Saturday, December 8, 2012

My 18th in the midst of my exam week

Partied at avalon last night, and going to party again later + stayover at Swisshotel with the clique, 
so a short and quick update ^^

Last weekend photos taken with twin while trying to 'study' at bugis national libary.

found it quite conducive  like for the first time in my life, finally able to find this place which will shut my gap for good and concentrate slightly better.

dinner with her on satuday~ at M.O.F minstry of food?

their menus in the restuarant include japanese cuisine and lenas. some kind of french western cuisine? hehe alot of nice dessert menus too :)

we wanted to try this but hahaha shall leave it to some other day!!! cos we obviously will not be able to finish that.

zhiyan tay ~


chef's recommendation

lenas ham and mushroom pizza! ^^

hehe i love the mochi, and jap icecream.


spot my panda necklace

simple snack at han's hehe their apple crumble is nice!

after studying with JJ, Sam and yan, went for dinner at Kazokutei

sam and zhiyan LOL

some jap curry chicken cutlet rice

this was not bad. haha tomato omu rice. with tofu steak or smth. hahaha the  mushroom onion soup is nice ^

chanwanmushi :D

dessert at bugis lane! hehe love the durian snow ice and glutinous rice balls ^^

went home quite late despite having my first accounting test the next day and was still camwhoring HAHAHAHAHA


hehe i think my accounting paper was easier than expected!

This year i think the most thoughtful friend award goes to wenmin hehe she still met me aft my accounting paper to celebrate and pass me my prezzie. Because my exams were on monday and wednesday. and my birthday was on tuesday :(
wanted to go eat super good food then thought a big round, in the end ate pizzahut. what a bad choice hahaha. so long since i did this kind of one to one date with her already!~
waited damn long for the food and it was a super rainy cold day.

the card she made me ^^

so sweet hehe

eons since i ate pizza hut's beef lasagna. was damn full because we waited damn long for our orders! then my stomach was already filled with fries.

makeupless and my chanel prezzie from wenmin

thankyou! i love u hehe

was at nex so we slacked, snacked while waiting for the rest!

my fav baskin robbins somehow their icecream melts least easily! hahaha we had a free scoop of icecream cos the manager asked for a photo with the icecream. LOL. hehe love the cotton candy flavor. my fav rainbow sherbet was OOS tho :(

dinner at Nex MOF again :O their food really nice and wide variettyy~

last min present from tessa and regina haha

first time trying creme brulee. super love it!! will go back for more ^^

how i look with my coco chanel red lipstick? 

or dior shiny nude?

My big day. Ugh :( always blog and have so nice photos of my friend's birthdays but mine was so simple and lameeeeee hahahaha

couldnt concentrate at all for the next day's paper.

LOL super ugly, hair and home clothes without makeup and contacts. but still appreciate all of them to come my house~

present from tricia and weishan!

handmade with love from weishan since last year LOL

 i would like to thank my parents too~ hehe my mom bought two cakes cause she was scared there was not enough. Only blew one cake tho, cos seems unlucky to cut two cakes during a birthday(?)

one of my fav brand of cakes from The patissier
visit their site @

earl grey flavored chocolate with almond sponger and light butter cream
500 g @ 42.80 SGD

not forgeting this cake that i must eat during my birthday each year from when i was young. DAMNNNN AWESOME fav cake ever !!

Passion Fruit Meringue (their signature cake)
meringue sponge cake filled with fruits
1kg @ 85.60 SGD

i super love it omggggggggggggggggggg regina loves it too. ahaha first time see regina go crazy over food

some of the food of the day homemade delicious fried chicken wings

my dad bought 6 crabs for us from this quite famous stall in singapore 
hehe for their black pepper crab

chilli crab yumm~

thanks dad n mom !!!

not forgetting a group photo cause i was complaining about my pathetic birthday LOL

aft that slacked around playing majiong and did a lame boyfriend tag vid hahaha lucky my paper was in the afternoon the next day!

even though it was nothing much i would still like to thank everyone who wished me through phone, or what and those who typed damn long messages to me hehe :)
i will remember it hehe and those who didnt .. good luck to u

signing off with a photo of a giant big bao and siewmais

xoxo eugeniania

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