Tuesday, July 14, 2015

L'Entrecote + Restoran Sekee + Wenmin's 21st + Fatcat Ice Cream Bar + La Strada + Chicken Up

HI GUYS, the lazy fella is back again. Haha in a dilemma if I should revive my dayre and start doing daily posts like these, so I would not have to like spam a series of post when I blog. Or you guys prefer that I just blog everything down on this space here? Hahaha super hard to balance all the social media platforms, most pics here usually gets spammed in my private IG acc @nianiakoh instead of my main @pinkyniakoh 

If you guys haven't known, I am finally dating, haha we are not together yet, but I guess after being single for 21 years, its time for me to start dating cos I am not young anymore HAHA kidding I just think I'm a very independent girl overall. Haven't really venture into much relationship issues cause I am super contented with everything I have most of the time as well as company of friends. 

Okay I shall talk more about it in my next blogpost or smth now I'm just updating what I've been up to before/after bkk!!

My date is sitting next to me in this pic I took from his friend's cam btw! They invited me as an surprise to his birthday dinner before I flew to bkk.

L' Entrecote - The Steak & Fries Bistro
36 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089614
Sunday to Friday 12PM to 10.30PM
Saturdays 6PM to 10.30PM

Basically, they have a few outlets around singapore, but I kinda like the duxton one the most!
(Complimentary fresh salad with every serving ordered)

L'Entrecote basically specialises in their delicious entrecote steak which is accompanied by this super duper awesome sauce which makes their steak taste unique compared to other places. Their fries r so yummy too, dining there, the fries are unlimited!!! Meaning you can just keep refilling your portion of fries. You can ask for dessert choices and starters there too like escargots, but other than that their menu is kinda limited.

But this restaurant is rly worth checking out and I don't think its too overpriced for steak! We each paid around $50-60 bucks only if i can still remember correctly.. hehe

Crazy night at this new siamdiu called Kingdom near balestier area that I keep gging w william and his friends haha so much beer and martel lol!

my twin popped by to find me!

Wenmin's 21st party held at her condo tgt with her mom's celebration.

w da birthday girl!

and all her besties hahaha weishan was LATE

greedy me got snapped

Went to JB before bkk too

Ah Hua 亚华 kway teow soup (Restoran Sekee 司機)
30, Jalan Segget, Johor Baru Town
Daily  (closed on Saturdays)

Kinda near JB check point area

mi fav honey jelly!

 I think there are several restoran in JB that serves this kinda concept of kuay tiaos but I think this shop one was good! I will go back there hehe so affordable too

we ordered all in dry, so its served along with their pork bone soup which has so many chicken and pork ingredients in it. thumbs up!

my nails of the month for bkk~

Another night mini hotel party w wenmin and the clique for her birthday @ Big hotel, had genki sushi that just opened at bugis+ before gging to her hotel!

outfit of the night, very made in bkk cos I just returned.

silly tessa is afraid that I'll drop off

was a fun night w drinks and all w my lover :) happy 21st!!

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar
Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2
Singapore 460416

Finally had the chance to try this new waffle shop that opened around east area~ too bad their menu was kinda limited that day, only have waffles! :/

got their must order black charcoal waffles with a strawberry sorbert and smoked peppermint icecream, added 1 buck to get their famous salted egg sauce to drench over the combi!

the brown circles around the waffles should be toffee/caramel sauce, tbh fat cat's salted egg with their waffles isn't as pleasant as I thought the hype had been, but I wouldn't mind going back to dine or have desserts there again, their ice-cream flavours are quite cool too hehe I liked the smoked peppermint surprisingly more than my usual sorbet choices. But my friends loves their waffles! So don't get affected by my opinions hahaha

Snipped off my hair that afternoon too~ I think shorter hair suits me more after that

fav bbq dinner at east coast lagoon

tried their famous beef kway teow but nothing special, rather eat the popiah there cos its way better even though both from diff categories of food hahaha

my pathetic homemade honey shibuya toasts LOLOL

at the sky bar of ion *.*

settled for my fav kilo at pact at orchard central for dinner once again~

yummy appetiser called seafood ceviche with octopus, tuna, salmon, avocado etc in it drenched with awesome dressing hehe

First time trying the pastas at kilo and they sure r yummy! angel hair with ebiko cream and sauteed prawns very creamy and yummy but gets a little too sweet after eating it for awhile heh

squid ink fettuccini this pasta was better, tastes so good, with sauteed prawns too and fried squids~ despite being messier (first time eating so unglamly in front of a date and I don't exactly feel that uncomfortable abt it HAHAHA)

black mouth don't care, what was I sayin'?

Ended the night with my fav bingsu flavor (think you heard it three times by now) - Injeolmi flavoured!
will go back there again cause its convenient and in town! 

