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Desserts In Singapore

Hi guys! I'm finally back with too many things to blog about because one still has to eat despite being busy right? 
(Can blogger support emotijis already pleasee)

 I updated my Dayre with a super long ass post of my holidays and feelings about my LDR with my boyfriend which is arriving in around a week's time. 
If you're interested in the more personal updates then:

But without further ado, lets go on to the list of desserts in SG I have tried for the past few months which I compiled into a short & sweet blogpost!

The Healthy One -
Project Açaí
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Shopping Centre,
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Mad love for these overpriced acai bowls. Its healthy yet so delicious. I should try its recipe at home! Available in three sizes and I got mine in Medium around $9.30 SGD? :/ I prefer their Nuts for Acai Bowl which can be topped over with 2 of my favourite butters - cookie butter and almond butter! 
Its slightly more sinful counting the calories compared to their original flower bowl but it won me over!

The Kawaii One-
Karafuru Desserts
North Bridge Road, 8 Jalan Klapa 
Singapore 199320 

So glad to be in the area to check off my to-try-list for desserts at this cute cafe!

Had their popular Yuzu flavoured eclair & another Pistachio flavoured one which I chose simply for ascetics. Both around $6 SGD each. Preferred the Yuzu one!  

The Parfait Set was inclusive of a fruit tea & a Hanami Yogurt Parfait ($16 SGD on its own) 
The light yogurt soft serve is drizzled over by raspberry sauce and is stacked right on top of a Japanese cookie. Includes cheesecake, white pudding and japanese dango balls. Plated beautifully on a white ceramic plate!

Salted Egg lava Croissant Craze -
From Breadtalk, these mini croissants with salted egg lava fillings cost $1 SGD each :O and if you buy 5 you'll get 1 free and 10 you'll get 2 free.

The first batch I got from Angmokio's branch tasted surprisingly good for the price but I was chided for trying to take a picture of the croissant cart in front of the shop. I'm not trying to steal a recipe here -_-

Hashtag #Cheap&good but I think the mini croissants standards differs from branch to branch and time to time. The second and third time I had them, they weren't so good. Like the croissants weren't salted-egg juicy enough. But I guess its fine for the price we pay.

Asanoya Bakery Singapore
Wilby Central, 15 Queen Street
Singapore 188537

With salted egg lava craze comes matcha lava craze. Tried the two croissants from Asanoya Bakery and they were good! The Matcha one especially had a strong flavour of matcha in the lava ~ The bakery had many other popular pastry items like the Matcha cube with white chocolate fillings, Salted egg cubes and more! Unfortunately, for those alternatives, I felt their filling was too dry (not generous enough) and the bread was too stale despite heating them up.

Chill drinks with my buds at KPO bar since it was weishan's 22nd. (out of topic)

But before that session, we tried the famous Hong kong handcrafted ice-pops nearby from 

313 Somerset #B3-46
313 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238895

Had their popular picks - Earl Grey Pistachio ($6.90 SGD) and Strawberry Hokkaido Milk ($6.90 SGD) for milk lovers. 
I would rather have llao llao any day which cost the same and I marked this as a one try only dessert. haha. The strawberry hokkaido milk tasted so bland and I would rather have any strawberry flavoured popsicles from any mart. Who cares if its handcrafted and no preservatives.

The Earl grey pistachio flavour on the other hand tasted unique and we liked its rendition with many pistachio nut bits showered on the sides. That is something you could try :)

Wills feels the same~

My favourite pick out of all the desserts!! :) -
Meet & Melt
Blk 915 Tampines Street 91
Singapore 520915

Opens 3 pm - 11 pm, closed on Mondays.

The recent highly featured instagram Ice-cream shop in the east which offers Over the top milkshakes, waffles and toasts!!!

Opened by a kind couple who seems to be very busy on a friday night at 9 pm on my visit alongside their maid aiding a hand in this humble family owned business. They even printed out all the instagram check-ins to paste on the walls of the shop!

A wide range of homemade ice-cream flavoured is noticed and I spotted chili crab flavored ice-cream.

Had their Cookies & Cream Toast ($14.90 SGD) + additional Bubble gum Ice-cream Scoop ($2.60 SGD) and it was sooooo good!!! The toast is buttery & sweet enough (unlike many other singapore dessert cafes which tried to mimic the famous AFTER YOU in bangkok)
Sad news to easties like me is that their business is so good they are moving to town soon - Location should be SCAPE - not too sure when is the date but T.T just when east side has a nice dessert.....

Last but not least, in the Bingsu Category -
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza, #01-16E
Singapore 228213
Daily: 11am – 10pm

Finally tried the bingsu in a cup concept which stands out from other bingsu shops because its in a takeaway cup!!

Slightly smaller in portion but the price range is also almost half priced. I had the Breakfast Bingsu at $7.50 SGD, topped with cereals and marshmallows. I really like it as the cereal is generously coated with honey and neither were they stingy with the condensed milk in the bingsu!

A good snack to purchase around orchard in this weather! :)

I'll be back to blog about the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2016 featuring the watermelon volcano dessert which made me queue up for 1 hour hahaha.

thats all for my post and I'm recently so addicted to liquid matte lipsticks I bought so many from Colourpop & Kylie lip kits! Tell me if you guys want a beauty review on my new lip babies ^^

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