Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Top Beauty Brands and Product of 2016 - every girl should read.

(the very first highlighter before my highlight craze)

Since I'm too lazy to do a new year resolution for the year 2017 like on every other blog, I shall do a compilation of the Top Makeup Brands & Products which I've been loving (or not) for the year 2016. Pretty sure I spent most of my money on makeup products recently... 
Its my latest incurable addiction.....

As you guys know, liquid lippies for the year 2016 were the 'it' makeup product. 
People like me could have endless similar shades bought from a few different makeup brands and it all starts with Colourpop. 
They have a huge variety of colours, and their price? $6 USD for one product? SOLD. 
Its easy on my wallet & it feels better on my heart too whenever I want to try a daring dark (non-red nor pink) kind of lipstick shade.
I wouldn't spend more on a colour I know which might not suit me. 
Thus colourpop products are great, especially for beginners.
Some, I repeat, SOME (like 1/10) of the colourpop products I got throughout 2016.
- Ultra Matte Lip 
(Great range of colours, formula abit drying, will hardly reach for it after you've tried better liquid lipstick formulas)
- Ultra Satin Lip 
(Satin finish, slightlyyy more moisturizing compared to ultra matte lip)
- Colourpop x Jennim Collab 
(The oranges were slightly too bright for me, but I love their creativity towards endless collabs & concepts)
- Lippie Stix
(Wide range of colours as well, but haven't touched much balm lipsticks this year since liquid lipsticks dominated my mind LOL)
- Ultra Metallic Lip
(love love love this, for the price you pay, I find their formula and colours to be not too shabby for a metallic liquid lip, I had a kylie metallic (x3 the price) which sucked imo, lol cause the formula was so similar to colourpop (and had so little product in it?!) so I rather get the metallics from CP?!)
- Creme Gel Pencil
(love the creamy and smooth application & formula, breaks easily but just be careful with it, sooo good to line your under eyes)
- Eye Shadow & Pigmented
(affordable sized pans & the formula of their eyeshadows were really pigmented and great, no complains!)

Colourpop now ships FREE internationally with only a spending of 50 USD. How great is that. I got most of my stuff way before it happened :(

Wearing Ultra Matte Lip - Kapow shade.

If you guys know me personally, you'd know that I'm a lazy girl who spends effort at times to apply makeup, but my skincare routine is a fail. 
I rarely mask my face & only use the basic facial wash & moisturizer after bathing.
I wouldn't say my complexion is bad because I'm blessed with super tiny pores, I went for facial once in my life (the last too) and my pores were so tiny even the steamer couldn't expand them enough to extract out all the tinnny ''blackheads'' I have on my nose.

Thus I lost faith in most masks, korean, taiwan, japanese. Whatever.
I only wanted a mask which could help me brighten and extract the dirt in my pores.

It was when I got introduced to Glamglow mud masks
A hollywood, california brand mask which SO many american/english youtubers were raving about it and I convinced myself to get a first bottle of their Supermud (for clearing) in Bangkok's DFS because they usually retail at a super steep price of 99 SGD in a little flask, and the DFS in Bangkok sold it for way cheaper.

And omg, the Supermud (white packaging) REALLY WORKED?! I can see that the stubborn dirt on my nose were lessened after one use 
(btw that mask is quite strong & it burns sometimes because its a mask that you can just apply at some problem spots like acne to clear) 
And when it dries down completely you can see the mud actually absorbs out the sebum from your pores etc.

Thus, I went crazy and got the whole Glamglow - Box Of Sexy during Sephora's 20% off black friday sales.

Super worth it?!
The set contains:
(said what it does before, so far my fav but quite strong so don't overuse it)
(Their very first 10 min mud mask)
(Super pretty & innovative Peel Off Mud treatment so many youtubers were crazy over that leaves skin feeling firm, cause damn chio you apply and its like metallic shiny looking!!)
(for skin hydration and norishment)
(scrubbing mask treatment to brighten skin - HOPE THIS WORKS)
(Deep cleanse, but slightly more gentle compare to supermud)
(lip hydrating treatment)
(lip exoliating treament)
 (Create instantly noticeable fuller Lips)
(instantly gives lips a plumped appearance while it primes lips before matte lip application)
(good spatula & brush to apply all your glamglow masks)

Cant wait to try out all their mask on my face this year. Some mask might not be as great as the few which were the most raved but I hope they will all work tgt to make my skin even more flawless~
Seems like I have an endless supply this year!
Btw this box were sponsored from my dear dad, cause I let my parents tried these and they think the masks were effective too! hahaha

Yeah yeah, a brand this year which needs no introduction. 
Started out with two kylie lipkits in shade - Posie K & 22 before going for my 3rd, 4th, 5th...
You name it, I have it lol.

