Sunday, January 20, 2013

Itacho Sushi + Peperoni Pizzeria + Louis's 19th + Jon's 19th

tuesday's ootd. I look crappy but just uploaded this shot cause of my topshop tribal pink earring + earcuff i like.

Hello. Rainy weekend. Have been raining non-stop. And I feel a tad moody. Like not sad or what i guess. Just this :// facial expression. I feel quite sucky about myself, think is my fault la :( Need to be more understanding and less spoilt :(
 Shall just update my blog for the week and get back to my school work which are stressing me out and i'm frequently procrastinating since all the US english drama serials i chased finally resumed this week. Like my favorite vampire diaries, hehe whom elena + damon finally got together. whoop #teamdamon

hello reginaaa. A sigh of relief when i find my besties during school breaks. :O

haha unglam, we are unglam.

and my full Outfit of the day, below this oppa gangnam style poster.

Met wenmin for dinner @ bugis. Ministry of food (MOF) as usual.

tried their jap menu, but i think i prefer the western lenas menu.

super full after this :O ordered too much carbs

lenas's pasta is nice but i think next time i'll just stick to their grilled stuff with fries this kind hehe

they have an english and japanese desert menu too and i ordered the same icecream desert from the last time i was there!

greedy meee

on wednesday, first time trying out subway with a wrap instead of a bread. I think i still prefer hearty italian :P

went out with mom and i was distracting her by asking a sweet from her when she was driving and she drove over this ledge in the middle and the car got scratched :O

famous people's park 
Yong Xiang Xing Tau Foo 永祥興豆腐
Peoples Park Complex Food Centre
Opening Hours: 1pm till sold out (usually by 4pm)

the queue was surprisingly not that long when i got there. Usually its like this
(found it online)

Thursday's OOTD very hard to match my pink dr marts i got so long ago.
I seriously have no idea what i was thinking when i got it pink. HAHA. Must have been real crazy over pink that time. I mean how did i even end up having pink in my twitter name LOL

hahahaha  while waiting for regina to take a dump. LOL HAHAHA she's full of shit. and so is my position in the picture below LOL

yup and shes done. LOL we wore the same top but in different colors that day. facepalm.

went to eat at star vista's basement. Itacho sushi, probably one of the better sushi brands in singapore.

wide variety, slightly more pricey but i think its reasonable. usually when i go there at dinner timings, the queue would be quite long and many sushi out of stock (?!)

i like this plate better. hehe one of their specialty i love, mango with lobster smth~ the yellow one in the picture!

very awesome mini unagi rice.

how can we forget chanwanmushi. crab flavored yum!

and their crab dish which i liked :D

this was so-so only

afforable and nice gyoza
chubby me w eyeliner

went to awfully chocolate for desert aft that but i would rather eat the sesame ice cream from itacho or milk pudding but regina wanted to eat awfully chocolate so we went there insteaddd mehz

i like the star vista outlet! can sit down and feels cosy.

very sweet creme brulee tart

and their hei chocolate icecream. I hate bitter chocolate but this is very nice! And its not that bitter. I only eat this chocolate icecream and swensens chewy sticky chocolate. The only chocolate icecreams i eat.

LOL kept taking photos cause i like the wooden design of the table hahaha

how can i not camwhore with my icecream LOL
regina was like "you better not do this in front of ur boyfriend"

and wenmin sent me some screenshots of her project which included me in her lousy english so i have to post this up hahaha

pimple breakout occuring on le forehead

and did a lame collage for jon on his birthday LOL!

yup girls, very handsome, nice, muscular jon, any takers? ;) hahahaha
i'm seriously grateful to have him in my life cause he is damn awesome hehe hahaha i damn sweet omg.

Didnt want to club on a friday but failed. 
After school (ponned my lesson #guilty) wanted to meet jon to eat nakhon thai, then end up sean and junjie also came and sean eneded late so we changed to this restaurant i wanted to try. Jikun came and join us awhile after.

finally tried Peperoni Pizzeria and i loved it!!!

They have four outlets around singapore.

