Saturday, January 6, 2018

Winter in Hokkaido Self Drive Travelogue Part 3 - {Day 6: Otaru - Minshuku Aotsuka Shokudou x Sankaku Market x Sakaimachi Street x Otaru Canal, Soup Curry & Dining Suage+} & {Day 7: Sapporo - Nijo Fish Market x Sapporo TV Tower x Shiroi Koibito Park x Nemuro Hanamaru Sushi}

1000 years later... 
Here is Part 3 of my Hokkaido Winter Self Drive Travelogue LOL.

Read Part one & Part two here:
Day 6
So after a 1.5 hour drive from Niseko, we were finally here in Otaru!!

Minshuku Aotsuka Shokudou (民宿 青塚食堂)
3 Chome-210 Shukutsu, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0047, Japan

First stop for lunch was this famous grilled seafood restaurant which was just a 15 min drive from Otaru!

They grill their seasonal seafoods right in front of customers, which makes this place a good choice if you belong to the category who prefer your seafood cooked rather than sashimi style.

Tasty set meal for grilled fish!

Not forgetting raw scallops & we tried their grilled scallops as well!

Our insane sashimi platter.. 
I can eat sashimi food, but by the end of the week I got so sick of eating too much sashimi dishes I swear hahahahaha, 
only my boyfriend could still enjoy it. 

William: "I can eat jap food everyday"

Uni & Ikura bowl! 
One of my favourite type of dons, this I can eat everyday hehehe

Happy bellies, happy family.

Sankaku Fish Market
3 Chome-10-16 Inaho, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0032, Japan

Gave Otaru's fish market a quick visit! It was a small scale market compared to Hakodate's Morning Market which I very much preferred.

Sakaimatchi Street
The touristy and attractive looking merchant street hosting many familiar restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, boutiques and museums which everyone visits. 

The famous Otaru Canal is also a stone thrown walking distance away which made the parking spots around there super full & FREAKING EXPENSIVE hahaha forgot the price but yup be prepared if you're driving here.

LeTAO - One of the most famous confectionary companies from Hokkaido which you prolly heard of, if not their cheesecakes.

They have two shops in Sakaimatchi Street, their main shop and their PATHOS Shop.

5-22 Sakaimachi, Otaru City, Hokkaido

First level of PATHOS has a wide variety of their confectionary items like their cakes and other sweets which you can purchase.

Second floor is a cafe for visitors to enjoy original cakes only from PATHOS as well as other menu food items.

We chose their Double Fromage cheesecakes combination dessert in different flavours.
My favourite one has to be the original Double Fromage.

LeTAO edition strawberry strudel :P

Popped by the Kitaichi Glass Museum.

Other popular confectionary shops in Otaru includes Rokkatei & Kitakaro situated next to each other.

Kitakaro is really famous for their cream puffs!

Otaru Music Box Musuem

Got so tempted to bring one of these intricate musical box babies back to keep my jewelries at home hahaha

My only regret this trip was that I didn't manage to get the famous Otaru Rainbow Tower ice-cream which consisted all them flavours you can think of :( 
Cause by the time I walked to the shop I wanted, it was closed already!! I
 should have wasted no time and randomly bought one from any shops, cos these rainbow ice-creams are easily available everywhere here, its like their iconic street food.

(photo credit from Google)
So for this ice-cream, I shall drop by Otaru the next time when I'm in Hokkaido again HAHA.

Last stop in Otaru!! Night scenery at Otaru Canal.

Looks quite picturesque in photos but real life its really quite meh 
ITS JUST A CANAL k come on guys.

Since when your house 'long gang' there so many tourist wanna take photo with it though~

& another 45 mins car ride later we finally arrived back to the city of Sapporo!!

Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo
6 Chome Minami 2 Jonishi, Chuo, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0062, Japan

Sunroute hotel is pretty popular in tokyo so we chose to stay at the one in Sapporo as well, it offers free parking for us :D

Tiny Jap rooms. This is mine & William-san's.

Happy ball here because we are finally in the city, food and convenient shops can be found literally everywhere near our hotel!

Dinner was just a walk away from our hotel and we had the famous Hokkaido comfort food - Soup Curry!! A more watery version of curry found in Hokkaido. 
Decided to try Suage+ which has a few outlets around Sapporo!

Soup Curry & Dining Suage+
Japan, 〒064-0804 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 4 Jonishi, 5 Chome−6−1, 都志松ビル 2F

After quite a long wait on their stairs from the ground to the 2nd floor, its finally our turn to eat!!

