Thursday, March 7, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle + Nahkon Kitchen

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. I didn't club today. Such an improvement. (Maybe i am regretting a little now, but its alright.)
And i ran two days in a row, hehe going to start running more often now, better for my skin and brings radiance to it i guess. But my thighs hurts like fuck. even my stomach the sides. HAHAHA lousy walk lika duck. quackk
My girlfriends says I look nicer last time when i exercise even though i was slightly more chubby, now look so dull, obviously w all the drinking, bad for the liver!! And sucky complexion, not to mention i have also became tanner, i want to be fairer again! AND MY CLIQUE CHAT DAMN ANNOYING now they are beasts LOL. complains*

red cheeks after run.

My ootd today w the new balenciaga bag. I really look damn tan........

Getting so lazy to put makeup and contacts, actually i have perfect eyesight HAHAHA i wear contacts cause i am vain. But i can live without it.


Finally went Nakhon Kitchen! One of singapore's best thai restaurants. Pity its not air conditioned. Super satisfied :) 

They have outlets at Hougang and Bedok
Operating hours are
daily lunch: 12.00 - 15.00
dinner: 17.30 - 22.00

I went to the outlet @
136 Bedok North Avenue 3

kinda small portioned but supper filling and cheap!

one of their most recommended. Pineapple rice!

Add together w their chilli provided. BOOMZ (four kinds of chilli)

had their thai tea. hehe my fav kind of shit

their kangkong, most people rave, but i think its a tad too salty. I rather order their green curry chicken the next time i am there.

their tomyam soup. you can choose clear/thick base. 
I chose the clear one(its more spicy i guess), obviously, w seafood. I love to torture myself on the choking sensation of chilli HAHA

phad thai is recommended! so i ordered phad thai tanghoon (cause i am a vermicelli lover muacks)

And i swear their chicken wrapped in pandan leaves are the bomb
quite oily, but really super niceee

looks so~ but HELLO CHICKEN. hahaha okay i really like thai cuisine i am so hyped.

my fav thai desert is red ruby la, hehe after drinking the tomyam soup and sweating, this is really refreshing. But of cause the ones in thailand is nicer.. You can order mango sticky rice there too!!! Too much carb for me though.

all these for 36 SGD only, will come back soon definitely.. and try more dishes. Cause I cant eat so much hehe. They have quite a variety. :D

okay i shall scare my readers away now. 

my eyes are so puny hee makeup does wonders.

i hate pimples.

xoxo eugeniania

Current craze over chinese songs.
祝我生日快乐 (Jay Chou) Im going to master this!
我要谢谢 你给的你拿走的一切
还要时间 才能平衡
热恋伤痕 画面重生

I am going to be independent.

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