Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pandora + 2D1N + Beer Fest

Favorite haribo gummies which i practically swallowed the whole bar in 10 mins. I love candies.

Urgh, im supposed to study for my accounting test next week, but here i am blogging this post out at 2 am because I am procrastinating. Did not work today and gave my slot for the weekends away cause i told myself i wanted to study but I was so sleepy and lethargic the whole day I didnt even study. And i rather blog than touch my books T.T

Anyways, minimum pictures this week.

Finally got my long awaited pandora charms~ Waited so long because I wanted to get the valentine day's charm collection charm which would only be out around mid january. The second one from the left!

hehe so pretty right. ^^ The angel, the heart, my peace sign and opal charm ;)

went bugis w wenmin on monday and bought these egglets :D 

super yum cheeeese flavored

not to mention my fav milk korean melona icecream

hahaha uploading two unglams of us on the escalator, was laughing at something, cant remember what.

My pandora collection~ Should have used my camera to take, but im so lousy!

Was rather rainy so i wore a very thick heroic rendezvous hoodie which made me look bulkier, but the weather decided to be more warm the day i wore it. #badluck

After school brought twin, zhiyantay to one of my fav korean bbq restaurants at tanjiong pagar! 2D1N is so good la.
Ate the buffet again, very affordable, but i rather try the ala carte one next time round.

My ootd w the background. Can tell that my legs gained fats.......

candid shot zhiyan took. Wasnt much of a photogenic picture person that day cause only had eyeliner on and for me i am starting to rely too much on makeup and feel so insecure w only an eyeliner

my hair is so thick!

finally im here againnnnnnn. dinner buffeh starts at 5.30 pm

i love their chicken sausages!

not much of a prawn peeler so took very minimal prawns LOL

looking at these makes me hungry...... Fav beeef~ even though im more of a chicken person!

candid auntie fatty chubby face me

LOL a even more candid with me chewing and stuffing food in my mouth thus my cheeks so fat and i still talking on the phone. what happened to table manners hehe

wahaha twin~ in her SS world la horrrr

was so full, so its camwhore timeeee. i reluctantly camwhored LOL since there was this pimple growing on my left cheek.

w pretty twin ^^

love her so muchie


From my phone! so hot, i bunned my hair~

under the coconut tree you'll be chilling with me~

passed by this quite cool area of restaurants and bars, so decided to take some artsy shot w zhiyantay, and obviously im a better photographer if you compared our photo from instagram, cause i helped to take hers la hor AHAH

first two WO effect/filter

follow me now @pinkyniakoh

Wednesdays 1 for 1 starbucks at SP only~ hehe BFF ootd with dearest regina tan

thurs ootd~ ugly toilets

sweet gf wenmin planned a surprise for louis. cake smashing outside school!

LOL HAHA badluck

lucky this dint happen to me.. i love my cake. why do this to the fooood

the immunity card is so cute! i wanna have a bf too. hhe jk

mom made some tomyam noodles soup which was damn awesome.

and i finally cut my fringe short and heres the sneak preview of it w my jelly hearts yum ^^

Friday night, for once didnt club and went to this beer fest which qingsheng organized

haha the banner he made

he spent loads of effort buying the pong and tube..... and decorating the whole chalet and going to the ntuc and buying so much  beer and carrying them here and there, and the speakers and DJ :o
Posting the photos all in the next post since the camera photos havent been uploaded yet!

I always thought if i was good at drinking alcohol beer would be even easier but it wasnt what i expected. even if you can tolerate alcohol well, it doesnt mean it works for the beer tolerance. I was quite high then became sleepy though, LOL aft i pee, the after effects seem to disappear faster.

somehow my fringe makes me look chubbier

shall end off w photos from my iphone first!
Asked regina and jessica to accompany me to the chalet and surprisingly saw tania and her friend shina there too cause they knew the DJ 

girl group photo~ me shina regina tania and jess

some of the guys wanted to be in the pic too. blurred!

with tania, hehe she has a twin and its still quite confusing for me ^^

shina :)


and jess LOL where am i looking?

ahh all so pretty and matured looking I look like one of the youngest  :(

quite an ok girl group photo of the night

shall upload more photos of the beer fest in the next post or so!

xoxo jelly hearts. HEHE

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