 @ Greenwood
6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park, Singapore 289195

@ Binjai
7 Binjai Park, Singapore 589821

@ Frankel
95 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458221

and finally the outlet we went (near great world city, opposite) just cross the road or smth
@ Zion
56 Zion Road, Singapore 247781

i would definitely come back soon to try more things!

the menu

jon, sean, jj

three sizes available, we bought 2 of medium size, each at 24 SGD. and then we realized we can customize each pizza into two flavors! divided by half, so we tried four of their chef recommended.

i think the shop layout is quite nice. Can come here to chill and drink with friends.

outer building look of the shop

this was Suprema (sausage and mushroom) + Parma (some ham and the green stuff on the top is some salad veg which the guys all hated) I read somewhere that the parma ham is someone's favorite but aft eating it we all agreed that

their pancetta is the best!!!! like bacon tomatos w an egg (right hand side). I think i'll just order pancetta and maybe try their seafood pizza the next time i go (cause sean is allergic to seafood) 
In the picture abv, left side is without meat some tomato flavored pizza called Margherita and the right side is PANCETTA YUM

my slice of margherita and pancetta

their pasta is awesome too. If you are a carbonara lover you are bound to love their carbonara. Damn awesome i can feel it in my mouth now as im typing this. Big portion!! And for all pastas you can choose the spaghetti type you want (penne for the carbonara)

and linguine for their aglio olio ( the pasta everyone raves about) Quite spicy and garlicky which is what i really like about it! If you asked me which pasta was nicer though, I cant chose.  

yummmmmm i keep eating pizza this few days. LOL had Canadian pizza ytd night.

Not very exp!

Slack w them at town and watched them shop and play lan, then went to meet my clique at marina square. Marina mandarin for louis's birthday suite celebration. Im such a direction noob i swear.

had dinner at some curry restaurant at marina square and i think i would go back again!!! pictures next time! (and most pictures in louis camera which he have not uploaded)

i look so tired aft a long day, and the weather was real hot, so i was perspiring like mad.

hello wenmin

tired meeeee and horrible pimple and min makeup, how to club later at night :o

going up the transparent lift

w regina~

hmmm two toilets and two connected bedrooms

w trishy

did u realised i changed? hahaha Asked regina to bring a top cause i didnt want to club in the top i was wearing in the morning!

bffs + fatty tummy of mine HAHAHAHA

hello tessa. 

fattest in my clique laaaa, have to hide behind LOL

the living room

going to start drinking.

i like the ice bucket :)

tried to apply heavier eyemakeup and did everything i could to make myself look nicer for party @ zouk later.

w tricia again!

went down to fetch weishan. the late queen. I thought she wasnt coming already, and i was in a dilemma if i should club or stay at the hotel.

must take photo w the pretty lights

w wenmin

hahahaha i was having bad blisters.......

hehe say cheese

girl group photo!!!

love them so much!! tessa + weishan + wenmin + tricia + regina!!!!

have to have a girls night out soon :(

i think i was a little high already. 

Giggling hehehee

live, laugh, bitch, love

I think my liver is spoilt. I recently can drink alot but i mean i feel like my alcohol level is pretty much improving like mad. and i rarely K.O which is good. Just get real high i suppose?

LOL zzzzzzzz the guys all got damn drunk that night though, some dissapeared, some died =.= AND LOOK AT JON'S FACE. LOL he is going to kill me for posting it.

jon w zhiyan and regina whom accompanied me to zouk hehehe love them. 

Okay but jon really look extra handsome that night wearing formal. 
Me: why your face like so unglam when you take photo w me only?!
jon: cos u my bro can be unglam 
me: hmmmmm seems legit

jon and ben!

jon, ben, kun! sean and the rest died :( 

and guess what. me and twin wore the same thing... LOL

w roy!!!!!

and jikun.


hello birthday boy again

photo bomb laaaaa

girls and ben :)

me and ben, then jon decided to photobomb, so serves him right for this face LOL HAHAHA

roy also HAHAHA and omg jon face too funny

okay finally w ben!


hi jj!

shall end here.

and im going mad :(

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