Monday, January 28, 2013

Beer Fest 2013

Ahhhhh such a tiring day today, but i surprisingly dont feel tired. Watched MAMA. The horror film, good plot but not scary enough. Bought two new tops and slacked around town :)
i feel quite good!
And i sooo need to start focusing on my accounting :(

As promised.

I just realised they made these beer bong tubes themselves.

spend loads of effort pasting the posters.

and carried speakers and dj set

group photo w the red bull girls

Starting to drink~

into the bong tube


hahaha didnt dare to drink at first

second time w shina and tania

gushing like mad LOL pufferfish cheeks

LOL feeling thirsty?

qingsheng and ivan

huge amount of beer

girls chilling corner

played some beer competiton

hi lousy regina hahhaa

tania and me in the same team!

poke the can open!

dj holas and his sisss

finally jessica agrees to drink from the tube!

LOL was sleepy by then couldnt really aim..

unglam LOL w the ping pong ball and gavin

some group photo! w qs, tania, holas, shina, ong yang, regina

the girls and holas

me tania qs holas and ivan!

hahah some polariod thingy they made

shall end off feat DJ PNK and DJ JESSICALJS hahahahaha

imma singer too ;)

Lights, sound, beer ACTION! :)

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