Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tricia's 19th + Chinese New Year 2013

Happy valentines day guys ;)
inserts loads of hearts here muacks and kisses since its v day :)

Another year of being single, getting so used to it. Love my friends. And all that matters.
Anw, woke up early today to go to town to do some shopping and help so many of my bestie's bfs to choose present etc. Thing about being one of the only single girl in my clique.
Saw so many bfs in shops like tiff & co etc. The way they look and seem to ponder over what to get for their gfs seem so sweet to me hehe.

wore some crappy simple outfit w slippers to town and matched it with some red feather earrings since my outfit was really simple :D

tried, chose and tried. Tessa and wenmin helped too. Was so busy since im supposed to get tricia's present and plan a surprise which already failed.. And then im supposed to meet her in town, one part while she was waiting for me and i havent get ready yet, i saw her and hid! hahaha

what me and wenmin got for tricia :) some daily skincare essentials

wanted to buy tricia kuey lapis for her birthday cake cause she was like telling me how much she wanted to eat it, but didnt get to, during cny. But I realized its a little stupid to cut kuey lapis as a birthday cake so i just bought a few slices for her to eat when i met her, i think im damn sweet. K self praise is no praise!

urban decay eyeliner from regina and shan

necklace from tessa

presents happy tricia collaged. I feel quite happy when my besties feel happy. So im quite glad everything went quite well and i bet trish is happy too. Heh 19th alr. oldest in my clique. Treats friends real nice but more hot tempered towards bf? tsk LOL love you ;)

I'm always very sensitive in terms of clique. Maybe cause everyone is always more non-chalent, independent and occupied with their relationships sometimes i'll feel sooo tired... when im trying to make things work

oh well, anw w wenmin :)


birthday girl~

playing w tricia's parrot while waiting for the rest to arrive.

her parrot is violent LOL

louis uh uh siol

hi kirby

steamboat at tricia's place. hehe her awesome mom prepared so many nice food for us. even three different kind of nice chilli sauces 

and two soup bases yumm

MY fav fish dumpling, cheese toufu, crabstick!


SCALLOPSSSSSS opps im hungry again

i was like saying next time just pay tricia mom to make steamboat for us can alr.

hehehe so awesome

yumyumyum. After dinner, time to gamble~~
finally saw kuanbing aft sooooooooo longggggggg! they all say i became fatter...............
its okay. its CNY. LOL.

Baccarat time!! ritz was banker and he kept losing at first 

i was winninggggggggggg................................ when i bet like small sum
but i lost like hundred bucks cause at the end got pyhcoed to bet like 20. LOL #badluckme

12 am. 14th feb! v day and tricia's birthday!

hehe got the cake from wisma paris baguette earlier :)  Mango crepeee. their candles were rather special. But i think their royal pudding still the best la.

birthday girl and boyfriend hehehe ^^ cuties

so pretty

unglam w cliqueeee all of us look quite........ LOL jon took this.

ugh. and the cameraman changed.

huge sliceeeeeeees of cake shared it.

great night ^^ love them.

hehe and painted my red hot nails w gelish once again.


Usually i would always blog a post w the earlier events. But my CNY post is just food food food food food food food im afraid people will get bored so i just left it for the last. Erm i practically ate like 5 meals everyday. W like 5 packets of sweet drinks. HAHAH 

"anyone who tell me 5 pineapple tarts equals to two bowls rice of calories, im going to wish gong xi fa cai to you" 

let us take a look at this picture. I dont really care actually. HAHA

start w shots from my cam. day one outfit. Went grandma's house. Im closer to my mom's side so i rarely see my dad side cousins but wowwwwwwwwww some of my guy cousins quite handsome but i have no idea whats their name LOL fail. 
Its practically the same old cycle every year. the things we eat. the houses we visit.

day 2 floral top from new look.

my eye bags were bad

new year's eve. Didnt put any makeup or whatsoever cause i was too lazy

fatty reflection. dinner at uncle's place

i love chili hehe

and this is damn good la

some fishball thingy w like fish roe inside talk about awesome

my fav fishmawww which takes damn long to cook. Then i always in a rush to take it. end up eat all the damn hard ones HAHA

super nice dumpings

cousin's pretty gf made cupcakes better than 12 cupcakes. By the time i took a pic of it. already left like this. The red velvet, supposedly the nicest, gone! left oreo and blueberry ones. STILL NICE

first lou hei

crackers FTW

i dont like to get my hands dirty hahaha

day one ootd w my oranges~ rainy CNY is rainy................. 

attempted to take a shot of my became bigger fat tummy

fried food fiesta at derric and mervyns place

pizzzzzaaaaaaaaa and hot and spicy drumlets

Ate alot of kuey lapis LOL


at night went tessa's place to play and me regina and tricia lost like hundred plus each.
can see a cycle from here. I am not born to gamble. Never win before.

played  inbetween until pot had almost 1k. regina rarely loses.

day 2!

feast at the quadruplets place.

love the sticky rice and mes siam 

another house. Pumpkin cakeeeeeeee yum

my face became chubbier i swear

can i stop typing now i feel so glutton

poker parents

fav grass jelly

tandoori chicken my aunt made

my grandma's famous popiah everyone wants

grandma's hands

yum la

suan pan zi :)


yongtao hoo station


nian gao!! sticky cake yum

chicken wings

one of my fav fruits. jackfruit!!!!!!

then my cousin mindfucked me by telling me they grew this in their backgarden themselves. LOL

jackfruit tree

some bao called "bao zhong bao" LOL glutinous rice in a bun #lame #fat okay but #nice 

lou hei again!

super nice seasoned salmon


hi daddddddddddddd hope you give my big angpao this year. hehe jk


Happy cny and v day guys ;)
EXAMS ARE HERE. probably going to study on valentine's day fuck my lifeeeeeeeeeee

xoxo eugenia

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