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Tricia's 20th, Valentine's Day + Domani Cafe + High Society + Dean &Deluca

Omg I am annoyed by my lagging macbook (Needa get a hard disk soon to transfer all my photographs to prevent further lag-iness on my laptop) >:( UGH its driving me nuts, especially since I have SO much to update this space about, my posts are practically piling up, thus I am like sacrificing my sleep to blog at 4 am in the morning. I hate staying up late because I'll freaking snack or have supper which makes me feel rather unhealthy.

My complexion is also getting real bad nowadays, considering I always take my own sweet time to bathe when I reach home (I just bathed at 3 am) and sometimes I am too tired after partying I'll just not even remove my makeup - which is the worst! Did it at least 15 times before and boy that isn't a good habit.

Anyways, today marks the last presentation I had to do in Poly, left with two more reports and wala! I shall be done with my entire poly life :/ Sometimes I'm so vague about what I wanna do in the future I get so worried. Should I try working for two years like flying around as an air stewardess? or should I just continuing pursuing my studies? Then again, the most complex question is that, I don't know if I should pursue a degree which I have passion about, or rather something which is more practical for this society. gah. 

With no further ado, let me get started on last friday's post! 

Tricia's 20th birthday on the 14th of Feb, which happens to be valentines day as well. 
Dress code was obviously black, for all of us girls, since we were also gonna go party after that as it's apparent now that the whole clique is single except wenmin. And obviously me, the one who's single since 1994. So technically all my valentine days spent yearly are more of the occasion of celebrating Tricia's birthday instead.

But something bad about her birthday date is that ALMOST EVERYWHERE was fully booked, places we wanted (plus no one bothered except me whom tried calling tons of restaurants) So we settled for this Italian cafe in town where I always dined at like hundreds of times since young, but never blogged about it.

391 Orchard Road #B2-37
Takashimaya S.C.

Our seats were the corner seats, so it was super cosy and we could actually made loads of noise there without giving two hoots about other customers haha. But everyone was late, and I was the earliest that night, so I felt really stupid when every customer was with their other half (coz it V DAY) and I had to wait alone on a table of six for my asshole besties. Luckily the restaurant has good customer service so the waiters were really patient with me. thumbs up for that.

The prettiest happy birthday girl with her Jo Malone perfume from us ^^


and wenmin who was about fourth to arrive and she bought godiva chocolates for us, cause she proclaims she's all our valentine hehe.

Surprised tricia with the super attract attention kind of balloons my fav kind of shits hahaha which tessa painfully logged to the restaurant. It was supposed to be my job to buy them actually, but I went like:
"excuse me, later who can accompany me go buy balloons ah?"
"I don't wanna look like a loner holding so many balloons alone on VALENTINES DAY LUHH like so sad I'LL BE DAMN EMBARRASSED TALK SERIOUS"
& that would be quite the joke.

(later trish had to log them to zouk and it was quite a sight)

Good thing about Domani is that they always have promotional quite value for money sets, which cater to variety because you would be able to choose 
a soup + pasta + main 
and the whole set would be around 27 SGD or 30 SGD depending on the main you chose. 

This is the current promo and additional charges would be to drinks and desserts.

Almost everyone ordered mushroom soup & only one ordered soup of the day, which was tomato minestrone.

& since we had more than enough people to choose to order all of the varieties available of the Pastas & Mains of the set available, we had the chance to try everything.

In my opinion, all pastas were acceptable, some recommended more than the others, but I find some got pretty bland so we had to add salt. But the ingredients were all generous!

Black Truffle Cream Pasta with Parma Ham (pretty unique)

Salmon and Mushroom Cream Pasta

Carbonara, one of my fav & safest choice of the lot.

Crabmeat tomato Pasta

for the mains

Chef Recommended Mushroom Baked Cheese Chicken, was good!

Some Black Pork

Cheese Lobsters :)

and my favorite main amongst all! BBQ pork ribs, super saucy and delicious! Usually the pork ribs I always order tend to always have a very limited amount of meat, like you could barely scrape shit off it's bones. But at Domani, I could really savor chunk-fuls of the glazed meat in my mouth ^^

Last but not least, Domani offers a-lar-carte dishes varying from finger food, pastas, paella, pizzas, desserts and more, people like to come here for high-tea as well.

So we ordered this Crazy Twin Crab pasta 18 SGD, which was so good. 
Wenmin loved it! Portions of crab-meat within were so generous, and the soft shell crab above was so deli too!

Last surprise we kept in the kitchen, yummy blueberry cheesecake from Rive Gauche!

happy birthday blowing her cake & making a wish~
Group pic!

Love these group of people the MOST. CBOAH FTW SUCH A AWESOME NIGHT.

Before taking this photo I was like jumping to catch the balloon regina released onto the ceiling and I felt so retarded haha.