Steps on how to order soup curry.

My parents~

Couple colour code issit

You could opt for your rice to be topped up with cheese

We tried three different kinds of soup curry. 
One was definitely a Crispy Fried Chicken with vegetables + Basic soup

And the other the Braised Furano Pork Kakuni made up with braised pork belly and vegetables.
This we had it in their squid ink "black soup" curry.

Really a hearty meal to eat in the cold! 
Hokkaido has so many famous soup curry shops and I'll be back to try the rest~

My fav kind of Haagen Dazs ice cream the Crispy Sandwich which comes in more flavours in Japan and cheaper than the price in Singapore! 

Day 7
Walked around the hotel's vicinity and spotted a puppy pet shop!!

Really enjoy window shopping at Japanese puppies in japan all the time hahahaha

Matsuya for lunch. 
Its a Japanese fast food chain similar to Yoshinoya's concept in Japan thats cheap and convenient with outlets everywhere!!

Awesome Gyudon bowl - 
shredded beef and onions served over rice topped up with a runny egg

Had their Tofu Kimchi Jijae Set there as well which was bomb!!

More sliced beef *yums*

More shopping

Popular Japanese discount store - Don Quiijote - "don don donki ho!"

9/10 Japanese Shopping Streets' infrastructure are like this hahaha

Nijo Fish Market (二条市場)
Fish market near Odori Park where tourist and japanese comes to shop for fresh local produce and seafood.

Another 5 to 10 mins walk to Sapporo TV Tower located at the ground of Odori Park.

Inside the Tv tower, more touristy stuffs, similar to Goryokaku Tower.

Took pictures with a Sapporo White Illumination sign, an event which is held yearly in Sapporo during winter season (most probably end of November to end December). 
More than 520,000 light bulbs will be used to decorate all over Odori Park. 
(More Images of it during night time in my next post)

Shiroi Kobito Park
 2 Chome-13-30 Miyanosawa 2 Jo, Nishi Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 063-0052, Japan

Another one of Sapporo's tourist attractions which houses the well-known Hokkaido confectionary - Shiroi Kobito ("Bai Se Lian Ren")'s Factory.

Admission fee around 600 yen for each adult for the factory tour. 
Along with two small packets of Shiroi Koibito chocolate biscuits.

Aurora Fountain

Chocolate cups collection

Watch your favourite Shiroi Koibito Biscuits in production!

Finally the packaging lolol

Ended the tour with the Chocolate Lounge/Cafe found at the top floor of the factory.

Had some desserts on the menu!

Which includes this Shiroi Koibito Parfait.

And ordered shiroi kobito hot chocolate drinks which came in fancy chocolate porcelain cups

Preferred the white chocolate one cause its sweeter hahaha!

Need to snap a photo with these beautiful desserts

with the two most important men of my life ;)

lolol cheesy photo spot

the architecture behind me seems like the buildings I've seen in Frankfurt.

Good lighting for selfies


Daimaru shopping and searching for one of the best meals we had in Sapporo!

Ranking 2nd on TripAdvisor on places to eat in Sapporo is one of the best sushi conveyor belt (kaiten-zushi) restaurants we've had.
William: "Its the best I've had, and most value for money"

Nemuro Hanamaru
Nishi 2, Kita 5, Chuoh-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0005

Come earlier as you can expect a queue and a queue number. 
We were quite lucky that our queue was not the longest it could have been.

The freshness of the sushi there despite being a conveyor belt restaurant is insane. 
Everything we took was so damn good.

everything including fried squid tasted damn awesome hahaha


ordered like 25 plates and it only cost us around 90++ sgd. 
For four people?!
I suck at describing food but I can only say if you are in Sapporo, you have to come here definately!

After dinner forced bf to take neoprints with me since its originated in Japan ahhahaa
so cute

I rmb we took another round of neoprints the next day and the other machine over edited our faces and made us look like ugly vain aliens.

And finally I'm (freaking) done with the second last part of my Hokkaido post and its evident how the alcoholics ended the night.


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  2. Just wondering when you drove in Hokkaido, did you experience snowstorm? I have planned for a road trip in this coming December but many of my friends are worried about first time driving in snowy condition. Thank you.

    1. I did not experience any heavy snowstorms but there were days where it was snowing. Its rather alright because the wheels of the vehicle is made for driving in snowy conditions! :)

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