Saturday, July 16, 2016

Geylang Serai Bazaar Ramadan 2016 edition

I'll be updating more regularly from now because William just went overseas to study this Wednesday :( 
LDR is not easy but I shall spend my time on my overdue blog posts while missing my boyfriend. I'll be flying to Australia, Brisbane, to find him for a week from next Friday before the official long distance relationship commerces. Months of being lonely as I've long forgotten how I felt being single nor am I as independent as before. *cries a river of tears*

Here are some of my food tries from Geylang Serai Bazaar this year as I actually bothered to squeeze with the crowd after fasting hours hahaha

Taco Deng Deng (2 for $5)
Basically its like a taco with deng deng in it (the chinese calls it bakwa) we had ours topped with nacho cheese for extra $1. Bazaar's foods are always slightly overpriced haha!

One of my ultimate favourites from bazaars!! FRIED OREOS ($3 / $3.50) with condensed milk (cost 50 cents to add). Double the sin, double the joy! hahaha

Us trying to act artistic holding the ugly packaging together LOL

Salted Egg Chicken Wings (forgot how much it cost maybe $5/6 for 5 pieces) which tasted surprisingly not bad from the stall which sells taiwanese potatoes. The queues were crazy! I practically queued up an hour for this!

Some super bad and unchewable steak with black pepper whom my friend highly recommended LOL.

The super instagrammable Watermelon Volcano! ($6.90 / $12.90)
Almost every instagram check in there has this or another melon volcano version from another stall and the queue for this was just never ending. The making process was quite fast but it just tastes like some blended watermelon with syrup. Its all about the aesthetics!

Sweaty eugenia trying to take a selfie with her melting volcano LOL I just bathed before I came and I was already sweating, luckily I didn't put any makeup on or my face will feel so horrible hahaha

missing our simple dates :( so bored without my soulmate everyday ._.

Last but not least, I finally got to try the pretty Rainbow Paddle Pop drink ($5) at the bazaar! It actually tastes like a kind of paddle pop flavoured pudding and its not too sweet despite the colourful outlook. 

I love ittttttt~

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