Before we went off to zouk, we actually settled down somewhere else to play the helium from the balloons, DONT JUDGE, and I find that the way that helium makes you sound is so hilarious!!

One of the most awesome zouk nights in awhile now, cause MANY people I knew was around. and MANY was like super high and gone, even I had trouble recollecting my memory the next day, I actually asked my classmate if I saw him like 24 hours later after the party HAHA. that was how bad my memory loss were. But everyone had LOADS of fun except regina haha sadly the most sober one who sent me home so I appreciate it dear ^^

But she was damn pissed with me cause she said I was very bias to twin (who finally came back to party with me aft so friggin long). and I actually called twin ZACK-Y HAHAHA when I was damn high, such a weird way of calling her name LOL. 

Enough words, some pictures! with asher and ZZZZZZYYYYYY

Best bro JJ & Yuan Ming 
who I can conclude that jj is one of the factors contributing to my sucky face complexion cause I bet he touched my face without washing his hands. & until now, my right eye seems to still have like a bruise or smth cause I think he is so big in size, he confirm did accidentally hit me in the eye that night or some sorts LOL.

and w jj and 1/3 of baoyip again............. er my photography skills cannot already HAHA

w asher again!

and our group pic with hongsheng ash and zy!


not forgetting all my favorite girls who mostly all died and tessa disappeared home halfway cause she couldn't find us sigh pie


yup my knees

and last but not least, thanks so much to keith whom unexpectedly got me a pandora charm!! 

Okay last week was really crazy, I had alot on wednesday too, cause my older cousin, fabian, came down to zouk, he does that like once in a blue moon. and these are just the shots that I took not the bottles.

yup & let crazy begin haha

and he is damn high too HAHHAA

so does good looks pass down in the genes? hahaha kidding, sorry for the spam. Do we look alike??

As this post in based more on valentine's day, I shall talk about this restaurant I always dine at in MBS, I find it really suitable for people who wants to dine at a more romantic place for fine dining. And I always opt for their four course set meal as well!

High Society
#B2-43/44 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972

Wide array of pastries *.*

so classy

And this was their set menu for the New year, they would always change the choices of Entrees, soup, mains, desserts and beverage within the set available from time-to-time.

Cause I frequent this restaurant, I found out that you need not follow the restricted choices available for the season's set, as you can actually customize your mains and such from the alacarte menu behind, at most top up a few more dollars for a better dessert choice.

Iced Latte - too bitter for my liking

Amor Amor - one of the top recommended smoothies which consists of mangos and other blends (I can't remember, but i'll be back for more) as it was superb!

enjoying my smoothie *.*

Pumpkin Soup was the soup of the day and it was good!

Seriously almost everything they serve is above average so this Mushroom Soup was no exception.

Some available entree for the new year. My second time eating escargots! ugh. It was okay, I guess I can conclude that I am just not a fan of escargots. This is the Button Mushroom Escargots. I rather eat the mushrooms haha!

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SALAD. Crab Ceaser!!!!!!!!! Dont be fooled by it's simple appearance. Its damn good! Really.

Seafood Laksa Spaghetti 
and one of the most yummy and unique pastas I have tried before in my life. Its like a fusion of Singapore's local delicacy of laksa but merged with even more creamier form of spaghetti. The scallops and prawns served along are super juicy, fresh and good!!! I always order this. But be prepared to be able to take spicy stuff.

Beef Tenderloin, this was super heavenly as well. Usually restaurants which serves beef takes so much stride in them but the prices are also as costly as hell, High society's one is comparable and so much more cheaper in price. I usually don't favor beef related dishes, but this definately caught my tastebuds. I love the mashed carrot and Potato compotes which came along!

This time round for desserts, I ordered their tarts!

First time trying the Meringue Passion Tart and ITS SO GOOD. but caution, its for people who are able to savor pretty sweet tasting treats. I took-away two these tarts back home after that!!

another one of the restaurant's recommendation is their Ispahan which tastes quite like a macaroon but gigantic in size. (their pastries looks good and tastes good too)

Last but not least, I shall end off with a treat I got while I was accompanying wenmin to town for an evening.

Finally tried this, *strikes off from my list* food was rather impressive especially some. But they operate by a self service system there which was quite horrible. We couldn't even request for plain water!

Dean & Deluca
Orchard Central
181, Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Us with our Mango Lassi I have always craved for, this one's kind of prepared in american style, being more milky, I miss the one at Little india!

Best dish of the night (okay lame we only ordered two dishes) was the Berries and flap jacks with icecream. I really think these is one of the best or better pancakes I ever tasted in my life. Everything went so amazingly well together, thick, fluffy, soaked in mapke syrup and studded with blueberries.

and a Roll Chunky Chicken

hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be back soon. xoxo!

Shall end off this post with something I collaged for tricia on her big day! :*

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