Wednesday, June 22, 2016

FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science

Some visuals on my recent trip to Future World Exhibition by Marina Bay Sand's Art Science Museum for some quick updates on my blog. Just returned from my short Batam getaway & flew off in less than a day's time to another country which explains the lack of updates.

I have been super busy these days in preparation of my online web-store launch (as you can already guess in the banner above). The facebook preview of my first collection will be up soon and hopefully I'll have time to draft up a preview launch blogpost as well. Remember to show some love :*!

Waking up super early these days but I shall utilise my sleep to choke up some updates.

Went to the recent popular exhibition among the couples and family a few weeks back.

FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science
Address: ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
Opening hours: 10am to 7pm daily (Last Admission 6pm)

Standard Ticket prices of this exhibition are - Adult ($17), Child ($10), Senior 65 & abv ($14)
(Singapore residents have a discount of $3 each which means Adult $14, Child $7, Senior $14)

Got mine at standard price because MBS members had a 1-for-1 deal so it was more worth it for me!

Basically its similar to iLights 2016 with digital art installations using science and technology but the indoor version! (with aircon! hehe) There are four key narratives in this discovery exhibition journey - Nature, Town, Park and Space!

Taking selfies in the Nature themed exhibit featuring reactive plants and flowers which "withers" by touch! This encourages sustaining the environment as human hands often destroy nature by touch.

waves which illustrates rising sea levels due to climate changes

Town themed exhibits most popular with kids with a range of colourful and innovative sections like this Sketch Town Paper Craft Aquarium Edition installation which is my favourite!!! (kid at heart)

We can actually sketch and draw art/figures before scanning into the machine which will result in a 3D digital version of our work in the large projection screens!

wills being an artist hoho

hahaha damn cute!! will's jellyfish and my hastily completed shark with mini us riding on it ^^

Scanned like ten times LOL

my shark babies overload.

Third chapter of the exhibit - Park.
To encourage visitors to appreciate and have fun with 'nature' as it is an essential part of humanity.

Loved this eight metre tall digital waterfall which is perfect for this kind of artsy shots!!

Last chapter - Space, the most instagrammable which only consist of one installation.

It is also the most instagrammable (and I went at the peak of peak periods, saturday 2.30 pm) I spent a good half hour getting photo bombed and trying to snap a decent shot with this magnificent exhibition.

My pic also not say that nice HAHA

Thanks to this amazing man behind all my photos whom is also the co-founder, huge help & pillar of support to my upcoming online store.

Thank you willy tan :*
(His birthday was a few days ago and I have not officially wished him on my blog yet anw hahaha)

21 days left before our LDR :( lets treasure them..

I'll try my best to update again soon!

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