Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reunion dinner @ Tomyum Kungfu + Royal Pudding + Sheryls 19th

So so so so sleepy, i have so so so many pictures. I need to pace down slowly in life and stop taking pictures of everything i see. hahaha! Shall blog then head to sleep for day 1 of CNY. hehe my CNY shall be done in another post. Till then, photos of the week.

Last week of assignments. Busy busy busy. Teacher used class fund to treat the class to eat at some restaurant in SP. Not going to bother saying the name of the 'restaurant' cause its not worth going.

buffet style.

ate so many meals for that day i remember. Cause i forgot that teacher was bringing the class to eat in the afternoon. but i just piled up my plate w almost everything LOL

im not a picky eater. I thought it was ok. I mean its just food. but some ppl was like it sucks. 

happy cherie hahaha

spot my teacher

some lame waffle

Im starting to think that i have nothing better to do. HAHA. Take this kind of photos. twin asked me to eat at our school's fc6 yongtaofoo stall so i tried for the first time w her.

not too bad. 

My unedited ootd of that day. Was so afraid the sauce of the YTF would spill on my white blazer.

Tribal dress heh.

So tired and sweaty so i tied up all my hair. Another look which i wont ever do usually outside because i think my face is really chubby.

hi cyrus

recieved some nice pastries from paris baguette. They have an outlet at wisma atria. Might visit there soon. Cause i thought their bread was rather nice. W egg and all.

hehe and they are rather well-known for their royal pudding in a glass bottle. got a carton of it #pig

three flavors available

strawberry is my second favorite!

not much of the chocolate person

i like the original flavored on the best. hehehe maybe cause its the sweetest

Set up a bazaar for my year 3 ENT module w morgan xavier and shan. Supposed to come out with a simple business idea so we sold handphone screen protectors and me and shan did express manicure. (like to file nail for ppl; feel like a maid LOL) Brought all my OPI nail polish to school. Was quite nervous cause i damn long never pain nails alr. Did not want to do a bad job out of it HAHAl


wenmin came down to help me cause she has no school. super awesome bff

tried suckies one of the best ent business ideas set up by our seniors. new strawberry flavor!

standard expression of mine.. tired w wenmin and shan

went to watch ah boys to men 2 w wenmn louis and his friends! 

So so so much better, funnier,touching than part 1! everybody should watch it. I love all the actors.
Why ken (joshua tan) no accept my facebook friend request?! HAHA

second day of bazaar, tried skateboarding the first time.  On the flat ground i was good. Then i tried the ramp. Aint afraid of falling down. But i fell down real hard. Flew and crashed. Like i couldnt move the left side of my body for a entire min. Then the ache spread all over my body, at night my left arm sprained, now there are loads of bruise on my ass, knee and ankle, In front of the ppl at the bazaar somemore. Talk about being thick skinned.

he is way lousier than me. LOL enjia sucks say if he videoed my crashing down, sure 1000 likes on fb.  And still keep ask me try again plus keep laughing at me.

tessa came to help awhile too. Regina was just being a distraction. LOL eunice came to support :P

one of my customer's hands. hahaha i think im damn talkative and chatty. All my customers was well entertained LOL

how you spell


the area of the booths. Finally packing up!

photos from my camera I brought to school that day!

w velle and cherie :)

they look swag and handsome leh. Shamel and enjia


hehe say cheese!

They had an impromptu class outing that day. I still feel guilty that i missed out on the fun but i had already planned with my clique on a CNY reunion dinner that night!

hahaha while waiting for shan to cut her hair.