She's always coming out with limited edition products like her Gold infused Birthday Collection which burns my wallet, but I know I have to get my hands on it.

My opinions on some of her product:
- Matte Lip Kits
(contains a liquid lippie & a lip liner, the formula is great, lip liner is excellent, rumors that she & colourpop have the same formula is untrue, her lippies formula are way better, haha value for the money)
- Metals
(its a nah for me)
- Glosses
(I love, especially her coloured glosses, super pigmented, not translucent which I adore!!)
- Kyliner
(ugh.. expensive & sucks, personal opinion, brush is like neh & the gel product really doesn't glide on smoothly on the eyes, it just crumbles.... but the pencil liner in this is set good la)
- Creme Shadows
(Love her formula!! Really creamy & great, esp her birthday collection the colours she came out with were so beautiful!!)
- Mini Matte Set
(Preferred the colour combination from her Birthday collection obviously, good for trying out a variety of her matte lipkit shades if you don't want the full size)

Not forgetting her recent Holiday collection which brought another bomb in my wallet.

She's really creative with her packaging. Diamond powder infused? Christmas tree ornaments? Love her super pigmented Naughty Gloss!!

First & probably the last Kyshadow Palette (kylie eyeshadow palette) which I'm going to own...
Heard bad reviews on her initial bronze palette, then her burgundy palette which were better received (so I thought she improved on her eyeshadow formula)

I presumed her third eyeshadow palette would not be so bad.
She added a mirror, which made the whole packaging seem more classy.
But the formula and pigment of her holiday kyshadows were terrible!!!!
Not pigmented at all & the colours barely show....
Super disappointed despite the beautiful packaging. Its a no for me.

Did a few looks using the palette, check out & follow me on my Dayre
as I'm always swatching & reviewing the new products I get there - like this kyshadow palette, and the colour payoff on my eyes were just terrible. Haha.
Just looks like a smokey eye look using unknown colours.
Limecrime Matte Velvetines on my Lips - Dolly shade. 

And the eyeshadow brand of the year has to go to ... MAKEUPGEEK!!!!
Spent a bomb on its shipping & the package were further taxed by Singapore's custom being 400 SGD and above :( 
- something you guys should take note of & consider before shipping online items over.
But I guess its all worth it!!!

wow wow wow!!!
Not all are mine (cause shared with friends) but most are mine LOL. 

Love the fact that MUG swatches their eyeshadows beautifully on their site & you get to customize your very own eyeshadow palette by purchasing an empty palette and any eyeshadow shades you want!!!! 
(Which explains the mess below)

This is my very very very first (own) eyeshadow palette I created after watching 1000 youtube reviews & swatches hahahaha.
Got their Travel Vault Palette (fits 9 eyeshadow pans/ 8 eyeshadows + 1 big contour/blush pan)
 which comes with a mirror and these palettes all comes with a magnetic base which explains how the eyeshadow metal pans can be "sticked" & easily taken out.

MUG eyeshadows & pigments are hands down the best eyeshadows I have ever owned & swatched.

Not speaking about their matte eyeshadows since mine were all foiled eyeshadows or their duochrome eyeshadows as I wanted to create a colourful palette instead coming out with a similar matching eye shadow palette which can be grabbed from any other makeup brands.

Anyway, all their makeup products I've tried so far is great. You get every cent out of the money you are paying. 
Love their Contour Pans, Eyeshadow Pigments, newer Face Highlighters.
I guess I'll try their newest matte liquid lippies soon!

This is my Highlighter Bundle (porcelain) set I own. 
Got this because it included 2 of their duochrome highlighters which I was more interested in despite being not porcelain skin tone LOL. I'm not even fair, I'm medium HAHAHA

In Celestial (duochrome highlighter)

In Moon Phase (duochrome highlighter) 
featuring my chio duochrome nails done by my fav nail boutique TwentynailsSG.

Btw, wearing Kylie's lipkit in Spice in the previous photo too & Makeupgeek shadows on my eyelids for this purplish demonic (hahaha) look!

