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Tokyo (Part II) - {Day 4: Asakusa x Daikokuya Tempura x Kabukicho x Golden Gai} & {Day 5: Yoshinoya x Disneysea} & {Day 6: C&C Curry Shop x Mount Fuji x Fuji-Q Highland x Mentsu Dan Udon}

Day 4

 Hehe sorry guys im a lazy douchebag
If you haven't! ;)

Day four outfit.. as usual everyday annoy shan to wakeup early.. is she still applying makeup in the hotel lift hahaha!?

Best friend being google map, VERY IMPORTANT as it tells you which stations and lines to take to your destination.
We made our way to Asakusa one of the famous temple districts in tokyo!~

Shops there is traditional looking and its like a place tourist should visit.

While heading to the Senso-ji (popular buddist temple in asakusa) you will walk through this stretch of shops called Nakamise Shopping Street which offers some local specialties and the usual array of touristy souvenirs. 

Making out way to Daikokuya! A popular restaurant which offers yummy tempura in Asakusa, which is located near the famous Sensoji Temple.

selfie w my koh sister

(btw if you use google map it will guide you to the older shop like next door like currently renovating so i think they temporary moved to nearby but its still quite obvious to locate!!) 

Daikokuya Tempura
1-38-10 Asakusa, Taiko-li
Tel: +81 3 3844 1111
Sun to Fri: 11.15am - 8.30pm
Sat: 11.15am - 9pm

The menu! Usually people will order like their tendon rice bowls accompanied by their tempura!

Antique looking pretty bowls *.*

me and shan both opted for their rice bowls with four prawns because I read online review thats their prawns are the best. hehe but actually should have just tried all cause I saw other tables ordering other tempuras which looks good too!!! But one special trait about daikokuya's tempuras is that the batter is soy-sauced based thus their tempuras doesn't look as golden and crispy compare to the ones we usually get from rdm tempura shops!

but honestly I heard so many raved reviews about this place, its didn't meet my expectations so I doubt i'll go back the second time, maybe its just not my thanggg

ootd at nakamise shopping street~

heading to the sensoji and this uncle is looking at me like imma ghost

Paid 100 yen to draw a omikuji (written fortune)

lucky me got like the number ONE among all the two hundred lots (i think?!) My fortune must be really good heh heh

hahaha awwww in all languages LOL BEST FORTUNE SIBO

LOLOL shan's one then she went to draw another time but still got a bad lot, then I also went to draw another one, got a bad one then I said i'll just stick to my best fortune LOL

I saw tourists approach this giant incense holder & breathe/swipe the smoke into their faces, its some luck thing I suppose.. but I almost choked ok.. too smoky!

Another tourist attraction located in asakusa took with my dslr from afar. Its one of the world's tallest freestanding broadcasting tower with an observation deck boasting 360 degree views. 
Tokyo Skytree (we were too lazy to visit, but apparently they sell one of the limited and newest flavor of the tokyo banana range that we could not find from any tokyo banana shops there! :( So we should have actually went!)

selfie w my dslr~

craving fo icecream after that cause it was surprisingly hot that day despite being in air-conditioned air temperature. So i bought a sweet potato icecream along the nakamise street.

japanese are usually quite anal abt walking and eating food since I got stopped for doing it, haha their culture is damn tidy and clean, finding a dustbin is soooo hard. But anyway this icecream was soooooo sweet

shan went around to get her boring chocolate at a gelato shop

funny picture I snapped cause in japan some shops are called and labelled like sushi-YA, udon-YA, trunks-YA etc-YA. I saw online and it was indeed confirmed the fact upon spotting this shop hahaha

cutie pie

took photo with a ninja we happened to spot HAHA ITS A MUST!!

lol currently watching naruto series after crazing over onepiece hahahahhaa so I TOOK PHOTO WITH AN NINJA *.*

A tip for the ladies and vain guys who wants to buy their hair products or like for me, to get some of my beauty, skincare, hair, makeup products and cosmetics, you can visit these shops with a few outlets located around tokyo to purchase these stuff!!

