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Tea Garden + CNY 2014 + Singtel Event + Maki-San + Whampoa Drive Food Centre and Market

Sup guys! I am finally reviving my ultimately dead blog for going to be what, 3 weeks now? Was really busy with Chinese New Year and many visiting & gatherings thus for the late update. Suppose to start on my FYP reports soon but I am just too reluctant. 

Current mood: .........................

So I shall just start posting half of my overdued posts. Notice for once I didn't start my blogpost with a picture of my face I usually do, cause I seriously took too many photos of myself during the new year (haha sorryyyyyy I cant help it! Cause I actually bothered to dress up more frequently since is a festive occasion right!!) So just exit this browser if you don't wanna see my face later on. LOL

Anyways I also kind of Day-red about my CNY day 1 - 3 on dayre quite some time back. So if you want some more personal updates which I elaborate on more crap, follow me there! I actually have more videos I uploaded there cause I don't really wanna spam my instagram any further.. haha
Yup and this is for the link of the entry there:

Before CNY, I actually went to JB as usual, to do my nails for the occasion and settled my lunch here at the Tea Garden outlet located in KSL. Hygenic and offers vast varieties of  Local Malaysian & Chinese food. Very affordable!

Tea Garden Restaurant
LG 34 & 35
KSL City
33 Jalan Seladang
Taman Abad 80250
Johor Baru, Johor

Red Bean Paste Sesame Balls 
which were meh, nothing special compared to those you can find in Singapore.

Iced Lemongrass Tea with Jelly (left) abit tasteless 
Passion Fruit with Watermelon Juice (right) which was quite a unique combi since there were passion fruit bits below quite interesting hiak

Tofu Bakar with Dried Squid worth ordering!

Mee Siam standard dish but yummy!

Thai Style Chicken Chop with Fried Rice 
one of my fav mains there! The chicken was so crispy and good, fried rice were so fragrant!

Tea Garden Rojak 
MUST ORDER. HAHA totally different from rojak you can find in singapore, taste abit like gado-gado (if you know whats that) and loads of chewy stuff which was so yummyyy

Bill totaled up to around 54 RM. isnt that around 22 SGD? haha

Had to get some cinnamon sticks from auntie anne.

one of my fav fruits - jackfruit.

THE VERY PRETTY gelish nail design I did, red for CNY! Even customized my Initials "PNK" on my fourth finger ^^

Imma happy girl.

btw I lost my customized twin bangle I bought for me and twin at a club few days back, no wonder my mood feels so unlucky and bad mehhhh. One Last photo featuring the bangle to commemorate it's existence, which now has disappeared from my life. sobs

Simple supper later at

Whampoa Drive Food Centre and Market
Blk 90 Whampoa Drive
Whampoa Food Centre
Singapore 320090

First time there and I guess they are quite well-known for some teochew fish soup porridge, diff from the usual kind of porridge I like to eat served in restaurants, you know the gooey kind haha, its like they replace the noodles in fish soup with grains of rice instead, fish slices were so fresh and good!

CNY 2014

Usual LouHeis, with my fav crackers, sashimi slices and abalones. *.*

and steamboat at the 'kids' table, please I am like the youngest from my mom's side, and im 19 this year alr, all my cousins are like attached or married or smth not the kids table anymoree

CNY day 1 Ootd, need to wear red~

So many newborns last year, I guess I am bad with kids haha :'( LOL

not forgetting gambling sessions with my friends, guess my luck was so much better this year compared to previous years, which is why I only gamble during CNY. hahaha if not I think I have to like bet on my bra and panties

First gambling sesh at wenmin's house!

Day 2 - went for a totally different ootd look from day 1, more of trying to look sweeter... my cousin said i looked real diff? really? LOL with the retarded and step flower headband I decided to wear only for photography purposes.

sorry alot of photos haha! Cause I doubt I'll wear this out anymore?! LOL

lol busy stuffing myself with food as usual, hehhhhhhh time to go on a diet seriouzly!

Tessa's house for gambling sesh that night. AND I FIRST TIME COOK FOR PEOPLE, okay its just normal maggi actually.. with FISHBALLS OKAY. haha for tess and trish.

whoa i look so cool LOL 
egg cracking expert during cny 2014, compared to in 2009 at weishan house, I crack the egg and drop the eggshells INTO the pot.

and comments of my cooking?

hahaha and silly us tryna juggle oranges.. lol love spending time w the clique.

comfy ootd for two gambling sessions. One at nico's place and the other at zijun's place with the zkxsc guys - zavier, samuel, kunliang, asher, enjia, zigui, yaorui & tltbz - sheryl, gervina, zijun (obviously its her house), amelia and TWIN

whom wrecked my CNY gambling luck streak. I swear we twin luck, twin bankers but in the end bankrupt and shit, like an rollercoaster ride. hahaha! The guys were like betting more for us also lor. Luck totally different when I was at tessa's place being banker and winning a stack LOL


Yup and I rather gamble during CNY than party so these party photos below were prolly from last week or smth~

with sexy shan


jas and regina!

with justin everytime when i party i'll confirm see him at zouk haha!

lol and i have a wisdom teeth growing out in my gumssssss I swear, haha not related to these photos just being rdm.


with justin AGAIN technically he is my senior from SP, and regina's but he is in my course, and tricia who isn't his junior since she's not from SP hahaha


with nicko as well~

hahaha a wtfff pic

with Nicholas, my classmate, he was like "eugenia you look damn ugly in school" thanks ok haha



group photo with some of them. Dk where the rest went hehe

Seriously having severe lack of sleep cause it was on a saturday MORNING but I am such a nice friend so yup.

Morning eyes which was so squinty and everything

Maki-san for lunch at the basement of the cathay
blogged about it elaborately before so not going to do so again.

but I like maki-san cause you can customize your own sushi, hehe mine was obviously better than jess's im the food expert HAHAHA

Mine - Asparagus +  Avocado + Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette + Tobiko + Tempura Enoki Mushroom + Grilled Unagi + Bonito Fish Flakes + Wasabi Mayo *.* 
God Im hungry now.

Jess's one was similar and not too bad, just tht mine was slightly nicer hehe. 
- Japanese Cucumber +  Avocado + Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette + Tobiko + Tempura Enoki Mushroom + Salmon Sashimi + Bonito Fish Flakes + Japanese Curry 

HAHA who puts curry in sushis LOL

changed into our pretty sponsered pink new balance tees haha

my front buck teeth when im not ready haha

okay la, despite having LIKE THREE DAYS WORTH OF MUSCLE-ACHES AFTER THE event...... and lack of sleep, it was quite a memorable event.

And CNY day 10 or smth. My dress from Love Bonito Arrive late, so i Kind of looked like a little retarded fanatic over CNY wearing cheongsam for visitings haha!

the front details.

went to jess's place for visiting after some lunch reunion which I can swear I ate too much the entire day since the food was like curry scissors rice, smth I like.. And I went home and changed before going to nat's place to gamble next.

Pretty long day and a shall end off with a selfie of me without makeup, when before I went to Nat's cause the weather was TOO HOT

ytd's rdm cover coz I waz bored.

Back soon, hope you guys enjoyed this update ^^

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