Monday, January 14, 2013

First week of last sem + Party + High Society + ECP

Argh, so many overdued photos, because school has resumed :( Really cant wait for the  holidays (which most probably would be taken over by internship as i'm already going to be year 3), but there are so many test and assignments and project deadlines coming up, cant help but to feel screwed. I should really start studying and preparing, but by the time i wanna do all these, its already late at night and i only have like 4 hours of sleep left since all my lessons starts at 8am in the morning usually. 

Quite lame of me to start the post with a pic of one of my fav food in school HAHA dry ban-mian. At foodcourt 4, koufu. First meal of the semster :p but to be honest its the first day of the second week and i am bored of school food already.

My outfit of the day for the first day of school, guess orange crop tops and forever 21 shorts.


Took a ootd for some SP social media 
called OOTD at SP

After school met up with wenmin, like finally, last time we so bff, always meet like almost everyday during school, even though she is from ngee ann poly, and even during holidays. But since i have became a party monster and she has become an obessive girlfriend, we haven't had our solo dates in awhile :( Trying to make time for each other now one week at least one time LOL.

Accompanied her to eunos area to wait for her take her driving lesson for 1 and a half hour.
SUPER SUNNY DAY. and i was damn sleepy, so many people at the driving centre, i see already also dont feel like learning or booking BTT (if thats what its called)



After that we caught a movie,

i mean i heard it was quite funny, but i think i am too cool and way to funny for this movie, so i fell asleep as usual. HEHE kidding. I was just kind of tired. LOL 

i rate it 2.5/5 ? hahaha the child actor is cute and this girl in the movie called 'regina' quite pretty. This movie is quite meaningful i guess. But i think its okay only :p

ONE BAD thing about being on a date with wenmin is that, is damn fattening, i dunno if its me or her, but us together is just keep eating hahaha. Fattest best friends.

Did i mention i have been so lazy to apply much makeup to school (beggar), just eyeliner only.

awfully chocolate creme brulee. VERY SWEEEEEEEEET. i like la. LOL but i think i prefer lenas's


finally tried their most well known super stacked chocolate cake. which i wanted to buy during christmas but it was out of stock. I think its average only, not my cup of tea/ not my slice of cake. I do not really like chocolate and i ate the super sweet creme brulee first, so it made the cake kind of bitter. I think matured grown woman who appreciates less sweet chocolate cake would like this though .

Wednesday after school, zhiyan was nice enough to accompany me till dinner time, LOVES, so we went to star vista @ buona vista. 

Second time at Yomenya Goemon.
Wide range of pasta. Not bad :)

hehe her in her sexy formal attire

new lobster bisque pasta set!
Think i preferred the other pasta i tried there the other time, but it is not too bad either :)

dessert. same old cheesecake with strawberry icecream.

look of the dayyyyyyyyy

Thursday Training day at A&F

HAHAHA natural makeup only mascara kind. #spamphoto #notshy

Working there is stressful :(
So many pretty girls around i really feel kind of shitty honestly, plus minimal makeup, ugh feel kind of insecure. Sorry this part is all of my face LOL.

Long awaited friday nights TGIF

hahaha I THINK MY CLUBBING MAKEUP is still the best 

i think regina was calling me and i was like "ya im leaving house soon" BUT THIS IS WHAT IM REALLY DOING HAHAHA


regina and zhiyan :)

with vail~

and euniceeee~

and chloe~ HAHA standard pictures

hehe twist

with drunk morgan hahaha

he wanted me to spam the photos

regina loves meee

birthday boy!!! and ESTC la

made ourselves a group name that night. 
zai clubbing girls

eunice, me, chloe, vail, regina and zhiyan

outside zouk. boring night~ for me only LOL

With ben, the guy who always kp me.

ben me zhiyan~


hahaha unglam.............. shag face after clubbing go first day of work.

ate at cine's seoul garden hotpot the usual chicken bibimbab

with tricia <3

and our favorite beef stew is back currently ^^ the one they stopped producing for awhile, happy we got to eat it. hehe

Made new friends at work, people are friendly, but some are stuck up and a pain in the neck as well :(
supper aft work i think. hahaha 


LOL first thing i ate in the morning HAHA PADDLE POP MUACKS

Went to dine at MBS's high society with family. love the food there :)

the shoppes at marina bay sands

huge variety of cupcakes and cakes at the counter

opps my granny photobombed, or am i a bad photographer hehe

no makeup and contacts at all, this is the reason why i like to go out with my family, hahaha 
NO JUDGING, unless i meet a familiar face on the street.

ordered two appetizer salads, crab caeser (their signature appetizer) YUM

and a yummy lobster salad too

have been there a few times, this time the soup of the day is cauliflower cream, i think i prefer their tomato/mushroom soup more, but its not too bad as well :)

used to contain plain water.

I like their pasta!!!! The best I felt. 27 SDG seafood laska spaghetti ^^

should have ordered steak or lamb instead of two fishes since its similar. hahaha above is salmon

and this is the catch of the day

ate the usual strawberry shortcake

and their red velvet cupcake is not bad too :)

some chocolate black forest cakee

hehe bought macaroons :) fav

then went to twg to get some icecream

1837 black tea (like sherbet) and napoleon (w macadamia nuts)

walked to sweet spot to get more cakes + bread etc hahaha

and these cakes from sweet spot was what i had for breakfast in the morning.

tried the new starbucks hojicha tea latte, flavored like sweet jap tea. Many ppl claim its damn nice but i think i prefer my usual white choc mocha :) It tastes abit too tea-ish at first, but im not very picky, so i think its still okay, might take sometime getting used to! But it seems less fattening compared to like other flavors, or am i just saying this to console myself.

Took train w jj to town and met my mom to buy a new pair of shoe! Hmm quite a sudden decision.

So many of the designs i wanted at dr martens were out of stock and sizes so i only had like these two to choose from. One is a classic design and the other one is like a seasonal piece.

got the seasonal one in the end! hehe thank you mum ;)

my ootd and my more feminine looking dr marts.


very long never eat stingray alr !!! yay

new owned satay bee hoon stall, but i still think its quite nice ^^

shall end off with satay and GO BATHE im doomed :( 

xoxo eugeniania. 

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