Matsumoto KiYoshi


yup we went to their outlets in asakusa but its kinda far on foot, as the area we were staying at, shinjuku, have outlets there too!! So won't have to walk so far! If i'm right, the Don.Quojote outlet in shinjuku, kabukicho area is also opened 24 hours. 
Lol some midnight snack and grocery shopping when you can't sleep, can be done.

lol my heaven, japanese makeup brands all at cheaper prices thanks, made me spent alot here HAHA

plus, if you purchase over a certain sum, you can get to claim the tax immediately at don.quijote! And perhaps most of the departmental malls in japan. Feel that you get so much returns back hahaha better than claiming it at the airport, more troublesome and you wouldn't know what you wanna buy at the airport alr right! (okay actually can buy food souvenirs there still hahaha)

Headed back to Shinjuku area as it was getting late and we were going to meet our friends also staying at shinjuku area, but the Kabukicho part, which is more of like a "Red light district" in tokyo, super many pubs and bars over here, its like many guys will approach you to go and drink and the area gives us more of a yamazaki-filled streets kinda vibe here

Kabukicho is located at the north side of shinjuku from where we were staying, but if I were to stay in shinjuku area again during my next tokyo visit, I would actually stay in this area cause the nightlife here has so much more life! with karaoke studios, movie theatres, food outlets, pubs, arcades etc all opened till late!!! You can check out the hotel my friend stayed at called Hotel Gracery - top floor has like a jurassic world theme!

Unlike me and shan everyday go back at 8pm too tired to walk to this area as its the opposite direction from our hotel and in tokyo somehow I feel that we need to do ALOT of walking so we were always super exhausted. But I think two single (then) girls like us needed this nightlife and vibe so should have really switched hotel areas with my another couple friend who were staying there uh hahahaha

Settled our dinner at Osaka Ohsho - some Japanese food outlet popular for their gyozas and food? I think SG also have! This was located directly under my friends' hotel, they like everyday eat supper and ate here twice alr cause their hotel area is so happening!!

stir fried beef, fried beef rice

ramen with bamboo shoots

yummy gyozas! all these four dishes was in a set meal, rmbed it to be super affordable!

Met up with shaun's friend who happened to be in tokyo also and he like had this tokyo guide which guided us to this area in Kabukicho, called "Golden-Gai"

Basically, Golden Gai is a area with more than 270 tiny drinking dens which are crammed into seven ramshackle streets. Each place has a unique vibe, ranging from high-end cocktails to hard rock, and the atmosphere can be anywhere from friendly to downright hostile since we also have like an language barrier!

red faces with trishy after our drinks!

group pic!

rdmly settled into one cramped up bar but its a good experience for us cause we didn't rly explore much of any tokyo partying or clubs and nightlife there so this was cool!

we were served by this very warm old lady and I opted for sake and the rest had beer or cocktails hahaha cause like we unsure of what we wanted since there are no menu or instructions

but that ended our day 4 night! 

Day 5

Disneysea day!!! Dressed up in a super cutesy vibe but drinking the previous day before this early morning ah..

We settled down for breakfast at Yoshinoya near our hotel! Its like legit FAST FOOD concept in tokyo, everywhere we walk there are also yoshinoya stalls around. While dining there is like most people are clad in suits and business men settling their breakfast alone and gulping down the entire bowl of rice superbly fast, makes payment then leaves.

This is something you have to try in japan, 100x better than the ones you eat in your own country (like mine, singapore.. hahaha) and other similar food chains outlet which I heard is even better than Yoshinoya in japan are Matsuya and Sukiya, they are in the list I would want to check out during my next visit!

happy weishan cause this is her kind of jap food *.* don't have to try food I wanna eat everyday HAHA

Gyodon is a japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi (fish and seaweed stock), soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine)

Both me and shan ordered the same two bowls of gyodon cause its like a must try?! But I heard the yoshinoya pork bowl is good too.

mine comes with a raw egg cause me can eat everything raw (unlike stupid shan)

pls don't be like tricia when she told me she just mixed everything in .... My expression was priceless LOL cause you are supposed to simmer out the egg white and just put the raw egg yolk in i think?!