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe
181 orchard rd 
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

A hot yoga day with wenmin, was feeling quite motivated for one week (only tsk) cause I rly gained too much weight recently LOL

not suppose to eat an hour after yoga but couldnt help it but purchase this sesame/sobert icecream from tamp's hokkaido fair. so good!

over-ordering as usual with me I think we consumed more calories than what was exercised out in the morning LOL this are our favorite dishes since secondary school from tampines's mall kopitiam!

V belated birthday treat for jiaying last week!

La Strada Ristorante
1 Scotts Rd
#01-13 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208

w my cray girls, jiaying & gracelyn hahaha

jiaying's fav burratta cheese but imo I think I prefer other italian restaurant's burrata, this one was a little too plain for my liking!

yummy scallops appetizers!

la strada is superrrrr famous for their carbonara which recipe have been done several times and when we had it, it was really good! with egg and truffle infused cream sauce and all, may be one of the best carbonara pastas we have eaten ever, just that I kinda prefer other pasta as they used 'guitar string' pasta for this and I was like "is this carbornara ba chor mee" LOL

lobster risotto which was good too~

yummy rib eye steak at la strada too, my friends loved the sauteed mushrooms which accompanied it so much so that they ordered for a different serving but surprisingly they didn't charge us for it

chocolate surprise which will be torched and then melted like in the next picture *.*

service at la strada is impeccable and jiaying kept joking that we were drunk after consuming this slightly alcoholic dessert w like the manager or smth hahaha

bill came up to like 200 plus hahaha but I hoped the girls had a great meal SO group pic :D

jj before he enlisted SOB

night w daphne~

went to sweechoon to have supper than coincidentally bumped into ma long lost bros

went to watch sg50 national day rehearsal for the sake of somebody cause usually I wouldnt go over my dead body this kind of sweaty events.. HAHA but okay the show was still good, felt very patriotic surprisingly when I was sitting there.

fav starbucks white mocha frappe to make me feel less hot LOL

had my mc spicy and spicy nuggets with this dude but turns out ordering both combi makes the spicy nuggets that I was craving for not as mouth watering heh should have ordered like cheeseburgers or smth

back at kingdom w the bkk gang

one of the nicest after drinks bakuteh I have eaten

333 Bak kut teh
333 Balestier Rd 
Singapore 329765

I want some more now!!!

school resumed :( puffy small eyes and face all days

Chicken Up
2 Tampines Central 5
#01-44 Century Square
Singapore 529509

Finally got to try this ever since I saw it at tanjiong pagar but the queue was always insane, so lucky that they franchised it in the east too!

Overall, their food was good, and servings was BIGGER than we imagined so we kind over-ordered again as usual. (or issit always with me people tend to do that)

Yangyum Chicken 
love korean spicy chickensss

must order!!
Bulgogi fries
Super duper good and not to mention super huge serving but this is rly good haha you'll have to try it before you get what I mean but its rly kinda mind-blowing HAHA

very tasty chicken stew w my fav vermicelli inside, quite a hearty dish but I think we ordered way too much chickens LOL

another must order is their soy sauce chicken, tasted different from the ones I always try at usual korean fried chicken restaurant. This one has like sweet soy sauce juices spewing out when you chew into these wings *.*

I kinda thought their melon bingsu was overpriced at first, but it was rly good and worth it because they really carve out fresh melons and stack it on a pile of yummy condensed milk ice topped up with a vanilla icecream which was a pretty good way to end our dinner.

my current fav colorful romper hehe

cab all dayz to school

new classmate regina tan cos we will be in the same classes for most of our modules 

bugis and milk cow all dayz with her

49 seats at the orchard central outlet!

kinda remembered their main outlet's tomyam pasta to be thicker and yummier, but we still enjoyed this!

fried escargots which was surprisingly tasty!

and my fish and chips with tomyam sauce *.* super generous with their servings of seafood in their tomyam sauces.

got my happy cold stone fix after that. HEHE love my cotton candy flavor *.*

irritated me when all public transports fail so the whole population in town that day was snatching for cabs with me ugh

apple strudel which might be struggling cause their standards sure have deproved haha

bareface DC

settled for simple ichiban sushi when I was having jap food cravings..

soft shell crab roll :P

spicy salmon carpaccio

disappointing tasting raw clams for the price I paid

finally got my urban decay purple lipsticks, haha I kinda want to purchase lipsticks of all shades cos i'm weird like that

more photos w daphnee

my stripey outfit to school ytd.

and my friends who likes to photobomb me.

had homemade sushi for breakfast then maki-san for lunch haha I don't think I'll ever get sick of sushis...

ok abrupt ending but hopefully i'll be back soon. my life should get even busier than it is now, but hopefully for a better course, keeping my fingers crossed xx

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  1. Everywhere you looked really gorgeous dear and I hope you had fun time with your friends. The food is also looking delicious. I am looking party venues for my party and after that I will decide my menu considering your post.