Friday, March 15, 2013

Five & Dime + Photo shoot DSLR (MBS, ECP and the sun)

Long post ahead, or rather, many many many photographs of what i have been up to the past few days. Everytime before I blog, I confirm have so many things i wanna say, that is why i created a blog in the first place. I talk too much sometimes, I am full of nonsense, if i were to rant my nonsense on twitter, I'll be labelled as the number one irritant and have 0 followers.

Currently feeling quite contented with life, having no strings attached. My clique girls all going to be attached already. The season of relationships siboz (okay i got to stop talking like a man hahaha) I always listen to their boyfriend stories, feelings as such and I find it kind of cute. HAHA. I dunno what am i doing with my life sometimes. I hope regina doesn't get attached so soon...... I DON'T WANT TO BE THE ONLY single fella in my clique. I'll be left on the shelf.......... 
inserts a sad face :( 
Even my youtube channel's boyfriend tag video is my girlfriends and their boyfriends. Im such a loser hahahahaha

But then again, here I am so trapped in the vicious clubbing cycle once again. Nightlife seriously is making me declare for bankruptcy soon. I have no idea how i spent $140 yesterday and $500 the week before. I mean i don't even shop anymore, all i do is eat, sleep, club. Cabbing everywhere. I shall go learn driving soon.. but i'm such a lazy pig. Talking about cabs, I met with a freaking nasty cabbie ytd.

Back to topic, so this morning, after zouk ytd night, I went to bathe and saw this tag on my wrist. I went like WTF!@#$%^&* cause it just hit me that I freaking forget to bring my bag home and left it in the locker HAHAHAHA karma for laughing at regina the last time. Went zouk in the morning and apparently, everyday someone leaves their bags in the locker. So i'm not the only silly one, but maybe i was the only silly one this wednesday. heh. The security guy still ask me if i had fun ytd night HAHA.


Tuesday with the single girls ;) okay first part is mostly me and jess's cam whores while waiting for the rest. Took pics until this two people from mediacorp approached us to film some short online video and asked for our twitter. LOL.

my ootd. Some silky blue dress and blazer

accompanied her to town to go for an interview.

different expressions~

I kind of look awkward in this facial expression hahaha

Finally tried Five & Dime! :) Quite inconvenient to go, nearest MRT at somerset, so we cabbed there. Would want to go back there to try more dishes, cocktails and desserts again because among us, 3 of us ordered the same mains but I like to try new food! So i prefer going on a foodhunt in bigger groups!

297 River Valley Road
Two-storey shophouse. 

dinner menu

I'm the pro photographer of the day

hello felicia hahaha

my five & dime iced chocolate. 

love milky drinks

I'm a better photographer than jess hehe

hahah waiting for nat and shiyun to arrive so more pictures of myself haha!

I love sweet drinks hahaha happy girl ^^

One of their top must try dish.
mentaiko pasta. Super yummy! 

instagrammers doing what they are supposed to do

fish and chips! quite yum as well! I am hungry now.. their fries were rather special, more towards the potato slices kind.

went to sing k after that~ 

mini eugenia and shiyun concert :D

not trying to be a showoff but they were like saying if I liked any guy, I should bring him to sing with me cause he would definitely fall in love with me after. HAHA

retarded expression LOL

what is take photos in the toilet?

and photos taken with natnat's phone :)

back home!


Had an unpleasant Wednesday morning but went to louis house early in the morning to borrow his awesome DSLR to take better quality pictures for some assignment for intern. I love DSLRs! Even though they would make ur flaws look even clearer.

getting use to its functions..


First photoshoot location at MBS! In total took around 400 pictures, which i would need to edit to make them look more professional. So i will be uploading just a few of the shots, mostly the ones which will not be used for advertising, just for laughs! Got more tan standing in the sun for two days straight, and next to tricia, whom is our model, HAHA i look like shit, shit as in the color, cause she is so fair!

scenic locations boost a better photograph! 

hahahahahahahahaha we are promoting wipes. LOL

"Use everyday wipes, the best way to get wet" LOL JUST KIDDING.

Was so hot and tired but really appreciate Tricia for helping us out, somehow feels better to do assignments with your besties. Me and Weishan treat her to two meals after that :P 

candid giggling sessions during photo shoot. Looks like we are having fun, but its stressful alright!!! >:( Not so easy to take good shots.

you'll have to consider, with flash, or without?

squint eyes like mad.

"Anyone wants to buy some Everyday wipes outside avalon?" HAHA

weishan my business partner's candid.

candid. The wind, sun and sweat were our enemies.




testing testing

awkward smiles

our thighs looks humongous

-not prepared-

tan chicken and white chicken


failed in aw expression of the wipes LOL

major bread and soup feast! yummm taking somemore shots so had to choose a eatery w a better lighting, and met up with this guy to have a professional chat LOL but i was mainly thinking if my soup is going to get cold, oh no!

naan(indian kind of bread, no idea how is it spelt. naaaaaan? nan? LOL) is quite nice! available in three flavors, plain/cheese/garlic, had mine w cheese ^^

guess which soup flavor is my definite order whenever I eat at soup spoon. Never changes, never get bored of it. its....... TANGY TOMATO ^^

hand sanitizer photo! hahaha

le photographer and le model

I want a sharper nose.

end of a busy wednesday.

Some pictures at zouk w some of my bros :)

JJ and sean. best bros ^^

I look CUTE

and special guest appearance from weishan! yay she came to accompany me for da party~


best handsome bro~ close eye also handsome.

saw so many old pals at zouk :) 

Photoshoot day 2
Cause I am supposed to wear sports attire to east coast park today, had to go to zouk wearing this outfit, laughing like an retard at myself.

zouk sure looks different in the morning. First time so empty. HAHA

hahahahaha okay IM LAME


so tired....... had like 3 hours of sleep after party, went down again to party place, anyhow drew my brows, since my makeup was all in my bag in zouk's locker.....

used this eyebrow pencil which is WAY TOO DARK first hahaha but i had no choice.

my teeth are weird in its own way.

okay the following few photos were taken with the dslr after realizing that I forget to bring my bag, hahaha still got mood take pictures haha!!!!!

My brows are more obviously blacker looking now using this camera! 

look at my horrid skin complexion after club.

Met kengyang awhile and finally had my hangover gongcha and cabbed to over ECP :)

its a sunny yellow banana dayyyyy

some of the shots LOL!

okay please do not laugh at me in the following pictures. Since i was more of a drama queen, I did the wipes that supposed to clean wounds, so i had to act like i fell down HAHA

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I cannot stand my own face but my expression realistic right. cause i always fall down.

tired of falling down LOL

stupid tricia and weishan ask me to try falling down on the grass LOL ZZZZZZZZZZ I LOOK LIKE A BEGGAR HAHA

kneel until my limbs all really became red.

tricia so glam HAHA

END WORK. me and shan ^^

me and tricia ^^ hahaha all our outfits doesnt match.

last but not least, my good idea to pretend to lie on the grass. YUCKS. no wonder a spider attacked me in the taxi after and had a spastic scream and squeeze session with tricia and weishan for 1 min hahahaha and I attempted to sit on trish

xoxo eugeniania.
PS MY STOMACH IS GRUMBLING. SO HUNGZ took me hours and my beauty sleep to blog this.

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