Monday, January 23, 2017

Transition into 2017, What I've been up to~

A more personal entry to summarize what I've been up to the end of 2016, before accepting what 2017 will bring since I have:
1. Officially completed my degree
2. Have no idea why I even took a degree...
3. Just secured my dream job in one try haha
(still feel super thankful, blessed)

Time to embrace adult hood, accept this new phase in life & start making plans (save money, hopefully) for my future goals and filter out the poisonous, superficial people in life. 
When you age, you'll start to realise which friends are worth the effort and some friendships just becomes toxic lessons & disappointments...

In 2016
- I invested some of my savings in an online venture which was short-termed but I'm pretty sure I've gain knowledge & experience through it. 
Deep down, I do know now who are my real friends through the ups & downs.
- Managed to get used to & survived through LDR (long distance r/s)
- Went to Australia like 100 times, Bangkok (once, no money hahaha) and Japan 
(Hokkaido, which I've yet to start my blogpost on before I get BUSY)

So what I want in 2017 is simple:
- Manage my relationships well
- Hopefully adapt well and continue the passion I have in my new job
- Complete more of my traveling checklist & stay happy!!!
- Last but not least, my loved ones be happy & healthy too 
(& hopefully start giving my parents & grandparents money soon & save $$ in the same time if its possible hahaha)

Alright enough talk & lets picture dive into what I've been doing in the last few months of 2016.

Birthday celebrations for my besties (many of us year-end babies)

Christmas season & dinner at Harry's bar before visiting Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland a week before Christmas.
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More on Christmas Wonderland on my dayre:

The fake soap snow was incomparable to Hokkaido's...

Btw William's back in SG doing internship for almost 3 months as its summer break in Australia. 
Thus more of him in mypost and he will be able to spend CNY & Valentines day with me this 2017 year still hoho :D

Swear I laughed at William's hair fungus looking hair till I almost had six packs.

Didn't even look at my own reflection in the mirror before laughing at others LOL

Christmas Eve delicious turkey dinner spent with bf's family. 
First time I didn't spend with my clique since most was abroad this year & kinda felt festive for once not heading to clubs #old&maturedalr HAHAHA
More of the updates here:

Look at how huge the champange bottle is. 
I got abit wonky after two glasses of champagne only lol weakNIA is back..

bird nest was so good it deserves a picture of its own

thanks for having me over~

one pic acting glam

and another with the christmas hats hahaha

Indeed its the season of feasting.. Italian buffet brunch at Shangrila on Christmas week.. free flow gelato.

The Waterfall Ristorante Italiano
22 Orange Grove Road, Level One, Garden Wing
Singapore 258350

Some events, hairstyling event at Play by Tuft, thanks shan for accompanying this time round :)

More media & food tastings.

Fine dining 7-course concept, vegetarian & new dishes at Sufood, Taiwan's no. 1 Vegetarian Chain.

Zhiyan's 22nd surprise, twin is a dec baby like me ~

Christmas Nails done at twentynailsSG
Prolly the last set of gelish nails I can do for the next few years..

Hana Japanese Restaurant
583 Orchard Rd, 01-17 Forum, Singapore 238884

Tried the ig-famous "flying" somen noodles at Hana.

The tacos were the best among all the dishes. I wouldn't criticize their food like the people on their IG feed la, because you eat soba anywhere will also taste like this what?? Just soba tasting lo LOL 
Its just cause everyone has super high expectations of their food cause its "flying"

Grain Traders
138 Market Street, #01-01/02/03 CapitaGreen
Singapore 048946

Tried the yummy, slightly pricey western concept "cai fan" located in the CBD area with my bf during his lunch break.

better not come after 12 pm esp on weekdays... The lunch crowd can drive you nuts. 
We reached around 11.40 am and took quite long to get seats.

I preferred their customized signature bowl and we ordered the Soba Noodles - Mr Pirom one which comes with a super delicious seared tuna. 
I preferred it over the bowl which I customized myself - called it - Pinky bowl HAHAHAH. 
Bf thinks the food here normal only but I quite like the concept leh! And quite tasty. But I think next time I either improve on customizing my own bowl or just choose their Signature bowl!

 Bill was around 43 SGD for these + 2 drinks~

Wedding season too, had like 4 weddings to attend... 
With my gothic looking lips obsession which my relatives obviously do not know how to appreciate LOL
"ah girl why you look like dk what jing"

love this satin floral romper I got from my bkk trip!

me and ma parents ^^

active on my ig (@pinkyniakoh) & snapchat (@eugeniakoh)

New year countdown & 17th month anni~

My face like this cause bf lost his wallet while holding the preddi flowers he got for me while waiting for me in town :( feel so guilty..

Lin林 Rooftop Bar
50 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168733

Quite a nice place william chose to chill at avoiding all of the crowds at Marina Bay area for countdown.

Archipelago drafts at $6 SGD each for half pint during happy hour.

Salted Egg Calamari ($13.80)
Not v nice in my opinion hahaha

Other food we ordered
Har Cheong Wings ($11.80)
Chorizo Prawn Pasta ($15.80)
Rusty Dusty Chick ($17.80)
Overall I wouldn't say that their food is very impressive, but I liked the vibes here, ambience & concept of the rooftop bar with acceptable customer service. If I had to choose one dish I liked the most it would be the black looking (cause its seasoned & grilled quite uniquely) rusty dusty chick with yummy sautéed carrots and potatoes. 
I guess I wouldn't mind coming back here to chill :)
William's uni friends came to find us before midnight and they too said that the place vibes and all is not bad hahaha.

Tsingtao Bucket of 5 ($38.00)
dk if its cheap cos china beers are diluted or what but we didn't feel drunk at all la hahaha

thanks wills for the enjoyable night and thinking to even get flowers for me for the simple occasion makes me happy hehe :)

Caught many movies in December and two of them were caught with my parents and I happened to stumble over this North side "Nakhon" tze char place on google which served super affordable thai style food after our movie session~

Taste of Thailand
701A Yishun Ave 5, Singapore 761701

See rly quite cheap right the food and look at the variety!

The queue and crowd got cray after awhile haha this place should be really popular among North-side residents!

over-ordered cause we ordered like medium size for all and the portions were rly quite huge ahahaha

Another tasting and the first Yusheng I had was at Street 50 Restaurant and bar.
Do check their Chinese New Year menu as most dishes I had that night was really quite enjoyable which I would recommend! 
Like lobster meat + Yusheng + Bird nest jelly?! Even their simple yusheng is a bomb & creative combo!

okeh this summarizes my short update. 
Shall end off abruptly for now with a bare faced selfie of myself ^.^
cant wait for the next few monthsssss 
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