Thursday, March 10, 2016

CNY Reunions + Ballistic Meatballs + Overeasy + Roots Kitchen Bar (6th Monthsary!) + R.O.M + Punggol Waterway Point

Hi bitches :* hehe sorry I have been updating my blog less frequently these days due to school work x me travelling STILL during school term. Just got back from my hk trip last week & did a vlog (so do check out my channel) hahaha & I want to try updating my dayre more often so please follow me there or my ig: @Pinkyniakoh for more regular updates :)

here are some random updates of mine in Singapore cos I always bombard my blog with my travelogues heh.

Went to the newest fat boy's concept burger bar located near balaestier!

The Burger Bar
1 Jalan Rajah
Days Hotel Singapore
Singapore 329133

cool way of ordering and customizing your burgers at the cashier

rare meetup with twin hahaha

Had the specialty Mahalo Burger (pork) & Shark Bait - battered fish in a burger .YUMS

Along side spicy drumlets & disco fries (popular side choice)

Quote <<EUG02>> every Tuesday of the week from 12-5pm for 10% off the bill. 
*Promo code only available at balestier's outlet*

First time trying fat boy's franchise & lovin' the wide variety of sauces + customizable buns

Throwback to another rdm meetup with the twin near Simpang!

The Bedok Marketplace
Level 2 The Marketplace
348 Bedok Rd
Singapore 469560

They revamped the whole old hawker area and set up many new trendy hawker shops there!

Ballistic Meatballs
We tried their Signature ballistic meatballs and it was so good with cheesy goodness oozing out of the meatballs!!

Their pastas were so tasty & affordable too, especially if you went for their lunch special combo! The chef was so kind to specially make this Pepperoni flavored Carbonara for me since the ham in the menu was oos and it still tasted so yummy!! 
Another pasta we had was the Crabmeat Creamy Mafalada Linguine which will prolly appeal to the spicy lovers too!

Another stall we managed to try was Hot Pans as their fluffy pancake looked so appetising on instagram and we had their signature Apple & Pear Crumble Dutch Baby
It looked better than it tasted though so I'll recommend Ballistic Meatballs instead of this :/


William was sending me to school so we wanted to have some desserts beforehand. Searched for rdm dessert/cafes near my school I found The Bakery Chef.
Finally tried a rainbow cheesecake (and it was mediocre here). Their sea salt icecream was alright but it was swirled with mandarin orange soft serve (cause CNY period) waffles were below average & kinda overpriced SO WE R never going back - TED IS FROWNING >:(

Kinda travel too much eating/spending extravagantly on food overseas so we recently settled for more local styled food in sg! yummy & affordable tze char opposite my house yums

Cheap & good eatery at Changi Village - Le Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum - which serves nice food, dimsum & wanton noodles at good prices!

Brought bf to try my favourite Black Pepper crab in SG!

budget steamboat days at Bugis's The House of Steamboat. Like S$20 per pax but I guess I rather pay more for quality food at HDL/HXL/Beauty in a Pot anyday over this :/

Brought bf to eat his fav indo food at my fav indo food stall in sg! Rumah Makan Minang

Tried his favourite indo food stall the other day at geylang serai - Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang and I guess we both agree that my favourite triumphs over his. Guess he has a new favourite now :)

cheers to growing rounder tgt! :D

OverEasy Bar and Diner
1 Fullerton Road
#01-06 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213

Dinner treat date night from me to wills and we went to the fullerton area (near boat quay?) right opposite, facing the view of MBS cause I've always liked the vibes there!

wanted to try overeasy since years ago and since they just opened a new outlet in town, I had to go back to their first outlet for a visit heh heh

Yummy Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig Cider & finally tried the less carb Pure Blonde Beer!

We had their Famous Beef Sliders

and Mac & Cheeks (beef)
Verdict: Bill came up to around 80++ SGD not very affordable for really normal tasting food, guess its the kind of food which looks appealing and MIGHT taste better once you get drunk on drinks hahaha

superrr candid shot of me ._.

and we went for a CNY reunion dinner with william's friends at Four Seasons at capitol piazza (franchise from london & famous for their roast duck) right after a super filling lunch earlier that noon with william's fam.

