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I seriously uploaded all the photos for this post for days but just sooo reluctant to start writing about this trip hahaha #lazyforlife but school is gna to start in a few days time, so I should really feel more motivated to get to blogging lol. Anyways, its gna be quite a long post cause I'm always going to bangkok so I rather squeeze each trip in a post :P

Part of my traveling companions this trip! #orgyinBKK 
From the left, deon, dion (swear their pronunciation is the SAME), constance, sean & shan!

off we go~

DMK airport

typical eugenia #scaredofmerz

cabbed to our hotel w cons & dion!

Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok
567 Ratchaprarop Rd, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

hotel for 4 nights, honestly I don't rmb staying twice in bkk for all the hotels I've tried but their all mostly around pratunam area, which i'm the most familiar with

welcome drink which tastes like ribena

pretty hotel lobby at the 8/9 floor

humble stay for 4 nightssss, very clean hotel, with wifi, which I always don't rly need cause I always get my unlimited data sim card at the airport for my stay, but we paid abit more for this hotel cost than the usual hotels in bkk I would have stayed at, so I had quite a high expectation for their rooms & service, which was pretty ordinary so I was a little disappointed, I rather stay at berkeley/glow pratunam the next time round to save those bucks.

but cool couch which I spent most of my time on calls for an ootd LOL

and my roomie for three nights ^^

Dinner was settled @ chinatown, Yaowarat Road, good place to drop by at night for yummy food & suppers

T&K Seafood
49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Road
Chinatown, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 223 4519
Opening Hours: Daily 6pm to 2am

finally tried the quite commonly raved about seafood t&k!

leonard & deons being gluttons

before the meal deon already went to takeaway this pig blood/throtters/whatever-part-of-pork they have in there soup that can be found along Yaowarat Road. He was like claiming that this was the BEST food he had in bkk. But it was really good we cleared it in seconds lol & he wanted to go and buy another bowl of it but we kinda overordered at t&k so we stopped him!

deon, sean me and jess!

Overall food was yummy at t&k, just that the place was a little unhygienic, food was hygienic but the girls (all minus me cos idgaf LOL) were afraid of the cockroaches we were able to spot. 

Yummy omelette!

ordered prawn & crabmeat fried rice, heard the crab one was nicer but I didn't get to try it cos it was cleared v quickly too & I eat like a grandmother so ya LOL


freshly grilled prawns

Tomyam soup, one with milk & one without. The one without had like more fish slices in it which made it taste a little fishier??

its a pity my fav steamed fish in spicy limed garlic sauce was not selling anymore :(

loveee dou miaos

not forgetting thai curry crab the only crab flavour found in bkk, singaporean hawkers should try to implement this recipe also eh

my fav cockles salad thing which was quite good I'm a fan of these things hehe

first meal with the eight of us tgt and looks like a war erupted in here

@ Huai Khwang night market having our first bbt hehehe all bbts in bkk tastes almost the same, and delicious & this was monkey shake

strawberry milk tea flavour x lychee milk tea!

w cons! :)

first partying night in bkk @ Onyx! One of their hottest clubs in bkk right now, and I think the best club I went to this trip heh. Music + crowd was so good!

table just in front of the Dj table. lol almost went deaf cos of the speakers

guys shot: sean, dion, leonard, deon!

& the girls~ shan, jess, me and cons!

my stupid camera doesn't have a built in flash and the iso (in the dark) kinda sucks, which is why I like canon camera for shots in darker places, but my canon compact is spoilt alr :( and i definitely won't bring my canon dslr to bkk hahah too heavy ah

lol bought roses for myself at RCA cause those little girls kept asking

Day 2 of bkk!

This area is the main reason for me wanting to book centara watergate, haha looks so pretty for photos! Luckily I was too lazy to bring any swimwear cause I thought this was a pool area from photos but NOPE its just like many bed and pavilions for guests to chill there

managed a few photos HAHA

woke up early with my roomie to stick to the schedule I have planned while the others and guys were still knocked out lol

met jess at platinum for some girl shopping and we all ended up buying hats. I got the straw one cause I already have the black velvety ones at home I got from my previous bkk trip!

many many photos :*

when the rest finally woke, we went for like brunch at this cafe I found, I swear I was on the verge of just going there with constance cause I rly hate wasting time when I'm overseas even though its just bangkok! & everyone was like hungover or sth from the prev night.

In the cab with cons & shan, she can't room with her bf, she needs me as an alarm like in Japan, everyday wake her up damn early LOL

Karmakamet Diner
(we went to their secret world outlet)
10110, 30/1 Sukhumvit, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

one of the best cafes I have ever went to in bkk! Definitely coming back here the next time round!

