it when we could all actually meet and spend time together. As well as the Demi Lovato Concert date I had with wenmin, my longest bestie, yesterday! Okay lets go!

Shots of myself from my camera some time back (hahahaha super lame.......)
My teeth is not that straight.


Hawker work food with weishan last friday. Chicken rice yumyum

went running twice last week only..

Slacked around the neighborhood with natnat, jess, shiyun and some of the guys on friday. 
-TGIF- exercised and no clubbing hahahaha so proud of myself.


Woke up quite late to meet weishan and trish to accompany her to NUS open house. And thats my OOTD on top. Recently we three kind of lesbian........ keep meeting one another hahaha MUACKS

some bubble tea at NUS hehehhe I LOVE BUBBLE TEAS

NUS has lots of food stalls. Kind of unique ;)

fried chicken stall :D

at some shop with quite atas looking menu

bought their ice pop, quite unique, strawberry & jasmine flavored to eat during a extremely warm afternoon.

okay and i just realized... was that shop Food from thoughts?! 

extremely shag face w weishan!

I apologize for the super amount of pics of my face on my blog recently in the past posts. 

minimal makeup just eyeliner compared w my clubbing makeup

red chanel lipstick

Sonar (Used to be call tab) with the girls first before zouk for drinks on a saturday.

regina, tessa, weishan, tricia, me! A group pic where everyone looks presentable for once hahaha

weishan and trish

me and trish ;)

regina ;) 

tess ;)

regina's ootd and check out her cool tat

me and shan ;)

tessa's ootd. Im forever the camera girl~

tessa, weishan and me!

Fav pic of the night w regina :D

call me maybe?

Met Maybelline, Marilyn and Amanda at sonar and kind of psycho-ed them to zouk w us after that ;) 

w Marilyn :) 

At zouk! :)

opps i forgot to off my flash.

I am quite photogenic hehehe but i can never take photos when im high. somehow my hair would be like this and my face would be like this.

Marilyn, Amanda, regina, me, trish and shan

usual blur eugenia face, very red maybelline and regina hahaha

Outside sonar. Might still have some photos in the sonar album, which i'll upload some other day.

okay a better taken photo ^^
Me, may and trish :)

Hangover and did my cover the next day. I swear the weather has to maintain, despite being in my room, I'm still sweating the entire day.

Monday's work food. CURRY CHICKEN NOODLES yum....... Have been eating at the chicken rice stall way too often cause they have a wide variety and is actually nice ^^ Im not a picky eater hehe

please do not judge me without my contacts hehe

Met wenmin after work yesterday and as usual she likes to bring goodies for me ^^ cause she knows me well :D

Gummies ^^ hahahah

I bit the dino head off.

the gummy color matches the top i was wearing

Finally met up w this wenmin ^^ ~

had a ride into RWS~

I dont usually like to go for concerts and squeeze with the crowd cause I am more interested in myself. HAHAH I try not to go crazy over Idols unless they are one of those whom I admire. I used to like Demi Lovato alot, but I guess I grew out of the Disney Channel and stars period so I'm amused when people scream and go crazy. (okay i sound very act cool) LOL

look at the queue.

We came late and we didnt have to queue ;)

show off LOL

OOTD you can barely see my tiny eyes.

hahaha ppl running in, we just walked in like a boss wo queuing LOLOL

saw tiffany alford, a famous youtuber. 

People going crazy and I just took her photos for nico hahaha cause he is a fan of hers.

Rather take photos of myself and wenmin. HAHAHAHA

very hot and annoyed and sweaty cause demi was late for an hour.

major spam during the duration of an hour and w my iphone too!

angry bird us


the stage

finally! she put on weight. But she is really one of those disney stars that actually sound the same live. :)

The stage was too bright and she was moving too much for me to take a clearer pic hahaha


cause she was late and we were hungry, we left after two songs and headed to Din Tai Fung to have our dinner hahaha #pigs

a drink too sweet

crabmeat + pork XLBS

our fav vinegar and chilli dumplings ^^

prawn pancakes.

hehe production team tag.

im just not used to myself wo contacts.

xoxo eugeniania

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