Monday, August 22, 2016

Hong Kong Guide 2.0 - Hong Kong Island

Finally back to my last entry of my HK trip which I have been procrastinating before the year finally ends without me even completing most of my travel posts. School and work have been distracting me from blogging so bad.

Continued.. DAY 4
After arriving at Hung Hom Railway station, we took a cab to this hidden (but superb!!) hotpot restaurant in Hong Kong Island side for dinner before checking into our hotel for the night.

Hotpot Lovers Restaurant
399-401 Queen's Rd W, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
Opening: 5 pm - 1 am

William's hk friend brought him here the first time and he thought it was like one of the best places for steamboats (because he is a guy who hates those chinese soups steamboat kind hahaha he only accepted HDL so far) so he brought me here this time~

This hotpot restaurant is unique because usually steamboat places allows customers to choose different kinds of broth base. Additionally, this restaurant has this Soupless Pot Series which was something different and I would recommend everyone to try it! :)

We had the Szechuan Spicy Chicken Pot which was so yummy. The chicken served was deliciously covered with gravy, once we are done, soup broth would be added into this soupless pot which is when our steamboat session officially commences!

Some of our sides we ordered for the steamboat!

high grade japanese wagyu beef~

some cheese balls if I remembered correctly

my fav fried dish in steamboats - beancurd skin!

this is how our steamboat pot looks like after the soup is added in!

Would come back to this restaurant the next time I'm in Hong Kong when I'm craving for some legit hotpots!~

Wifi Boutique Hotel Hong Kong
366 Lockhart Rd, Hong Kong

Chose this affordable boutique hotel because William preferred staying in Hong Kong Island and the location was quite convenient, around a 5 min walk to Causeway Bay MTR! Many restaurants and bus stations around our hotel as well! Like Ichiran ramen which opens 24 hours hehe

First time taking bus in HK, quite easy to navigate because there are an electronic screen in the bus which tells us which station we are arriving in english just like the MTR! Off for breakfast!

Chau Kee 周記點心
Shop H1, G/F, Tung Lee Mansion, Water Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District 
(MTR Exit B1)
Opening Hours: 6am – 5pm (Tue-Sun)
Closed on Mondays 

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Black Truffle and Crab Roe Siew Mai

Chau Kee's Version of Steamed Rice Rolls with Spring Rolls with minced prawn fillings
So good!

Shrimp Toast with Sesame

Fried Rice Rolls with XO Sauce
nothing special for this and we kinda over-ordered again for two hahaha

The place is famous for their Golden Lava French Toast and Matcha French Toast which we decided to skip upon reading more reviews which favours the Golden Lava.

Overall would recommend everyone to come try this golden lava toast!! its the bomb!

Made our way to Ocean Park because I haven't been to any amusement parks with william before.

Forced william to win me a unicorn soft toy hehehe

and he did!!! featuring cutie dolphins from the marine world and my unicorn

me love the unicorn n william so much

Dinner was at one of Hong Kong's best western international restaurant. Prices are kinda on the steeper side so if you are on a budget, you can try out their brunch menu. Make sure to make a reservation like we did few days prior to the meal because they are really popular!

Blue Butcher
108 Hollywood Rd, Hong Kong

Bar-ish dark ambience indoors

Complimentary Bread Basket.

Highly recommended appetizer - the Bone Marrow which was super good!!! Picky William highly recommends this hahaha

Super well prepared bone marrow spread out on ma bread. hehe

Another one of our favourite mains - the Truffled Orzo served with Veal Cheeks
Orzo are small pieces of pasta in the shape of a rice grain which has a texture similar to risottos and its hands down the best risotto we ever had despite it being so sinfully creamy :*

What is dining at Blue Butcher Meat Specialist without ordering more mains with meats? Steak served with Truffled mash potato (forgot what this dish is called)

Hands down the best meal we had in HK and the whole trip!!! Which costs us around 200++ SGD.

Gladly burning ma pockets cos I love fooood

bad lighting in there tho this was the clearest picture we took tgt. LOL had a hard time photographing my food as well.

Little Bao
66 Staunton St, Central, Hong Kong

Walked to this popular burger bar restaurant in the vicinity to get some dessert for our tumtums

Little Bao Ice Cream Sandwich
 which was soooo dope!!! We had the vanilla and caramel flavoured one. Delivious creamy ice-cream sandwiched between two fried buns! Its a hit!

Will be back for these babies and their mains :P

Walked and roamed around Lan Kwai Fong cause I have never been there and I don't really party with my bf except for chilling at some bars.


Cafe R&C
G/F, 22-24, Haven Street, Causeway Bay

Whats leaving hk on the last day without going to another cafe which is home to one of the cute visuals I spotted in my instagram feed.

Kinda disappointed as we were not allowed to customize or choose the disney or cartoon characters I wanted in my latte so we randomly spent our money on some mediocre tasting overpriced green tea latte & hot chocolate. Suspect the barista drew william with boobs in his cup hahaha

Mammy Pancake
Shop 17, G/F, Leishun Court, 1-5 Haven Street, Causeway Bay

Luckily for me, I spotted a queue right opposite cafe R&C as we were leaving at this popular Egglet chain in HK!!

They have unique egglet flavours like mocha and taro. I had the one with Chocolate Chips ^^

eugenia is a happy girl

Ore-no Kappou by Ginza Okamoto
6/F, California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong, 32 D'Aguilar St, Central, Hong Kong

Settled our lunch at this Japanese restaurant recommended by will's sister and decided to come here for lunch since japanese lunch sets are always more affordable than their dinners.

salad before our sets arrives

this was the Grilled Black Cod Marinated with Miso william's sister was raving about!

 Grilled miso marinated black cod fish and assorted tempura, chawanmushi, kobachi, pickles, salad and rice!

Grilled wagyu sirloin & assorted sashimi, chawanmushi, kobachi, pickles, salad and rice

Come here if you are craving for affordable and quality jap food in HK during lunch!

Yung Kee
Yung Kee Building, 32-40 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong

Last but not least, we settled our dinner at Hong Kong's iconic Yung Kee restaurant for some roast goose. Whats leaving Hk without savouring some of the local's favourite? Previous time I came I tried Yat Lok post here.

Still feeling full from the food we had just a few hours ago, we only ordered two dishes here which includes this super yummy Chinese Sausage Fried Rice with a texture that slightly reminds me of glutinous rice. A yummy rendition of fried rice which customers at Yung Kee must order!!

Not forgetting their Signature Charcoal Roasted Goose

This is basically the last few visuals of my Hong Kong 2016 posts, we were rushing back to our hotel to the airport yet stopped in the middle of a busy road to snap this shot.

Some rdm mango & pudding snacks for greedy me I forced william to get before we headed to the airport.

Always a good trip, hope you guys enjoyed my post!