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Beauty In The Pot + Springleaf Prata Place + Babette + Salted Caramel + Sufood

foodfoodfoodfoodfood, lol starting the post with my current addition from gongcha, having it/bbt almost everyday #needtostartexercisingsoon #butthisgoldenovaltineshitisgood doesn't help that a gongcha franchise opened in my living area recently too :p

Finally a metup with the longlost brothers after an extremely long time since one got attached (jon) & the other was enlisting (enlisted)

Beauty in the Pot
11 Tanjong Katong Rd
Singapore 430013
Tel: 6702 2542

Settled for this because I rly wanted to try it aft hearing its better/comparable to my fav haidilao steamboat!

PS its better to make reservations or you will have to wait for a table for around longer than one hour like for us :( cause I tried calling in but their lines are always engaged! Quickly try it before the queue gets as crazy as HDL's like up to 2-3 hours kind -_-

each table is limited to 1h 30 mins to dine so I guess they are trying to speed up customers, & dishes can order via ipad~

my brotherssss heh 

looking quite shitty cause I only had eyelash extensions on that day & a simple lipbalm since I'm always sooo lazy to put makeup when i'm meeting my close friends hahaha

Their signature broth everyone was raving about how delicious is their Beauty Collagen Broth comprising of shark's cartilage is boiled for more than eight hours everyday. Sounds like something thats good for the skin too! 

We ordered their Twin broth ($25) cause I love my soup spicy, but the guys preferred the non-spicy collagen based one so much more. I think they were being more vain than me than by just exclaiming that they were going to drink all of the soup for their complexion haha

more broth set aside for us to conveniently refill our pots :p

Ebiko Prawn Paste ($14) 
which I loveee and the guys just wanted to order endless amounts of meat ........

I have no idea which is which but hahaha we ordered their US Wagyu Ribeye, US Angus Prime Short Ribs, US Kurobuta Pork, Sliced Pork Collar as well as Sliced Pork Belly. Portions are priced and available in half or full set for the meats~

Ordered many other stuff such as the lameass Chicken Sausages, Potato Thick Vermicelli, La Mian, Lotus Root and the yummmy Sliced Toman Fish etc

free refills of rice and sauces can be done, but more limited as compared to HDL

Complimentary iceblended Yuzu tea drink that comes in a jug with every table after your meals, customer service is good here, waiters are patient and expressive. Still told us the benefits of drinking yuzu drinks heh

Bill is as pricey as HDL's hahaha our total bill came up to 185 SGD but oh well great dinner spent with the boys, but tbh I would rather go back to hdl in comparison cause there is still my FAV hotpot place hehe. But this place is definitely worth a try!
Try it before it gets mad crowded!

After dinner since we were in the area, we went to the geylang bazaar. Didn't manage to find the unique churros at geylang serai bazaar, but tried fried oreos, which was soooo good ^^

Springleaf Prata Place
57B Jalan Tua Kong
Singapore 457253
Tel: 8893 5393

New hidden place found in the east near siglap among detached houses! I think they have another brand near upper thompson? But I have been to this brand twice in a span of three weeks!

pros: airconditioned

No makeup x swollen face bad day

Drinking their hot teh tarik ($1.20 hot/ $1.50 cold) lika a boss. Very flavorful!

Purpose of visit: for their Plaster Blaster ($5)
egg benedict with hollandaise sauce + ham on prata went superbly well tgt! *.* definitely going to be the next most instagrammable thing.

They have other special creations like their Ultimate Murtabak ($12)
which is superrrr filling and yummy! But on my second trip, I had another of their new creation, a Murtabak which they made for SG50, at a discounted price of only 8 bucks, I found it to be even better than this hehe actually it depends on your taste buds.

Ultimate murtabak had like my favourite tandoori chicken inside w mushrooms and other ingredients, proved to be very yummy but it was super filling and I got quite bored of the taste after awhile. 
SG 50's creation had like luncheon meat, egg, cheese, special sauce and chicken floss inside which made it extra yummy and I felt that I could eat the entire prata myself without feeling sick of it.

be sure to visit here when you get prata cravings *.*

Babette Restaurant & Bar
165 Tyrwhitt Road
Parc Sovereign Hotel
Singapore 207569
 (15 min walk from Lavender MRT, near Chye Seng Huat)

meetup with cheryl after a zillion years, probably one of my only friend who would make recommendations of food places we should dine at especially cause she's a writer working at Ladyironchef currently. So she asked if I wanted to head down to babette w her!

Roasted Avocado ($12)
with aburi salmon and diced tomatoes for our appetiser, and it was good! interesting looking and tasteful dish!

Steak and Foie Gras Donburi ($28)
quite a reasonable price to pay for this australian wagyu beef cut alongside with yummy foie gras, only downside to this donburi was that I found that the rice was too dry, they should have seasoned the rice more or added an egg into this.

Pork & Bacon Hamburg Donburi ($16)
cheap donburi but similarly, rice and the pork and bacon was kinda dry but luckily this came alongside with an onsen egg. 

food over beer burp*

went to have desserts at windowsill pies nearby, we got their s'more & some lemon infused volka flavoured one. hehe cheryl brought slices of it home, her first time trying and she already likes it!

and school officially resumed. freaking hate that my classes all start at 8.30 am in the morning, where the jam is the worst and it rained and me and gina accidentally spent 250 bucks on uber on monday lol most bimbo moment of 2015 I suppose

jacket weather

dinner w zy dion and william at bugis, those kinda cheaper steamboat places where food tastes so horrible once u had HDL/BITP before lol. 

luckily salted caramel waffles saved our night *.*

Salted Caramel
 246 Upper Thomson Rd, 574370

zy and dion's: earl grey, salted caramel (two of their more popular flavors) & cookies and cream
mine and my bfee's hehe: pistachio (he always let me have it hehe), speculoos & moscato (cause cannot all creamy flavors)

second day of school w wenmin eating my fav ayam penyet in our canteen. loveeeee the chili which only crazy people like me can finish

finally tried the famous spicy korean noodles which wasn't rly spicy for me LOL since im the kind of person who can already handle those Indonesian super spicy chilis

happy k session w dion and twinnie, glad to have spent more silly time w her recently

and a day out w my momma last weekend wearing couple tops~

SUFOOD (舒果) 
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

VERY afforable Italian x vegetarian inspired cuisine at only ($29.80++) per person for 8 courses... plus we went during some sg50 promo or smth so its like 1 for 1, 30 bucks for 2 peeps?!

Sufood appetisers w Sufood signature fruit vinegar, known for health benefits and popular in taiwan.

Rosemary breadsticks which was so yummy with sufood homemade mustard dip which complements it. Salads, among the 4 salad choices, we had Mushroom Salad, Tropical Fruit Salad w strawberry yogurt dip and Lettuce Vinaigrette Salad, quite yummy!

My Drink choice was Passion Fruit Calamansi Tea!

Tried all of their four Soup choices!
Their chinese soups tasted better than the italian ones, maybe cause its VEGEtarian?
Cabbage and Sweet potato stew

Root soup

French onion soup

Cream of pumkin soup

for Mains, we had Baked Potato Al Funghi

Porcini Pasta

and my favourite of them all - the Star Pizza!

ended the meal with Desserts
Osmanthus Flower Jelly

Sesame Panna Cotta

Vanilla Ice-cream w hot chocolate that hardens upon pouring!

Adrupt ending as usual, say hello to the long jubliee weekend! happy national day singapore! :)

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