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Big Mama Korean + Jewel Cafe and Bar + Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar + Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Hi GAIS, I have sort of indirectly graduated already, since I finally handed up my super tedious reports on Monday and currently finishing up some modules at the airport for the past two days. And I am FINALLY done! Free as a bird. I should really find something more meaningful to do soon. And of course not forgetting all my dates lined in check with my friends. HAHA have been only meeting up certain people, so I finally have the free time to like meet up with my cousins or my other babies to chill around. So many things to update, its never ending!

This was probably the only day in the entire 3rd year of my poly life which I dressed up slightly for. In my opinion, I usually totally look damn unrecognizable when I go to school. Had school that day, then the dentist, then went to treat my dad a Birthday Meal for his birthday!

My dad and I ^^ haha!

Settled for this Korean Restaurant I've always wanted to try. Heard that this place serves one of the most authentic korean food as they are opened by koreans! Its at the tiong bahru area. They are quite known to be always full, so be sure to make a reservation before heading down!

Big Mama
2 Kim Tian Road
Tel: +65 6270 7704

Daily: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm (lunch)
5.30 pm - 11 pm (dinner)

Yup you can see all the chef recommended dished on the wall. & a very homely interior!

Authentic korean food? 
Makgeolli ($18) CHECKED. 
Its a kind of korean rice wine. forgot what's the percentage, but I don't really favor the heavy alcoholic taste.

Free and freeflow banchan
inclusive of my fav vermicelli (are you kidding me~) P.S I usually eat the kimchi + ikan bilis more.

They serve many kind of korean pancakes as well, and I opted for their kimchi seafood pancake. Really love how the sauce goes sooo well with the seafood pancake ^^ A must order!
Haemul Kimchi Jeon ($15)

Another must order. You rarely see this dish around korean restaurant in SG.
Suyuk (We had it in size; small) ($25)
Its like pork belly wrapped with ingredients. Can eat it in three different ways; 
1. with the two sauces (one sour, one spicy) + cucumber
2.  is with radish(pink) below + the meat + marinated beansprouts above.

The boss of the shop, supposedly known as 'big mama' was so kind to come to the table to explain the way of savoring this dish. (good and friendly service)

2nd way!

1st way!

Last but not least, the grilled spicy chicken! You can check out my instagram for the video I posted of the waitress frying this right in front of us. I love spicy chickens and this dish had loads of cabbages as well as my favorite korean rice cakes!
Dakgalbi ($30)

Paid an additional $3 for fried rice~

Bill came up to around 100 SDG! Be sure to go here for affordable and good authentic korean food!  

Another day I finally had a solo foodporn date with my twin, since she was feeling down. Brought her to this place, AND I CAN REALLY SAY AMONG ALL MY ADVENTURES (LOL) of food hunt places. This cafe really marks as my TOP 1, on my list right now!

standard ootd shots.

heading to the cafe~

photos from twin's cam, check out my 'sexy back'

Its located near farrer park MRT station and near little india too I guess.

Jewel Cafe + Bar
129 Rangoon Road
Tel: +65 6298 9216

Tues to Thurs: 9 am - 10 pm
Fri & Sat: 9 am - 12 am
Sun: 9 am - 10 pm
Closed on Mon

Its such a hidden gem! I liked it that the place was rather empty 
(maybe cause we were early and we came on a schooling weekday BUT YOU KNOW I REALLY HATE SQUEEZING WITH CROWDS, so i adore that!)
 I really love the interiors of this place as well, and the service was so good, the boss was like giving us all the good recommendations. :) My fav cafe ever! Food portions was KINDA BIG, or maybe cause we ordered quite abit for two pax (haha cos you are dining with yours truly...) But anyways, i'll definitely come back again!

Eugenia is very talkative when it comes to food.

haha candid zy snapped of me while I was like talking to the boss LOL

French Onion Soup ($12)
This was sooo good. One of the best soups I have had from restaurants. Even non-onion lovers will love it too. Even though I am an onion lover myself. The brim is capped with three kinds of cheese; Parmesan, Swiss and Gruyere. All melted cohesively to compliment the sweet broth below.