I'm cruel to sharks

love the all deep fried spare ribs

red bean glutinous pancake super nice combi!

never seen william smiling & talking so brightly to my friends before in comparison to that night ._. LOL

and of course, I rushed home & stayed up late to prepare our 1/2 year anni gift to him! I tested making this Philadephia Cream Cheese Cake in a jar a few times before I did it on the night before the actual date itself. Its super yummy & one of the best things I've made. Imagine how many calories I consumed trying bowls of cream cheese trying to perfect this :P

oreo base, toblerone flavoured bottom, raspberry, blueberry etc hehe so pretty right :)
I wrote a letter on this jigsaw puzzle card too, simple since he appreciates handmade stuff more~

Roots Kitchen Bar
 30 Dickson Rd
Singapore 209512

Chose this place for dinner and I can say its one of the better venues I've eaten so far in Sg! Its a new restaurant that serves affordable modern european fare and their service is IMPECCABLE! Best of all, they don't include service/gst charges yet! maybe cause they are still rather new :) So better dine there quick! The servers were all just so welcoming and polite. Worth a mention!!

bf solving my puzzle letter :)

We both had white/red wine respectively & opted for their signature course meal at 50++ SGD nett only! It includes craft beer or a glass of wine btw :)

we ordered two Egg & Truffle Mousseline topped with caviar ($4) for starters. 
So similar to the instagramable Jaan one right but priced so differently!!!

Set comes with a super delicious Roasted Tomato Soup as well :)


Ocean Crab Pasta ($16)
This was super good its like angel hair pasta whisk in crab + lobster bisque!!

Nagano Pork Rack (200g for $27, 300g for $35)
Too good for words. Just super worth the order even my picky bf agrees hehe

Citron & Passion
ended off with citron and passion fruit ice-cream in marshmellow cookies for desserts.

I will definitely be back cause I guess all the food made here was with passion from the chef hahaha
too good!

just like us hehe

Chinese New Year of da monkey 2016~ 
BF joined in most of my visitings and he got me this purple floral dress :')

never ending steamboats..

this brand of canned cider from supermarket is damn nice!!

surprised dad in his poker session with yummy brownie cheesecake from The Baker's Story for his birthday :)

bf pinching my fat cheeks

longlong drink one time w ma girls

& minminliew being a sweetheart fetching me to school ^^

Surprised Tricia for her 22nd!

& full clique reunion (FINALLY I guess its hard since people age..) for Regina's R.O.M!

my loves

do notice I was wearing different shoes in the previous two photos right. thats because my shoes broke in a funny way before I took my ootd!! JOKE OF THE DAY

thanks cheney (regina's husband now omg) for the meal & I wish you guys all the best in your marriage :')

Visited the newly opened Punggol Waterway Point!

Tried Chop Chop fast food at Punggol Waterway Point, where you browse, order and collect the food but it wasn't that nice nor was it cheap. Around 20 bucks for this two sets, super anal about sauces, keep asking me to pay money for their sauce >:( hahaha starting to be a jew like willy :*

Headed to geylang with my mummy last week and tried the famous L32 Kopitiam ban mian, they have expended to more outlets ever since.

L32 Handmade Noodles
558 Geylang Road
Singapore 389509

Mad love their variety and chili, will definitely come back again, I'm such a die-hard fan of banmian :)

Some value for money ramen in a hawker (this is their 2nd outlet, 1st in NUS) $5.50 per bowl with free noodles refill, I guess I went during their opening thus they had this 1-for-1 promo which made me had to queue up such a long time for. And some asshole behind me took my noodles so I had to wait another turn. zz and I already prepared the utensils and all already ok?! Anyway I don't think its very nice.. just cheap, but I rather cook instant maggi at home kind..
So I guess the queue was only during their opening which all singaporeans will queue up for that 1-for-1 deal and I just had to stumble upon it. 

Takagi Ramen Shop
721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Singapore 560721

Sam's 22nd at pan pac last weekend!

ended up at STARZ (siam diu at orchard plaza) and ate this nasi lemak outside the thai club for supper, like $4 per plate w chicken wing (aiya people can hang 400 inside cannot pay more for nasi lemak?) tasted good ;))

and now coming to the end of my post, here is my state currently. super sick for days after that night of drinking.... I guess my body isn't build for that kinda lifestyle anymore ~.~

signing off with more glamorous photos of myself, xoxo. be back soon hahaha

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