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21 years; Level 33 x Tae Woo Korean Restaurant x Spuds & Aprons

Our first and most awkwardly taken photo ever at sun and moon dining @ paragon.
They say the way into a man's heart is through the belly but I guess in 2015 I actually met and went on freaking loads of lunch/dinner/supper dates with W till he got Eugenia's heart hahaha KIDDING, im such a pig. But srsly, I think I met him for meals more than to amount of times I ate with my friends/family I think...?!

One of the places he brought me for dinner few months back. I appreciate guys who are more decisive and make efforts in planning stuff like these, like where to have dinner at, what to do etc, even though I know the amount of things for a couple to do in Singapore is quite limited. So i'm always drinking which he doesn't like me to hahahaha, can't wait for our overseas trips and more tgt!!!

LeVel 33
8 Marina Blvd
#33-01 MBFC Tower 1
Singapore 018981

LeVeL33's craft brews of European heritage are a testimony to craft brewing that is original, innovative and relevant to today's upmarket beer-drinking commmunity. The appreciation of originality in beer tradition in a contemporary presentation is the foundation of this craft brewery. 

Beer Tasting Paddle
So he kinda ordered the whole variety for me to try, ranging from wheat beer to stout and more, haha I ended up finishing the lighter ones and left the heavier ones for him, I don't like! hahaha

Signature hand cut raw Black Angus beef which was so yummy, different from the usual korean versions I usually have, because you were supposed to mix the seasoning at the side in it then goes super well with the bread :p

(you can opt for which country's cut you want)
Served with confit shallots, Spud and veal jus

Slowly braised shredded lamb shoulder, potato pasta, pine nuts, cranberry, aged goat’s cheese, sage and rossini jus~

Great view despite it was raining priorly, went out to the alfresco area to have desserts, think I had an affogato.


Among one of the few days we met after my school ended, a freaking yummy korean (with a hinge of chinese style) restaurant we met up for dinner for~

Tae Woo Ban Jum Korean Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-84 Clarke Quay Central
Singapore 059817

Central is a pretty quiet place with lots of hidden good restaurants :)

We opted for their Summer Course (S$29 per person)
they serve in servings depending on how many parties there are.

korean banchan

1st dish - Naengchae
Three kinds of cold dish; Jelly fish, special cold beef, century egg

2nd dish - Nurungil Ge-sal Soup
Scorched rice with crabmeat soup
Such a super yummy and unique carby & soupy food!

3rd dish - Yoo Kin Ri
Fried chicken with hot soy bean sauce
one of my favorite among all the side dishes, simple yet flavorful ^^

4th dish - Khanso Saewoo
Prawns with chili sauce 
yummy as well!

we switched the 5th dish for another dish which was their - Tang Su Yuk
korean style sweet and sour pork, was looking forward to this, but honestly I felt that the prawn and chicken dish actually won over this in my opinion!

6th dish being choosing between their
Jajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodle)

or Jjampong (spicy seafood noodle)

We tried both cause there were two of us, so each ordered one, but obviously tae woo restaurant is famous for their jajangmyeon, so black bean noodle is the obvious choice, really taste like the good ones I had over in korea, the ultimate must order!

affordable dinner and soooo many dishes, one of the few dining concepts I would definitely come back to :D

Haato & Co. waffles after dinner at central

he sent me a photo he secretly took of me after I got home hahhaha

Around two weeks back, we officially announced that we are dating. I mean it may sound like nothing much but honestly after knowing and going out with him for around 5 - 6 months, we are finally kinda official, which made this dinner date more special. Aft 21 years of my life and having seen so many guys, I'm very sure I made the right choice. 

Anw I kinda chose the restaurant we were going to have our first official date at which was located at mount faber. Mount faber with restaurants and bistros, is near to habourfront area but up like a hill/mini mountain with cable cars and the ocean and city as the night view, quiet inconvenient to get there without a ride!

(P.S. your valet is free if you spend above $50 for your meal)

returning him back his secret shots of me favors

Spuds & Aprons
109 Mount Faber Rd
Faber Peak, Level 2
Singapore 099203

Not much photos of the place cause I was trying to get in the mood and not use my gadgets so often but better to dine alfresco there as its pretty windy and the view and ambience is so much better!

musicians playing to and fro from table to table hahaha we got an awkward love song 

Chilli Crab in a Tux ($13) 
basically chilli crab stuffed in potato skin and it was yummmmyyy

The Wicked Fries and Gravy ($8)
thick fries with melted cheese and gravy, as a person who favors soggier fries heheh this was wickedly ;) sinful!

Crispy Pork Belly ($26)
not too bad but not like fantastic!

Tobiko Crusted Cod Fillet ($28)
Atlantic cod fillet that is oven roasted (love this kinda honey baked cods yum!) and topped with Tobiko and served with green tea soba and aged ponzu sauce which I thought could be a little saltier

overall enjoyed the food cos their dishes is slightly more unique and ambience so this is a great place for couple or happy reunions~


ended the great night with an even sweeter dessert that hit the spot
Jar of happiness ($10)
ben & jerry's vanilla ice cream topped with warm berry compote, shortbread biscuits and mixed berries. I sounded so corny ordering it so we had a good giggle at this hahaha

under the bell of happiness LOL another corny shit phrase

so yeap basically this summarises some of our dates I have yet to blog about, but yeap so happy right now to have met and have him in my life, something that I will treasure and try to be a better person for him :*

shall end of this post where he just booked out and met me at town, whom looks pregnant in this oversized dress LOL 

with love, eugenia, be back soon~!

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