First time trying out mookata! Is a thai kind of bbq and steamboat. Said to be damn fattening since all the oil would drip inside the soup HAHA

Based on my research and recommendation

TomYum Kungfu
16 Circular Road
(luckily we booked cause there was super alot of ppl tel @ 65361646)

its said to be the best mookata restaurant in singapore already. I think i'll try the goldenmile one the next time and compare. Because i havent tried other mookata places.

exterior. surprisingly near to the boat quay area i used to have awesome noodles for supper after helipad nights.


old school style

menu, there are ala carte!

we ordered what everyone would order. Two servings of the 3-4 ppl set. Kind of not enough for us the pigs HAHA

tried their thai milk tea and lemon grass. hmm i prefer bkk thai milk tea more. tastes abit weird hahah!

maggi, vermicelli (my fav) and beancurdskin, veg, shitake mushroom comes w it

our platter w scallops ^^ and already peeled prawns

whats everyone looking at?

sweet couple 1. So boyfriends have the benefit of hanging out w all of us HAHA

look at shan's new hair. so nice hehe

tricia requested to crop her face out here LOL

couple side- nico and tess!

i look so tired.. i was damn tired after a full whole day of school, skating under the sun, catching a little rain, carrying heavy stuffs everywhere.


ordered sambal sotong

old school coke

clique photo ^^

hey did regina copy me or what HAHA

im a good photographer. one shot DONE. 
lets look at what tricia took.. shall post afew. she took like at least 5 times LOL

i was in the midst of speech LOL

and the aunties keep photo bombing

now i know why i recently skin damn bad. regina and her oily mouth whole day kiss me

:o how i look without hair. 

pimple face :( dont stare.

So.. about mookata, most of my clique girls prefers 2D1N (korean bbq) im neutral, but i really liked the mookata chilli! w the vermicelli is just the best. wenmin likes mookata better. cause less meat more soup? hhaha

iphone shots


funny candid!

profited from the bazaar and took our cost price we paid beforehand back too as well!

Went town in an utmost hideous outfit to make my hair. So bad some people couldn't recognize me. But its quite good to wear like a beggar sometimes. 

snacks for the pigs while waiting around 2 hours to 3 hours for my hair to be done

shilin crepe and cheecheong fan from fareast basement!

hehe made wenmin addicted to egglets

and magnum came out in my fav pistachio flavor :o whole box of magnum in my fridge right now, can just go and consume one stick now.

super wanted to dye my hair, but i havent got terminated from A&F yet, so need to considerate. But i reborn-ed my hair

so smooth and straight now and smells damn good. My hair is way too thick.

had too much plans that night, went to sheryl's birthday chalet at aranda!

always thought aranda rooms were cosy

felt bad I didnt stay or stayed longer like super bad, but me and regina did chip in for liqour and cake,  and i flipped coin twice! and both told me to accompany regina to zouk for another friends bdae w eunice and chloe. glad they all had fun that night though!

helped set up, sheryl love owls~

checkout my twin's awesome new hair color!! i also wanttttttttt

fav photo for the night.

camwhore queens.

w zijun ;)

cbc members and tltbz members! gervina slimmed down so much!

regina, bdae girl, gerv and me!

the lighting at the room was good but once the photos got uploaded on fb, i kinda look like crap.

hahaha! photo bombed

gay alexbloop

my spastic face, are you kidding me. hahaha keep spamming photos.

so much love for regina whom always complains me and zhiyan twin leave her out. but i look damn fat here !! weird bone

some part where we finally let her in!

happy 19th birthday sheryl :)

last long w weikang! hehee so sweet.

sorry we had to leave earlier before the others came! 

twin waiting for someone~? HAHAHA

Eldin opened table at zouk. Everyone was dead drunk... Partied lesser and tookcare of ppl. had trouble finding cab back me and regina made a lame drunk hilarious joke. Didnt take much photos!

table shot w regina

photos w xinyu :)

so dark~

hopped to planet paradise aft zouk, and after some of the guys recovered from their 'highness' from zouk. Had supper at macdonalds. sleepy but okay night. hmmmmmmmm..

Happy cny guys~ see ya soon :)

always having second thoughts about everything.

shall end off with a photo w Eunice and Chloe :)

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