Use google map then follow the train lines (take note of the numbers and directions!) and stops to reach tokyo disney resort hehe

the two type of tickets you can purchase to take their disney resort line to tokyo disneyland's resort, disneyland and disneysea

the difference in prices of an one-way ticket and one day disney train pass printed above and below

first selfie w da girls~

group photo in the train! Shaun, trish, me and shan!

pretty flowers everywhereeee

picked Disneysea cause Japan is the only country with their sea concept, and I was kinda lazy to go to both disneyland and sea (at least need one day to complete each) and I went there super alotttt of times when I was young already so I was like just accompanying all my friends. 

Honestly I remembered it to be alot more fun than now cause I guess the rides which was thrilling to me then at that age now is like I can just secretly use my phone during their rides cause I need those more scary rides, and obviously disney caters to family and younger kids so rides are safer and less wild, but effects are great! So I think if anyone asks me to go back to tokyo disneyland/sea I'll puke its the only country I went to this themepark like at least 5 times. (disneyland + sea) okay la if next time accompany my bf or family I won't mind going back la. I not so evil. HAHAHA i may stop my exaggerated compo now.

love this photo with the girls!

shaun and tricia cpl~

settled for some food (cause the cpl haven't ate yet) at this bistro near the entrance in Disneysea, Zambini brothers' 

their pizza and pastas were quite okay!

most memorable ride to me when I was young hehe journey to the center of the earth.

me and trish with our minnie peach flavored ice pops :)

cos I got a donald duck for my entrance pass....... everyone else got mickey/minnies LOL

best spicy turkey leg eva, don't like the uss ones?!

calls for more selfies

hehe these cool machines in disneys that produces these alloys never fails to mesmerise me

otw back from disney after a loooong day, even though japan's train lines are messed up - literally, there are many food and bakery kind of shops located during the intervals and underpasses.

got this custard thingy in an egg which was so fuckin awesome

shag and back at hotel

and we settled for the convenience mart food which we wanted to try heheh

packets milk tea with pearls in it?! so yummy!! singapore is failing me hahaha

added the extra tamago I bought in my awesome jap cup noodles LOL

somemore suntory fruit flavored beer with some squid shit which was TASTYY

Bought this from the train stations too, picky eater weishan loves it, bought super alot of them back, these biscuits are so good! Similar to the most popular Bai Se Lian Ren (白い恋人) aka Shiroi Koibito in Japan but their concept is cheese flavoured. In japan there are many brands of this kinda biscuits but the unique fact about Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory biscuit is that its so cheesy and flavourful! One of the best japan snacks I've tried there!

I think departmental shops has it too! Cause I passed by a few aft that

ending day 5 with another group pic heh heh 

Day 6

Day 6 outfit wearing my firefighters jacket from rescue squad, got from harajuku in tokyo, hehe love street styles x brands!

Japanese curry is another must in japan so we settled down for this C&C Curry shop which we will walk past every morning in shinjuku train station!

soooo yummy, had fried fish fillet and omu rice *.*


lucky we had a hearty breakfast because we were going to the Mount fuji district during day 6!

And the kind of trains we had to switch was kinda different. Because the journey was so freakkkkingggggg long and confusing. You better hope luck is on your side hahaha but google map helped us so much! I am so sorry I didn't like screenshot the directions and trains and lines to tell my readers, but its rly too confusing alr. 

So wake up early to travel there if you are coming from tokyo because some of the trains has timings to catch, so we were like in a trance *.* luckily both me and shan still quite good with directions & this train operator helped us a little too. But seriously the journey was around 3 hours lor... wtf right imagine you go there sooooo damn far freaking loads of stops, train fares in japan not exactly cheap also ah. 

