Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Resort World Sentosa Marine Life Park S.E.A . Aquarium

Decided to blog about one of the newest attractions we have in Singapore right now at Resort World Sentosa. The Marine Life Park. There is two parks in total which one is the S.E.A. Aquarium (the one i am going to talk about today) and the other is the Adventure Cove. Adult prices of each one day admission for the two parks are 29 SDG each respectively.

The difference between the two areas is that the S.E.A. Aquarium which i went is air-conditioned and indoors, similar to the underwater world. And i guess the adventure cove is something more like wildwild wet. A water park where you'll get wet and need to wear your swimming costumes instead of normal home clothes and there would be those slides and water rides kind i presume. 

As it was raining that day. We went the S.E.A. Aquarium instead. It was okay, i mean if you like marine animals like i do! see see the fishes! :)  But i think the adventure cove would be more fun, so i think i'll go there with my clique the next time as i'll probably look unglam as i would probably be splashed with water all the time. Minimal makeup and messed up hair. hard to take pictures unless your camera is waterproof.

okay im getting out of topic so. Lets go! S.E.A. Aquarium.
Went in around 2 pm so i presume you need not the whole day to view the oceanarium, and had student prices so our tickets were priced at 20 SDG instead.

walking to the marine life park section. Next door to Universal studios.

The enterence and ticket counters of the S.E.A.

Loads of ticket. As we also purchased some typhoon theatre tickets priced at 6 bucks. Knew beforehand was some animated effect show. Will get a little wet kind!

the crowd was manageable.

upon entering, there is also like a museum kind of exhibit about zheng he (this guy in history from china who road the seven seas or smth HAHA (?) )

our tickets also included the museum walk which we didnt really bother to see. LOL. teenagers..

Group photo with the camel! Andrew, Jikun, Jon, Ritz, Tricia, and me

okay finally gging into the oceanarium

the queue was quite fast la.

with tricia while queuing~

start of our visit. hahah some abandoned sinking ship statue. Linked to the typhoon show we gonna watch later.

overhead tunnel similar to underwater world's hahaha i used to be so amazed and scared of this when i was a kid. what if it broke halfway?!

a part where there is fishes below ur feet too~

then there are many many tanks of different species of fishes and marine animals with those boards with explanations.

some sword fish LOL i forget the name hahaha they swim weirdly, hang downwards.

one of the tanks the divers were cleaning LOL i wanna work here~

ooh okay its called razorfish LOL

hheeh seahorses. I only took afew, if u want see all the species, you can go there and see yourselves hahaha

i love stingrays. LOL. I like to watch and eat them LOL

I like this tank! in real you can see the fishes inside like rainbow fishes, their scales reflect the light. very pretty.

shall just let the pictures do the talking

went to this interaction area where you can touch the starfish etc hahaha. I think the guys were very bored they only enjoyed at this area LOL

pesky hands~

hehe im holding a starfish HAHAHA feels quirky

TRICIA IS A SCARDEY CAT. HAHA shes gonna kill me. but she only dare hold it for one second LOL

Jon keep touching the crab LOL -.-

hahahah very giantic fish which is not moving. Dammnit we paid money to watch it sleep.
hahaha and then i said it was sleeping. Jon was like its eyes still open what!!! omg. 
fishes dont sleep with their eyes closed.

guy group shot

I love these shots taken with the pretty aquarium backgrounds. But it would be nicer if you could see our faces. But at first i thought flashlight would reflect from the tank hahaha

jon jikun ritz and andrew!

show off their muscles~

fav pic hehe :*

whose the biggest? LOL

ritz and trishy!

group photo~


pretty swarm of fishes

here then we realised flash works as well LOL

My ootd with the swam hehe



big crabs hahah at the cold sea creatures section

very cute LOL 

pretty jellyfishes

so angelic~

extremely big tank. can see damn big diff species of stingray. Look like pokemon hahaha!

this one is the biggest. i zoomed in!

like same size as the divers!

hahaha i think they havent finish putting more animals? i heard a very big and expensive fish died on the way to singapore :(

sharks my favvv

can be bigger..

had dinner right outside the exit area. Hahah but the queue is decieving.

some zheng he fried rice chef recommendation. Not that nice. But appearance wise okay i guess

i think the chicken chop is the most worth value for money one alr. 9.90 cheapest compared to the fried rice and pasta all 15+

greedy fork

outside the typhoon theatre

i was like wth we paid to watch this?

ohhh so theres another show LOL

hahaha animated and like got alot of wind and precipitation kind lor. not that worth it but i guess is the experience la hahaha

So overall i think it was okay only. Didnt leave up to my expectation like USS. I think you all see my pictures also can LOL hahaha. but oh well~


i look unglam!

cheeky faces LOL

say cheese

LOL i think we look better without shades unlike the guys LOL

swag checked! hahaha

photos from my iphonee


this is what happens when you ask them to take a photo for us

unprepared LOL

JON ask me to post this cause his muscles looks big LOL

end of with this pic of me
HAHAH playing outside dramtically waiting for the typhoon show to start.

any question formspring me!

hope you enjoyed this post.
xoxo eugeniania :)


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