Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello guys! Finally i did a new year resolution post, which is this that i shall be blogging :)
Came in a little late since its already day 3 of 2013, and to be honest, i am damn exhausted and less active online now because i just started watching one piece that enjia recommended me and its damn addictive. which means lack of sleep for me. Need to start to be more entertaining n start having a life. I bet everyone's damn irritated at me because the only thing i tweet about is clubs and  my love for one piece (HAHA- If you do not know whats that.  please slap urself, joking! It is a japanese manga and im watching the anime now. One week at around 100+ ep alr hehe 400+ more to go?! Super nice, i think luffy is so hilarious and all ) follow me @pinkyniakoh anw! 

I guess i should briefly talk about my new year resolutions and what i felt about 2012! 
Even though there were tears and all in the year 2012, I think i learnt from my mistakes, paths i chose to walk (LOL) and im glad and thankful for whatever i have now, accepting the failures, treasuring old best pals as well as new people i've invited into my life. Be it the right people or not, old memories or the new, i guess we all had something to lose and gain. And of course those who have been there for me all the time. I hope that 2013 is going to be a blast! I am finally 18 now, wow. Like after almost 11 months of illegal club entries. I am an old grandmother now HAHA

My new year resolutions for the past two years for 2011 and 2012 have been - TO FIND MY FIRST BOYFRIEND shy*
haha i guess this kind of things cant be forced so i shall just take it slowly and change it, in case i fail it three times in three rows. LOL but im pretty sure i will get into a relationship this year la. winks~ somehow i have not found anyone that capable of making me happy in that way, not thinking too much about it too :)
hahaha But right now im perfectly happy the way i am now, with friends for company. Still very Thankful i got into A&F means more new eyecandies. (cheeky me) Things must let it go naturally~ But one big problem is that i honestly feel very inferior. Pretty girls all around and practical judgmental people all around.

so one big resolution is that i really want to lose at least 5kg or mre and look better, because i know that to many people, skinny means pretty, and i think i would be much more confident then i am now if im lighter (sigh i gained 3kg this holiday eating and spending tremendous amounts on food and gaining fats and not exercising as that exercising streak stopped months ago) :( but this is all talk, hopefully i can or a fairy grant my wish? I will try and eat more healthily! but its hard cause im a glutton/

Recollecting some of the photos i collected this year and memories, its all jumbled up, but enjoy :)

                                fun times w the bros at uss                  when i just chopped of my long hair

colored hair (red) at the start of the year

rebonding treatment and dyed it black

uss with clique and weddings

                              my skin and complexion was so much better at the start of the year too, hair also :( (one of the regrets)

nicos birthday where i fought with tricia AHAHA

good times being light blub and spending mre time with wenmin.. shikang bro

wenmin's birthday and hanging out with chantel and junwei

helipad times

pula ubin times and tiring but fun working times with wenmin because we were spending loads of time tgt

gervina and jorgine's birthday with zkxsc fellows and tgif

new clubbing kahis aka eunice and chloe the aunties :p , fun tgiw at zouk :)

hatched with clique and heli with the tltbz

shots of halloween at uss with jon and jj and clique my handsome bros

strictly pancakes and start of zhiyan era ;)

with sean and recently at oceanarium

made friends with new people, ben's good friend raymond, and all the heli crew and dj

clubbed with very old friends gilda and vivien

and my youtube channel with loads of crap vids  and singing vids, talking about singing, that was something that i didnt really touch on and improve this year :/ one of my vids below

(not to mention the bobtan incident n blogpost which caused me to be on stomp and news .. Picture LOL Stomp)


more photos of my loved ones

love the twin

                     gardens by the bay and tessa's birthday and mine (DURING EXAMS)

fpc (food porn club) members and christmas and regina's birthday

hope you guys enjoyed this post.
may good things happen this coming year
@ 2013 xoxo with much love and kisses, eugeniania

hehe i shall blog about countdown at zouk another day ok make it now so i can watch my one piece and mia longer HAHA!

basically let the pictures do the talking. what more can there be, hehe just that i think i'll never go clubbing on a countdown for the new year ever again! Really no cabs BIG PROBLEM, after club, went supper and waited for around 2 hours, still no cab, dragged my tired body all the way home on public transport the hell.. and of course cover charge for club entry was 40 bucks ~

my makeup and outfit was shitty that day

extra kisses for the new year!


super messy hair and makeup aft club end

im the best drinker alr hehe

group phtos

Zouk or madthrills at avalon tmrw? ;)

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