Everything was just so fucking pretty, the exteriors & interiors!!!

btw other than food and desserts, they also have like their aromatic shop in here, which sean bought a few fragrant from which was nice!!

late fuckers from left, deon, shan, leonard & sean LOL

dion, jess, cons and meee

lol imma go back to karmakamet diner again cause by the time we reach, the menu left was for TEA TIME ONLY. lol cheat my feelings I thought they served all day breakfast :( next time i'll make sure I reach there extra early for brunch or for dinner, cause I have read many good reviews of the food there at affordable prices but our menu was so limited, other than a whole table full of the same 7 pastas as the only pasta left, we ordered those more pricey food items too LOL

yummy mango smoothie!

latte for the ahpek

some salmon dish, doesn't look like it will give the owner his fill but looks photography worthy la

some parma ham x burrata cheese combi, I think this was the most expensive appetizer at like 40 bucks sgd LOL

Not overpriced and super duper good crab chili pasta, one of the better one's i've tried, had like 7 of it on the table, cons got hers less spicy, lucky for her. But I love spicy food despite having a unstoppable cough for days there in bkk heh ^^

so preddi, food looks so preddi too

the thing that actually caught my attention to visit this cafe, their rainbow cotton candy!!!
Strawberry In the Cloud (390 Baht)

this was mandatory!

knew this girl was going to be excited cause she loves her cotton candy but still wakeup so late ah

strawberry cake, cookies, crumbles and ice-cream underneath~

koh-ten candy shot with my koh sister bleah

chilling in the backyard~

miss this place already *.*

Went to union mall afterwards, and this time round the shopping I did there was less disappointing than the previous time, so lucky that we went ^.^

For deon, I managed to find the famous fried ice-cream in +66 so its located here!

Ice Manias
Union Mall, Level 3
Ladprao Soi 1, Bangkok Thailand 10900
10 am - 10 pm

customise by choosing 1 flavour of icecream, 2 mixers and 1 topping!

dion's vanilla, oreo banana caramel! (one of their best selling combos)

check out my instavideo of how their fried it! @pinkyniakoh

my yogurt x strawberry x oreo combo which was so refreshing!

definitely a good dessert place to stop by if you are at union mall!

deon and his chocolaty creation~

Went to the maha chai road area once again! they have so many hidden finds and food here maybe only the locals will know. And the place we settled our dinner at, jay-fai cuisine, (heard many super and great reviews about it and I can forsee your instagram feed soon to flood more w this) & is actually just a few stalls away from Thip Samai Restaurant >> you can read about my experience in this post here

Jay-Fai Cuisine
327, Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 223 9384

Raan Jay Fai looks like this

and this was their menu! quite expensive for a non-restaurant stall, but we all decided that it was worth it and one of our better meals this time there. Cause their seafood portions are just so generous and food was pretty dope, good enough to return despite not being super cheap like the normal street road food prices.

while waiting for the food. selfie with dion!

& shannie~

4 of us who made it here LOL

Crab Meat Omelette
SUPER GOOD, not very cheap for an omelette but I guess cause the insides are overflowing with super fresh and good and eggy crab meat parts so yeap enough said.

most spicy tomyam soup we had the entire trip but yup super generous serving of seafood in it

Jok Haeng, Dry Porridge
Porridge fried in their famous stock, with seafood, garlic and shallots not bad but too much ginger, LOL I FREAKING HATE GINGER thanks.

My fav star dish of the night *.*
Their famous Drunken noodles!!
Sen Yai Pad Kee Mao Talay, fried flat noodles with seafood and wine. I'll go back for this!!! The noodles was so so so so goodddd

Walking down afew more stalls, stumbled upon the famous

Tee's Yen-Ta-Fo
Bamrungmuamg Road (Samran Rat),
Wang Burapha Phirom

tried it on my previous trips there and their this street stall actually seems more renovated this time round adding a mango stick rice cart which sold a super awesome mango frappe we got.

they added loads of things in their menu as well and it seems clearer to order with english and instructions in it!

stewed pork noodle soup which exclaimed *singaporeans must eat when visit bangkok* HAHAHA I think it tasted better the previous time I was there though, but taste like an healthy and flavourful street food la maybe cause I just had Raan Jay Fai, so my taste buds went up a notch.

roomMAID to cons this trip, forever too tired and going back early to sleep in the hotel. When i slept at night then she stare at me, next day tired again hahaha 

tookaway these from Tee's Yen Ta Fo for her! #bestroomateverawardgoestome heh

went to sleep & its day 3!! lol guys went to party then woke up with a semi-drunk sean in my room and he tookaway some tomyam breakfast for us which choked me early in the morning LOL

unhealthy snacks all day in bkk from the moment I wake up LOL but this brand of seaweed snack is SUPER GOOD

platinum-ed for a short while again & got my bbt fix hehee

my day 3 ootd!~

selfie with cons :)

in a six seater cab when everyone finally woke up #pigs

sat at the back with deon!

and we reached victory monument!! hehe

The Best Of The Boat Noodles 
near Victory Monument (Thailand, Bangkok)
Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak Phaya Thai
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

having tried boat noodles in +66 before, I decided to plan this in our itinerary because I have heard the best boat noodles in bkk are located around victory monument! They have a few competitor stalls but I decided to go with this shop!

four flavours of boat noodles available here~

fried dumplings

streaky pork w crispy crackling

and a tray of very very yummy coconut jelly

thicken soup with beef, which is the best flavour in most of our opinions there!

thicken soup with pork, constance's fav

stacked within seconds

another tier and batch of our noodles heh 20 bowls and you'll get a free big bottled glass coke!