And can I add there were many soaked french bread below in the broth (which I spammed!!!) super generous and yumz.

Umami Prawn Capellini ($23)
Super good and it somehow tastes like a cross-bred of Italian pasta, dry jap ramen & singapore's hokkien mee, thin version. Doused in prawn stock and dressed with bonito flakes, seaweed and ebiko. This is a must order as well! The serving of the prawns were superb as well! 

OMG! Burger ($22)
Other than Omakase burgers, this should be my second favorite burger I'll rather order if not in a fast food outlet. THIS WAS SO GOOD. Layers of crispy bacon, luncheon meat, USDA beef patties, cheddar, caramelized onions and lettuces, and not forgetting the sunny-side up with its runny yolk, sealing the total deal. Way better than &Made's even though that place specializes in burgers... You can see how much effot and work the chef puts into every dish here at Jewel!

Added $2 for the fries to be upgraded to truffle fries, I guess I found my second favorite place to have truffle fries in SG. darn good as well despite the thick-cut. First is Au chocolat's.

Apple Crumble ($12)
The dessert. One of the best apple crumble I had and tasted. Its soooooo unique looking too. I actually finished up most of this myself cos I have a pretty severe sweet tooth problem. But I miss this so much, i'll come back here just for this dessert! MUST ORDER. Look at the crumbles below with apples topped with vanilla ice-cream *.*

Bill came up to 84 SGD.

Totally exploding faces aft our dinner.

Crazy wed night. Absinthe......

Andriel, me , twin, shiyun and shan!

Finally she's partying wimme again 

Did a funny "if we date" collage on twitter. hahaha we look so sweet tgt!

another crazy supper night where I ate at old airport road cos I attended a funeral around the area. Then had heavy cravings for this so went to kembagan's vicinity to have my meesuaaa *.* They renovated since the last time I was here!

Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup
467 Changi Road
Tel: +65 6746 4089

Daily: 5 pm - 4 am

coconut and plum juices.

Prolly the only time I'll eat kidneys. or livers? haha super nice soupy food for supper. The broth is so good and I love meesuas *.* My bowl was more ex cos I didnt order any chicken at all, all livers/kidneys!

First time trying their Fried meesua as well. actually I prefer this hahaha since I am more of a dry noodle kind of person. But most people come here to have their herbal chicken soup meesua

fattening avocado juice *.* so bloated hahahaha

On friday! V unglam pic of me.. hahaha dressed damn casually and not in my heels at all which will make me feel less confident. Like im so short HAHA

Cousin came down... 

with fabian and regina!

Trishy who had the time of her life that night. Disappeared and I had to bring her shoes back home for her tsk.

jess, throw face cousin, tricia and me LOL

And saturday.

Went for zouk member's party event. Kind of arcade themed this year.

then my girls met me after that.

BAD ANGLE so I dont bother smiling decently LOL

Guess who gave me a LV bracelet back that night hahahha

Throwback to a owed dinner treat I had at this place with keith!

Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar
Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: +65 6338 9969

Daily: 11 am - 11 pm

(PS took the three pics below from the net)

I guess some people come here to drink, which explains the idioms and images they used on the carved menu. The food menu has them too!

Truffle fries ($10) 
again since keith hasn't tried truffle fries before! Served with shaved Parmesan cheese to add in some depth!

Under the western category. Crabmeat Linguine ($23) Tomato based!

I had this interesting Vietnamese-inspired Cold Vermicelli with Crispy Chicken Leg ($15) They will serve this to you with a herb fish sauce drizzle.

The vermicelli wasn't the transparent kind, so technically its beehoon in my opinion. HAHA. but their chicken leg was really good.

Enjoy ur wednesday guys~

shall end off with a pic of my final individual report HAHA. Hope y'all enjoyed this update.

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