Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beach Road Prawn Mee + Christmas + The Coastal Settlement + Zhiyan's 18th

How i spent my christmas eve! I went to eat at the famous Beach Road Prawn Mee eating house.
Located at 
370 East Coast Road.
Tel : 63457196

So many of my friends claimed it was so nice, I had to try it! BTW 
its closed on tuesdays and opens around 9am in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon only.
So please dont try to go there at night!

Bowls of warm awesome prawn noodles have to go with these on a rainy day! Quite well known for their ngoh-hiang.

Lime juice!

usually i would eat dry noodles, but its more recommended to eat the soup one here. And i have to say, it really exceeded my expectations. It is damn good! I would come back for more. 

as for the ngoh-hiang, i like the fish fillet the most ^^

The prawn is already peeled nicely for you, so you would not need to dirty your hands at all, and you can choose to replace the prawns with porkribs, or add more prawns, REAL NICE.
damn awesome :) i would go back soon to eat it again!

stopped by a branch of awfully chocolate connected to an eatery. And got a few slices of chocolate treats. They didnt have the stacked chocolate cake i wanted to try :(
 I think i like their icecream, its rather affordable, a pint of hei ice cream (single scoop) at 3.80 SDG. another chocolate icecream for me to add on to the list of chocolate icecreams i would eat.

Christmas celebration at tessa's house! I asked them to wear either red/ green and i realised i had both colors so i just wore it like that. HAHA only applicable during christmas.

simple eyeliner and red lipstick to match the theme

Had christmas dinner Pot luck style, each of us brought (hand-made?) I think it is quite an bad idea and i think i'll just stick to restaurants next year hahahaha

regina's FAILED broccoli and cheese, everyone was critisizing it, hahaha not a good idea to experiment something for the first time before a party..

wenmin fried stuff. seaweed chicken ^^

tricia baked some potato pie with carrots, chicken, and other ingredients inside. not bad~ hahaha she learnt from her brother's home economics!

I love louis's mushroom soup, he dice and blend all the mushrooms and onions, garlic etc together kind!

yummy prawns

cold ham from cold storage

nico bought sushi, and me? i opened canned lychees, sea coconut and pineapple. HAHAHA and added nata de coco!

weishan's mother cooks damn well, so i guess she inherited some of those genes

dirty fudge with one of the christmas headgears!

bouncy funny santa hat

spot the sweet couple wearing slytherin and gryfinddor harry potter tees.

outfit of the day photos with tessa, tricia and wenmin BECAUSE ONLY THEY FOLLOWED INSTRUCTIONS.

Unglam tricia hahahaa

had a short gambling session with the clique ( wenmin louis weishan gary regina tessa nico tricia ) +  nico's clique ( carlson + marcus + davis + edmund )
my luck is slowly improving..

christmas collageee

my solo blur ootd with the christmas tree


wore my topshop checkered top.
went for natural look again~

please bare with the short spammage of my face ^^

windy day :)

our swag OOTDs

in the cab to The Coastal Settlement! 

love my twin ^^

like the lighting of this photo! :)

shots from zhiyan's camera!

outing with FPC ( food porn club )

The guys's group photo: enjia, movin, sam!

The Coastal Settlement - a casual dining restaurant, cafe and bar, provides you the one of its kind village home-like environment, with a view of Mother Nature’s plantation of greens and a peek of the sea.

Location, near changi:
 200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529


Better to travel there by car, quite a hidden jem in the east but hard to locate despite it being a rather good place to chill and camwhore with all their antique stuffs,
but better make reservations if you would rather have your meal air- conditioned!
Because its quite near forest and greens, so there are more pesky mosquitoes if you sit outside.

i know because, we sat outside. hahaha have been an itchy evening

there a swing at the back yard too!

ordering food

the insides of the restaurant. There is a bar.

more antique stuffs & one of the tables.

christmas tree~

They have a rather wide range of their menu including stuff like pastas, pizza, salads, desserts, cocktails and drinks

for backyard birthday parties maybe?

lousy camera girl zhiyantay took the photo including my camera string HAHA

so magazine liked~

we look like a happy family ^^

shots from zhiyan's cam when im not looking at her camera!

me on the swing~ & with movin ^^

cod n chips ( their food is more pricey ) I think this was 30 plus? but it was a safe and yummy choice!

two of their most recommended pizza. I really love the one on the right. called waygu beef and mushroom pizza ( i think ) ITS DAMN NICE ^^

each pizza around 20 + SDG if im not wrong

seductive us

busy zhiyan

blur candid

sam and enjia

the beef on the pizza is damn good

best sembawang bros, enjia and movin!

group shot ^^

on da swing trying to ignore the mozzie bites ^^

enjia's new momotaro jeans

birthday girl and movin

me and enjia :) best poly classmateee HAHA

sam and zhiyan

Finally, the ESTC 

Shots with the antique cars

reading the rainbow letter i wrote for her
and unwrapping my present ^^

got home and changed and applied clubbing makeup ^^

with reginaaa
and drunkard tricia. HAHAHA we competed who can drink better and i won HAHA

all of the CBC that went, tessa had fever :(

with jorgine ^^

zijun brought back some famous suncakes and pineapple tarts from taiwan for us to eat which later contributed to people vomiting, eg tricia. HAHA bad idea to eat and drink!

eunice :)

chloe :)

kunliang made sure there was enough cups for everyone this time!

bdae girl and tricia!

me and jasmine ^^ hahaha awesome dance partner on the podium LOL

jasmine, me and zhiyan (whom was already very high at this point of time, was so afraid her cigeratte would burn me LOL)

gervina ^^

hahaha i honestly drank quite abit and felt like puking, but i was trying my best to maintain myself and takecare of my friends...

and u can see why i was worried. HAHAHAH tricia kor.

with samuel.

and some of the other ZKXSC


so many people was there that night!! this is one of the better small group photos.

had a rather fun night after that can still go eat supper at 126 dimsum aft club.

Zouk is one of the better clubs now already, went zirca last week and the crowd was too ahbeng and just simply not my style, zouk crowd is better. Think i'll go zouk tmr :p last few parties before school offically resumes :(

lastly, shall end off with the two burdens of the night


and my twin zhiyan who learnt well from me. hahaha 

xoxo eugeniania

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