Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teoheng Karaoke + Geylang + Ippudo

Eyes like slits now, going to try to blog in my top speed before heading to bed. Hehe im so hardworking! Brief summary of my second week of holidays and i can infer from the photos i've uploaded, mostly food food and more food. No wonder i gained 3kg. Shall wait for my friend to be back abroad and i'll try my diet all over again. Like i'll try and try and try until i succeeed!

Angsty tweets on my twitter timeline, all i can say is you better dont mess with me any further. But i wont stoop to your level just yet. Spend so much effort to hate on someone on what sake? hehe making urself miserable, i pity you. I mean like i affect you to the extend you will want to tweet to make me feel miserable and none of my tweets are even referring to you. Grow up please. I bet you are so happy that i dedicated this portion of my blogpost for you THUMBS UP. Just because ur words are meaner your actions are harsher, dont mean you got the upper hand. 

Anw, I just turned legal but to be honest, I am not saying that i am bored of clubbing, i just go to clubs for the sake of going, showing my face there every week. But at times i think i should stop going because i will upload photos, and some people might think that i lead an inapporiate/unhealthy lifestyle. 

Haha im sure my relatives would tease me during the coming CNY which sucks. But i agree on the point of it being unhealthy, since my skin complexion is getting from bad to worse. But main reason of clubbing if you ask me? I like to make new friends and socialize. May seem so practical, but trust me, all my thoughts and relationships are how I genuinely feel. 

Pictures time!

makeupless monday

tried wearing green geek specs to match my outfit

crystal jade with my mom. love the congee as usual.


love for bringals


night teoheng karaoke session with the clique. My singing deproved!

nico our helpful driver singing ^^


wahaha im a pro singer. and regina

super cravings. heheh i love original rochor beancurd again! hehe i couldnt decide if i wanted salty or sweet to accompany my beancurd so i got both youtiao and butterfly fritter. #pig

some damn nice beef horfun at geylang which i shared with tricia who came and find us after for supper after her prom :P

Big feast of wendys on tuesday

On wednesday, i went for the natural no eyeliner minimal makeup look.

taken with camera.

project in school for awhile hehe thankful for regina~ find me slack.

Town after, fareast! hehe i love buying fareast snacks and they had those pasar malam-ish booths for a period of time, and on wed i went was the last day for this period!

love this 

ehe super nice

rushed home and prepared for ladies night at zouk!

my makeup


finally after eons, eunice~


plus gervina!




with myfan!

and jeremy!


valerie hehe

hahah high alr

somehow the girl group photo with an extra jer

fav zouk girls! :P

hehe eunice vail chloe regina


hehe finally a appropriate shot with eunice

me regina and valerie hugs*

i like this photo too ^^



Thurs went school for project. hate it hate it hate... 

Went avalon madthrills on friday too, it was fun! the music and crowd was good!!! but didnt really make the best out of it.

New iphone stickers hehe choose pink panther cause tricia and weishan say look like my drunk expression LOL

they didnt want to eat steamboat with me, so had normal fishball noodles for supper with wenmin, weishan and tricia. Used to love the noodles there but i think now i prefer this stall at clarkequay!!!

tried honeymoon dessert. newly opened outlet. crowd was there. but it wasnt that up to expectations!

i think the best out of these three is those balls upstairs haha durian flavored over the mango ones!

sunday went BAS (basketball association??) LOL anyhow bomb the place name. To watch prestige vs siglap finals! used to go there and support my secondary school friends long time back!

went for the natural look as well

OOTD hahaha my stupid idea to ask them to wear the same thing, felt so stupid and embarrassed the whole day hahaha MINE'S PINK cause im PNK. hehe @pinkyniakoh

tricia is yellow!

weishan is green! hahaha 

thankful for my supportive friends who always agree to my pleads to take photos etccccc :p love!

OH and we bought the famous damn nice korean milky melona ice cream We all wanted the melon flavor but i was like "EH EAT ACCORDING TO OUR COLORS LEHHH" hahaha and tadah they agreed wheeeeee

tricia's mango^^


HEHEHE so cute tgt right like powerpuff girls

hahaha unglam but I THINK WE LOOK CUTE

and this poor gingerbread man was one of my breakfast today ahhaa

heheh nice

and supposed to go this place to eat damn nice food and take damn nice pics since the scenery there is nice. but its closed on mondays! so you guys can find out next time.

my ootd!

watched hotel transylvania at cine, quite a cute show.

and had Ippudo for dinner!! The queue was quite long despite it being 8pm. 

near somerset MRT station, mandarin gallery, level 4. eek look at how long we queued.

enjia samuel and zhiyan hehe FOOD PORN CLUB

asher came to find us!

okay this photos taken from zhiyan's cam. hehe we two east side twin chicks step pro 'bloggers'

HAHA spamming cos waited really quite long

photos from my camera below~

sam and his craze over feathers and beads. guess how much =,=? few hundred if not wrong lOL

blurred pandoras

waiting area inside and the kitchen

not very big but nice ambiance i guess?

finally settled down.

you can choose the texture of ur ramen, SOFT MEDIUM OR HARD. we all choose hard since the waiter recommended us.

looking at the menu, hahaha their food ITS NOT CHEAP. specialized in ramen, but i saw some chef recommendation i would go back and try some other time.

 but all zhiyan, asher, samuel and enjia say its worth it. hahaha they say not bad quite nice. I think its okay cause i think i probably ate too much the whole day so i wasnt that hungry. HAHA

we look swag but orange. annoying oranges~


Camwhoring in action.. 

LOL sam playing around with my cam. make the water look so delicious haha

chef recommendation ippudo salad. hahah the greens were very fresh!

some original pork ramen second section! with flavors~

seasonal chef recommendation ramen. right now is spicy chicken! hehe nice.


me pouring the sauceeee

think the photos not in order LOL still looking at menus HUH

hehe from zhiyan's cammie feat eugenia

total priceee. tamago is the price of 3 eggs LOL

why we took slightly longer time in the toilet haha

ICECREAM FOR SUPPER HEHE i loveeeeeeeee PISTACHIOOOO hehe going to go back to gelateria for more!! and zhiyan's fav strawberry cheesecake which is sex in the mouth as well.

hehe her ootd~ ^^

my act feminine seated ootd

LOL sam mimicking. 

collage made today by me #estc hhehe love you


xoxo eugeniania

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