Another familiar celebrity brand which I feel is worth the hype, also in 2016 which I started following and watching Jeffree Star's youtube channel.
 (I like him!! He's inspiring & his videos are entertaining for a gay dude - not trying to be rude)

Some of the makeup I own from his brand includes:
- Velour Liquid Lipsticks
(bomb formula, bomb creative range of colours, I always get caught between buying his/kylie's lippies HAHA)
- Velour Lip Scrub
(got his mojito flavoured lip scrub being an alcoholic eugenia, really edible but I only used once, then abit lazy to use hahaha rather eat all the sugar than use it to exfoliate my lips LOL)
- Skin Frost Highlighter
(his packaging is another bombidity bomb one, HOT PINK, his lighter pan is so huge, the colour payoff is super pigmented & pretty, one of his signature products, but people who prefer more subtle highlight might not like it)
- Lip Ammunition
(quite disappointed, maybe cause I chose the wrong shades but I barely touched mine, the formula is that of the usual cream lipstick)

Btw I always get my Jeffree Star & some of my overseas makeup brand items from Beautylish - no company can win their efficiency in shipping & its a super reasonable 75 USD and above to hit free SUPER FAST I repeat, shipping.

At number 6, I hopped on the late bandwagon on getting a BB Cushion Compact. 
So far I have no issues using Laneige's BB Cushion Whitening duo, really very compact and user friendly. 
Smells nice & does its job haha cause I have no blemishes on my face to hide, just helps to even out my skin tone? 
HAHAHAHAHAHA sound too proud of myself LOL.
Not an expert on skin base yet so thats it for this product review~

But all the items I own from them is purchased via shipment couriers cause if you are buying alot of their makeup products, its more worth it to wait longer & ship over from their direct website in US. Cause the price difference is really alot. 
Can be like 5-9 SGD or more in price difference for each product like lipstick? as its cheaper in the US and even if you get from their boutique in Bangkok.

Since their products were quite affordable, I got their NYX Liquid Suede Vault set to play with crazy lipstick colours & their Vivid Bright Liquid Eyeliners & Face glitter + Glitter primer.
- NYX Liquid Suede
(the smell of the product is quite unbearable at times LOL, comes off too easily... shouldn't wear it if you're going on a dinner date)
- Vivid Bright Liquid Liners
(so nice and fun to play with, will see me using them alot in my upcoming hokkaido post)
- Glitter Primer
(really good, the glitters I used stays on long time)

In NYX Liquid Suede Stone Fox shade for a wedding (LOL bad choice) and check out the beautiful NYX Glitters on ma eyes.

Another underrated eyeshadow palette I have to mention! 
This makeup palette I got from Juvia's Place - makeup brand opened by a inspiring black woman creating products/palettes to suit black skin tone in the makeup industry. 
Which explains why their product is really quite pigmented plus considering the HUGE size of their pans & the price you pay. 

This has got to be one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes this year & its super value for money?!
I got this Juvia Place Masquerade Palette for around 45 SGD from a Singapore reseller.
(LOL whut right its damn huge leh so affordable?!)
I wonder why isn't this hyped up yet, but its good for me also, don't have to fight to buy their stuff hahaha.

I had the hardest time choosing between the three palettes they currently carry before settling down for their Masquerade Palette
Look at how pigmented and interesting JP's eye shadow palettes are?!

Some swatches on black skin tone, of the palette. Imagine how many endless looks you can create with this!!!
Image taken from : credits

I did a Burgundy eye look for christmas using the Masquerade palette.
Jeffree Star Gemini on my lips & topped my bottom eye with NYX Glitters.

Nearing to the end of my beauty haul, its makeup brushes from Zoeva!
Found & fell in love with makeup brushes this year and

 Brushes really makes a world of a difference applying and blending eyeshadows on your eyelids to create the perfect eyeshadow look!!!

Eyeshadow look using the Zoeva brushes which beautifully created this look with Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette. 
Jeffree Star Skin Frost Highlighter in King Tut (this shade works well like a bronzer for me)
Limecrime Matte Velvetines in Cindy on my lips.

Last but not least, another superb liquid lipstick brand I have to mention from the year 2016, is from Limecrime. 
Their Matte Velvetines holds the smoothest application and formula I've own among my sea of liquid lippies.
Metal lippes - Metallic Velvetines from Limecrime wins the best formula of metallic liquid lips I've tried this year. 

The packaging & concept of their newest product - Diamond Crushers just blows my mind.
Its a lip topper which you can wear over bare or liquid lips which tops your lips with light reflective and iridescent shimmers.

These are the awesome compilation of the beauty products I adore and got in the year 2016, hope you guys loved my honest review & post as I paid for every single product from my own pocket.


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