Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ma Maison + Nam Nam Noodle Bar + Acid Bar

Hello time for my weekly update. Getting tad boring here~ My classmates says i reveal too much about myself on my blog. So i should be more secretive? hehe anyways ootd at town on sunday. Brought big bag cause i needed to study.. but failed.

caught mama w kengyang HMM i thought it could be scarier hahaha and the ghost was animated so it makes it a little stupid but the plot is okay :)

finally tried EwF @ central, the sliders the first time. I think i like their sour cream onion (issit? i cant remember) flavored fries better than the curry onee.

Aft that met regina and tricia ended work so shopped awhile for my CNY clothes which unfortunately i have no inspiration to what to get this year. Bought like two tops from new look but only one of them can be worn for visiting i guess? Not going to reveal it now :D 

Had hojicha frappe from starbucks again even though it isnt really my favorite flavor but somehow it sounds less sinful #joke

busybusy week so stressed w projects like filming and more and tests.

some ugly photo of the ugly twins cause twin came to find me ahaha

You probably should read my blog if youre my friend cause you never know when i'll bastard you by uploading shots like these. failed study session after school w twin, enjia and yanwei.

Mom bought loads of cny goodies.

have been finishing some boxes of it these days. LOL do you know 5 pineapple tarts = calories of two bowls of rice? 

one of my fav CNY goodie :D

No makeup, no contacts. My complexion was damn good for days, and suddenly it became bad again since my monthly business came :(

And i got into the same industrial training program w shan!! ^^ HAHA damn lucky cause each area only allocates two students and i got in with her. BONUS really, shes way smarter than me so i guess i would not have to rely on myself during intern~ it would be like the old secondary school days, seeing each other everyday. 

Dad's birthday! got a simple raspberry chocolate cake from MBS sweet spot. All my photos look so shitty cause i have been a lazy photographer hahaha

getting stressed over for my accounting test on thursday which was so damn hard but i kept falling asleep while studying

and doing collages like this while studying. LOL how to pass?

Mai maison w zhiyan. My second time there. @ bugis!! there are two outlets at bugis area. One at bugis junction and the other one at illuma.

kinda romantic inside. I like guys who are decisive like plans before we go out. cause i dont usually like to decide. So if a guy just goes out with me and be like "lets go eat here today" plus points

twin looking at the menu 

they are quite famous for their tarts

and their hamburger steak. hehe this was the one w cheese. Actually their food is not that filling! Next time i wanna go back there and try their recommended squid ink pasta :)

had some scallop appetizers! 

My mango strawberry tart which i preferred over zhiyan's banana caramel

so cute, method of payment. Wasnt that ex bill around 40 dollars? But feels more like a snack LOL small portions.

godiva chocolates for breakfast hahaha

had kfc two times in a row this week.. Tried their new fish ole. was normal only!

Went town on friday w loads of plans.
 Accompanied JJ and brought him to this Nam nam noodle bar i wanted to try :) I saw online reviews and it seems like the raffles city outlet was nicer than the wheellock place outlet. But the queue was quite long at the wheellock place one, and it exceeded my expectations!

the menu!! i want to go back there to try more noodles :)

our table was like so freaking small LOL

seems quite healthy as they claim that they dont use any msg at all in their food

I ordered beef pho (soup ) 

jj ordered the quail egg noddles (dry ) 

i like the meatballs! hehe omg i feel hungry now. their beef pho was good!

The price was quite affordable but like not filling enough for JJ :O i think his noodles portion lesser than mine? 

tried one of their desert the vanilla pudding WAS damnnnnnnnnn sweet we should have choose two different desserts! But ok la quite nice still :D

supposed to meet some of my clique in town but i was feeling nice so i accompanied him to shop for quite long feel like his maid hahaha. legs breaking. only going to upload the glam ones okayyyyyy

too buff for cardigan la


dragged one of my filming equipment everywhere, was so afraid i would lose it. but it does make a very good weapon, no? 

hehe I the gate keeper! Didnt take any photos w tessa chan but heres a shot of louis and wenmin

Me and wenmin :)

some of us went acid bar (opposite 313) i think the ambience was good! but a little noisy w many ppl chit chatting inside and the singers singing. First time going to this kind of place to chill. Think i would do it again next time ordering food :D

tessa, nic, marcus etc went to watch ABTM2 then the rest of us went to acid bar.

badly taken shots, too dark, and kinda crowded :(

ordered two jugs of margarita- preferred strawberry over lychee. 


only had mascara on that day. Looked so tired!

project at school on a saturday morning and then ZOUK!
going to just admit im addicted to club or smth. LOL didnt club last week. and on friday so i was like I NEED TO GO ON SATURDAY but when i go there. i feel quite meh LOL like lameeee.

But it was quite fun! met the beerfest guys. but forever the last getting off the cab, when the cab cant pay by credit card. so had to drive to the nearest atm when i was like ~~ LOL

hello natalie!

the original clubbing group since 2011. natalie is back in the arena guys.

without flash, why is regina holding my tummy? ahaha!

some group shot w regina kissing me LOL

omg dimplee

hehe loves <3

shall end off w photos w darling twin :) quite a boring post. 

I feeling kindaaaaa complicated :/ 
tell me what to do.

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