Saturday, December 22, 2012

Seng Kee Meesua + Udders + 126 Geylang Dimsum

I always have no idea what title to put for my blog post so i always put dines as my title haha!!
 I swear my blog can just revamp into a food blog already, hahaha my diet is never going to work and i spend most of my allowance eating good food that burns a hole in my pocket. So broke now, hopefully i get the job i interviewed for :( :p

quoted on zhiyan's blog 

Wednesday: Supposed to head to Timbre, plan fail> Korean BBQ, plan fail> Kemb famous prawn mee, plan fail> so end up we went for some zai meesua at Kemb! LOL

My intro hehe smirks* Im a fail planner but a good food introducer okey. 

They open until 4am in the morning, perfect place for suppers. Is walk-able from Kembagan MRT
467 Changi Road  Singapore 419887

They have chinese dishes too but they are well-known for their meesua!

fav sour plum drink ^^

our meesua!

shit instagrammers do. LOL!

Dont worry if you dont like to eat those kidney, liver kind of food. 
You should be able to change all the toppings into chicken. Some of my friends didnt like to eat kidneys and livers it but it definitely did not affect the taste overall as the soup of the meesua is some nice black herbal chicken flavored soup.

aft that cabbed to udders at siglap. One of their biggest branches, to slack around. Ate like 3 scoops of icecream, most fattening but my favorite food ever. But i personally dont really like udders icecream, even though they are quite well known. But the shop is two storeys, next to a newly opened strictly pancakes.

Beggars night, all of us wore slippers. And i have absolutely no makeup on.

only eunice still bothered to dress up alittle hahaha

too unglam LOL

so shag compared to them.

very horrible group photo which we thought it would look nice but turns out quite bad.

still eating back home

Ytd went town for job interview with regina the pig. 

Natural look hehe

LOL has been long since i majorly spammed photos of myself on my blog right hehe. 
i dont know if i should grow my fringe out, or cut it short like last time. Or is this better?


got drenched badly by the rain. Gave regina my jacket for shelter. what a good friend I am right.

Went swensens for dinner and i so want to try this some other day
 HAHAHA only available at IONs swensens. 
it looks damn good la hehe i dont really like chocolate flavored icecream but swensen's sticky chewy chocolate flavor is the best ^^

btw, i have a habit of viewing people's instagram/blog all sorts and click on those food addresses and screenshot them telling myself i'll go here, there, everywhere~ to eat soon. HAHAHA 

black pepper seafood pasta

my face. LOL


eat fries also must camwhore hahaha

cause is deeeelicious ;)

and lastly their pepperoni pizza which was damn cheesy and good (sorry my pictures are not rotated properly)


fatty faces. With twin~

look of the night

went down LAVA to check that place out but decided that it was quite boring, maybe cause we were there too early and its just like new, so decided to go to zirca after chilling around with wilson and he gave us drinks. He is the best! Music was good with ohan spinning.

only acceptable group girl photo~

zhiyan, vail, eunice, me and adelyn~

with eunicecho :D

and adelyn :D

think i was a little high here already. LOL!

went to zirca, and i think i still prefer zouk :O regretted going zirca instead of zouk. But
saw quite a few familiar faces.

with gilda and vivien! hahaha after drinking this 85 % absinthe ( i thought it was flaming lambo cause some guy lit the cup and there was fire and i drank from the straw )
I think my alcohol tolerance is improving. HAHA

why my expression always like that. LOL

and i mean this face i always give HAHAHAHA

muacks for you

redred lips

with hidir and his friend!


HAHAHA no comments la. i look so lecherous.

But seriously ytd when we were outside zirca, i witnessed what is the true meaning of desperate. I hate sluts and like what zhiyan said. guy slut. Major turn off. 

After club, (which i think was the best part of the night) Went for supper at 126搵到 ^^
around geylang area. 

126 Sims Ave. Tel: 67464757

hahaha still alittle high so didnt care much about my image. LOL messy hair with twin.

One of the best places for supper. Affordable and awesome dimsum! Total bill around 53 SDG?

fav century egg congee

honey lemon and sourplum ^^

carrot cake, prawn fritters, beancurd skin. NICE

regina's fav but too bad she didnt come.

HEHE awesome custard buns

ooooh the custard so heavenly. 

i think this was the least nice one!

and their cheecheongfan is the best too. must have.

hargao. Okay i am salivating while blogging this. 

Saw a group of handsome taiwan group at the supper area. I think they are actors filming in singapore or smth :O

shall end off with a candid shot by eunice which proves that i wasnt that sober AND I AM GREEDY. LOL

xoxo eugeniania.

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