Go there then come back the journey totally takes up literally half of your day :( sit until butt pain and me and shan just keep snapping each other's unglam and dozing off pics lol


best decision ever not to put any makeup other than my lip tint and eyelash extensions I had done over in singapore cause I FELT SO HOT AND ANNOYED during some parts of my journey there so thank god for me not applying any shit on my face that fateful day lol cos I will feel damn disturbed if I feel that my creams are clogging up my pores

in the train after QUEUING up for the train

loving my specs did vlogs in the train but lazy to post

aft dk how many trains and stops finally reached Fujisan express train which stops at different attractions around the area.

regrets wearing this stupid looking and thick stockings that day. its like since we were 2 hours plus away from tokyo, the temperature was like increasing and I felt so hot and stuffed

after harping for so much, the destination we were going is not Mount Fuji but is this amusement park located at the base of the huge mountain which offers super thrilling and huge roller coasters (way different from ytd's kiddy disney concept so not rly for younger kids or if you have little guts lol)

mount fuji in a distance

and we reached this raved about place!

Fuji-Q Highland
5 Chome-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017, Japan
Tel: +81 555-23-2111

THE ONLY BAD AND SAD thing (okay calm down) about this park is that during weekdays it closes at 5 pm, weekends at 6 pm, opens at 9 am but the journey here was so freaking long by the time we reached we kinda had a limited amount of time to explore :/

so we just got the option of getting the entrance ticket, then paying for every ride we were going to sit on when we get in. Cause it makes no sense if we pay so much more then get to sit afew rides before the park closes right -_- 

For more information about how the ticketing and instructions and rides at the park works visit this page!

Basically this fuji-q locating at more than 800m above ground, hosted four of the best roller coasters in the world!!!
They are namely:
1) Fujiyama - top specs (The speed of the coaster at 130km/h)
2) Takabisha - steepest drop > 90° it's inversed (The speed of the coaster at 100km/h)
3) Dodonpa - one of world's fastest coaster & acceleration (The speed of the coaster at 172km/h LOL)

4) Eejanaika - the most thrilling rides I have ever taken just like infinite inversions in all direction
(The speed of the coaster at 126km/h, 76m high)

lol, and this was also the first ride me and weishan opted for. LOL think the 3 hour journey made us abit crazy, taking the craziest ride in the amusement park first.

fucking crazy serious but AFTER TAKING IT WE WERE BOTH LIKE THE THREE HOURS WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha but I think most girls would have flipped and cried la so ya think twice LOL

 shan got a headache after this ride and I just felt like I was in a washine machine, high up in the sky but turning like some crazy shithead so like my body was just like rotating non stop you have no idea which direction you are at anymore LOL


rainbow and cotton candy both so yummmms

happy eugenia

Takabisha, lol literally 90 degrees when we were going up, I filmed the ride in my private instagram, (not while on it DUH cause the rides are so crazy you are expected to keep everything even accessories and your shoes in the lockers provided LOL) I told shan I think we were going to die, but then the adrenaline lasted quite short for me so I think I need to find more extreme sports to do seriously LOL

conquerors of the day SAY CHEESE

SULKY JOURNEY BACK AGAIN HAHAHAH but okay la worth it the rideeeess sniff *.*

Googled for the most famous udon shop in shinjuku and we ended up here for dinna slurps :p
I swear I tried their franchise in seoul during my last day there in this post I think HAHA or maybe its something similar but okeh out of topic.

Tokyo Mentsu-dan 東京麺通団
Nishi-Shinjuku, 7-9-15 Shinjuku-ku

The shop offers a variety of udon in various cooking styles- hot, cold and in various soup bases and toppings. A very self service restaurant. After placing orders with the front counter, where they will cook your udon order on the spot. Then you proceed to the tempura/side dish counter where you can pick and choose your tempura fritters, side dishes and additional toppings ~

had mine with my fav mentaiko and raw egg SUPER YUMMY perhaps one of the best udons i have ate in japan. the texture is super incredible haha

weishan's beef base soup udon!


all of us thought it was nice except for tricia's bf shaun which was damn funny cause he ordered natto (japanese fermented beans) with the udon thinking its like bar chor (minced pork like in singapore) had a good laugh at that LOL

and my fried tempura and fav brinjal 

will definitely go back again ^^

be back soon xoxo :)

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