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Tokyo (Part III) - {Day 7: Tsukiji Fish Market x Akihabara x Ginza x Laduree x Ippudo} & {Day 8: Tokyo One Piece Tower x Sumibi Dining}

Day 7

 School's been super busy this semester with tons of essays due before my tests and then looking forward to more trips this year. So my weekends are precious but yeah finally at my second last part of tokyo~

More selfies cause I woke up on the right side of the bed that morning!

Even though I ate super little sushis despite being in japan this trip, kudos to shan for waking up soooo early to accompany me to Tsukiji Market early in the morning ;O (she hates sashimis BOOHOO LOL) the place where they host the world famous morning tuna auction which prolly means you'll have to reach the market at 4/5 am lol. We woke up the earliest of all days in japan like 6 am-ish just to keep our fingers crossed at short sushi queue lines!

The top two most famous sushi restaurant in Tsukiji Fish Market is Sushi Dai ............

which queues can be up to 3-4 hours lol, can't even fit outside their stall, need more rows at the road side!!

& Daiwazushi which we settled for cause maybe we went earlier, so had to queue for 30 mins - 1 hour only :( Longggest time I ever queued up for food ._. This is how famous they are.

5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Its rumored that Daiwazushi is opened by the son of Sushi Dai which explains similar chinese characters in the shop names so yeah!

feeling pouty cause of the queue and the rainy weather (while queuing!!?!)

Each stall had a small sitting capacity which pretty much explains the longer waiting time..

smile cause its finally going to be our turn soon!

its recommended to go for the omakase set (which means you leave the chefs to give you the best catchings of the day) which tallies up to a more value for money price tag as well.

yummy hot soup is served when seated!

best uni I ever had which exploded in my mouth lol. luckily weishan could eat this.

everything on the platter ranging from fatty tuna to eels to more kinds of sashimis was so fresh and good. BUT the only one which was too fresh and felt too raw, even for me, was the grey-ish looking ebi (2nd from the right) either I was eating all the sashimis at a too rushed speed cause shan was rushing me or i just couldn't take that lolol

overall still a memorable experience so its a must dine at place in tokyo. But I hope next time I could have more time to enjoy my top-grade sushis here (cause shan felt bad when she didn't order much and there are still so many people waiting for our seats) and go with someone who appreciates sashimis more hahaha but I'm still thankful to shan who accompanied me there despite hating raw food the most!

it was still super early after finishing our breakfast, so we headed to Akihabara - Tokyo's famous electronic town. Must go for anime lovers like me who hope I could see some anime shit to buy back to sg HAHA.

Super loads of electronic departmental shops and adult shops (rofl) in the area

ended up at the Don.Quojote outlet (again!!) in akihabara as we had time to spare and I ended up getting more makeup and other craps there hahahaha

akihabara also host two famous cafes in tokyo like the Gundam cafe and the 4KB48 (some jap girl group band you can see uncles actually queuing outside the cafe lol)

roamed around some of the more popular electronic buildings~

holding an umbrella which made me pose like this

super big and tasty sweet potato shan bought who was finally hungry due to her unsatisfying breakfast since I ate like 10 sushis compared to her 2 hahahha

some keychains I got from akihabara hahahaha (one piece fanatic here).

Made our way to Ginza afterwards. Also another area to go to in tokyo, but stuff there are generally more expensive as its branded and its more of a high end shopping area for tourists!
Spotted Sanrioworld's outlet at Ginza

we visited Ginza district on a weekend because their central Chuo Dori street will be closed to auto mobile traffic and become a large pedestrian zone from 12 pm to 5pm (6pm from april - september)

so nice for ootd takings on the pedestrian street!

Ginza Mitsukoshi store 2F Ginza, y
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 4-6-16

legs were aching so badly, there is something about tokyo which makes you walk till you literally feel like breaking everyday, so we settled for some high tea in the prettiest Laduree outlet in Ginza!

was kinda afraid to take photos since most online reviews said it wasn't allowed, but I took sneakily and no one seem to bother.

