Friday, March 8, 2013

First day of intern

Caught in between the temptation of night life once again. Because my intern is only two days per one week! Seems like I am not going to waste my 6 weeks school holidays after all. But most of my friends are working, even if i am free, they wont have time for me LOL. So my independence will not be working out..
Times like this I will feel quite lonely unfortunately. Why do I not have a boyfriend already.

Usually for everyone's intern, it is at least a five days a work week. Luckily I am working with Weishan, we have assignments to do, but it's quite manageable at the moment.

Anyway, tray of sourplum shots at zouk last sat ;) w jess and friends. Appreciated. One of the best tasting alcohol ever created I swear. Super yummy! I really hate drinking, but it is a necessity to drink alcohol so I like these.

Shall end of this short update w an ironic photo of the shots and my new healthy lifestyle :) which I hope I wouldn't be too lazy to maintain.
Xoxo eugeniania

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