Brewed bean curd flavor, everyone thought its weird but its just pink and I thought it tasted okay leh HAHAHA everyone want to give donate their bowl to me lol

Noodles sour soup with pork, btw you can actually choose many different kind of noodles in each flavor, but I guess the usual thin one you see in most of my pics should be the best option! (I didn't take the extra orders after where the guys tried like yellow noodles etcetc)

satisfied sean

glutton roomates

@ Siam paragon & constance wanted her after you fix!

choc frappe

me and my horlicks frappe from after you hehe *.* been having this days at home now cause I can blend my own iced horlicks too HAHA love it

nutella pancakeee

strawberry crepe cake

chocolate lava cake *.*

but the strawberry honey shibuya toast still gets the most attention every time it gets served to the table.

roamed around siam paragon's big supermarket 


massaging sessions at siam square area.

waiting for siam night market to open cause everytime I'm there it rains -_-

but had some fucking nice roadside skewers there with the guys LOL super oily but so good!!!!! I have the guy's tastebuds of eating like all the diff parts of the chicken like the intestines and shit that usually all my gfs avoid 

squid skewers! I swear I always gain alot of weight after all my bkk trips heh

Mango tango @ siam square

back to pratunam area at night after shopping. Down the stretch near berkeley hotel, the night food market seems to have settled up so we went there to eat again HAHA

walk a little further down and right next to a 7 eleven stall after Sirindanight market, there's this stall that sells quite yummy beef pho which the guys recommended!

had some fucking awesome cockles with our beef pho too

Came across a night market around the pratunam area right outside the stretch of the palladium and berkeley hotel selling quite cheap finds. Alot of handmade shops that you will be able to customize those passport covers, bags, caps, handphone casing which i did at very affordable prices, I'll post pics of it next time!

and its day 4!~

woke up super early and brought cons to try the best chicken rice in pratunam area after trying like so many other outlets, kaiton pratunam chicken rice is still the best!

had a shitty morning cause me and cons cabbed to so many places to find this brunch place (which I managed to find in a try at our last day there with the guys cos we cabbed from the hotel and usually the people at the hotel will like print out the map area and give clear instructions to the cabbie for us beforehand)

yup so alot of selfies of me in the cab LOL COS WE KEPT CABBING AROUND IN THE MORNING

back to platinum area to meet up with all the pigs ugh cos I planned to go to chatuchak that day but everyone wokeup late as usual

had my fav crepe from my fav pratunam road stall~

cons loving her choc banana crepe

and i love my corn x tuna x cheese x ham crepe hehehe

accompanied the pigs to eat the famous pratunam wanton mee

then met up with jess and leo at fuji jap restaurant, which serves decent jap food in bkk! #forevereatingagain&again

awesome wagyu beef

& sashimi platter!! yums

group shot before cons & dion flew back!

me, cons, shan, deon, dion, sean, leo and jess!

fresh me bbt near my hotel

another clubbing night at thonglor area @ demo, was too lazy to take photos LOL

can't believe I had kaiton chicken rice twice in the day lol -_-

before club meal

after club meal at this fucking rdm resturant lol lazy to upload photos of the food there cause I think I only ate there cause I drank alcohol LOL but me and deon finished like most of the food we ordered I swear I'm a pig

last day in +66 :(

finally found the traditional place to have breakfast at in bkk! The guys loved it. But better be sure of the address before going to this place, FYI, its nearer to chinatown area. Me and constance got lost because google map had like three addresses called on lok yun lol -_- but the right one is at 72 charoen krung road!

On Lok Yun
Thailand, 72 Charoen Krung Road, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Daily: 5am - 4pm

deon's hilarious face LOL

love love all their food here and menu *.* so affordable too!

finally a selfie with all of the original bkk groupie

one of the best milk teas i've had in bkk *.* Had two of these to myself LOL

their breakfast combo with scrambled or sunny side up

butter and sugar toast *.*

french toast dipped in condensed milk!

and their homemade on lok yun special kaya with fluffy bread~

I think each of us ate minimum of 4 eggs hahahaha to six eggs 

and the guys had two servings of these and the boss gave us extra chinese sausages cause we were chinese HAHA

still managed to go to chatuchak before our plane rideeee *.*

my fav mochi ice-cream from the sunday market

sorry LOL eugenia and her ice-creams *.*

too hot!!!

rushed back to the hotel cause we need to rush to the airport so had kfc in bkk whattttt 

so sweaty and shag in the cab yucks

most expensive bkk bbt

delayed flight

so everyone became hobo

esp sean LOL do follow my snapchat @eugeniakoh for more live updates thanks

and finally boarded the plane

happy ending to everybardi

all the food and clothes i managed to stuff back to sg

furry keychains for da clique. ME LOVE BKK will be back!

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