From this laduree outlet, you can dine facing a great view of the chuo dori street but we didn't manage to luck our way onto a window seat during our time there. We should have requested for it, oh well.

i'm still happy cause I love Laduree (and macaroons!!) and I am finally able to dine and have high-tea at a pretty place which serves laduree pastries so I'm contented~ 

Must order Giant Raspberry and Lychee Macaroon which was so delish!!

had their icecream which was also soooo good, I had pistachio flavor and shan had her trusy chocolate, both of us thought the texture and taste of it was good

and shan's french toast~

more walking after our tea break~

arrived at a 12 storey uniclo building only at ginza!

and then Dover Street Market at ginza afterward, host to many street brands

一風堂 Ippudo
4-10-3 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Settled our dinner at an Ippudo outlet in Ginza, which made it to my another must try ramen in japan!!

excited for our ramen~

free flow seasoned veggies here too at well which we spammed :P love it!

yummy yummy pork gyozas

and we both ordered different Ippuddo's signature ramen (forget their names)

and both was so good as well, cheaper and better than SG's ippudo no kidding. We loved it. 

Day 8

Super kawaii-ly dressed cause I'll be going to the tokyo one piece tower which just opened in march 2015 this year located in tokyo tower!!!

cosplay shit much" kidding hahaha in my trafagar law tee.

pink doflamingo with my black feather cape in the train station hahaha

Tokyo Tower
4 Chome-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
Visit their website for more details and pictures of the tower *.*

basically this is a must go especially if you are a die-hard one piece fan like me in tokyo!!!

taking pictures with the entrance characters! 
Shaun and trish!

luffy's wife. LOLOLOL JK ITS JUST ME

and shan!!

admission fees as such

getting our tickets~ lol everyone was saying who get usopp picture on the ticketing cards sure damn sad. Shaun got luffy (zzz) I got zoro (walao my fav character is luffy) 

and trish and shan both got (nami & robin) hahaha only I so unlucky I swear girls confirm always happy to get girls as their character like so cute all I get those manly cards just like how I got donald duck on my disneysea admission tickets as well lolol joke 

ANYWAYS back to topic, its so worth it to go to one piece tokyo tower because the place is literally lined with exhibitions and memories of their whole casts and journey of the story. I only took some photos but yeah! just look!

thousand sunny~

group photo w the animated characters at their feasting tables prolly done by sanji~


and the guys fighting over me as usual. kidding!

selfie w trishy~


us & nami-san~

wow-ers LOL

guess who's eyes are these

more facilities and playrooms after the exhibits at higher level! 

playing Usopp's road to sogeking I was surprisingly good at hehe


finished up with a nice animated adventure which summarizes the whole one piece story up to now at the dressrosa arc :p
young luffy and shanks ^^!!

when they recruited nami

and robin at Enies lobby, ugh sooo touching and gave me goosebumps lol I swear one piece makes you cry while watching it!

and the saddest of all sad parts :( 
Portgas D. Ace :'(

Mandatory shot!!

lastly ended with a short film with great strong effects and animation *.*

its trafagar law yo

and the "paw"

more tokyo bananas

lol and a giantic mugiwara store you can't miss here. me and shan spent like 2 hours here till shaun and trish left earlier since we were each heading to different places after that. but yeah I spent like 300 bucks on one piece items lol im mad

one of the best souvenirs from the tower heheh luffy's face is on the another side of this necklace

I rank it as one of the best places to go to in tokyo! hahahaha
its a pity we didn't manage to dine at their one-piece concept cafes and food restaurants there cause we needed to meet shan's japan aunt for dinner again~

Shimomaruko again~

settled one of our best dinners at tokyo at a yakiniku restaurant!!!! (JAPANESE GRILLED MEAT)
(sorry I do not have the address cause its some local place shan's aunt brought us to heh, but after this i'll make sure to do more research & come back for yakiniku in japan because the way they marinate and grill their meat is so yummy and different from the ones we usually eat!)

shan's kind uncle and aunt~

drank good old jap sake w shan's uncle like a man LOL usually guys drink on behalf of their better halfs now I drink on behalf of shan wahahaaka

the kimchi they served there is so good!

beef tongue part I think, super nice hahahaha they told us it was tongues after we had several pieces of it alr LOL, tasted like beef anyway

more beef more more I need MORE


and some part of some animal that tasted like yummy squid to me so I just ate it hahaha

I am going to eat at a good yakiniku restaurant in singapore after blogging about this LOL
ended the meal w some special congee its like rice + ingredients + soup!

after meal dessert, singapore ought to sell this, sooooo good! green tea crumble and chocolate on the outside?! so different from the haagen dazs icecreams we have here!

more selfies w my green tea icecream cause its deserving!

thats all for part three~

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