Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello. One paper down, didnt do that well but two more paper to go!!! Suppose to study for my paper tmr now but i'm procrastinating as usual. If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you will realize i usually don't like to post short posts. Once I post, it would be quite a lengthy and picture filled post. Which brings me to the point of how much i would rather do this now than to study.

oh well, something i decided to do before my first paper. hahaha imadeface of me and my clique and twin. Look like anot?! LOL 
Top row: Me, zhiyan, wenmin
bottom row: Tricia, tessa, regina, weishan

this is supposedly me with loads of makeup. HAHAHA

hmm look abit like la if my lipstick is pink enough w my very thick eyemakeup LOL 

failed diet. my mom made super nice fried chicken wings

hehe fried sticky rice cake made by grams

this is awesome too :) hahaha this week keep eating at home, or relative house kind. Saved quite alot of money already. Means i usually spend all my money eating good food outdoors.

anw after exam that day accompanied weishan to town to buy her bf's belated v day present. Tried some small snackers at avenue bistro. Will come back here again to eat their mains!

a little awkward outdoors

both quite nice, each paid like ten bucks only. Maybe i'll try it tmr if i go town tmr. Hi tricia. saw this?

Super impromtu decision of clubbing cause REGINA, who i doubt even reads my blog, decided to choose someone over me. HAHAH So quite lame to club w so little ppl. Everyone is studying. how boring. But in the end Junjie and jon was like fuck it lets club hehehe so went zouk w them and rest of the guys.

first time put makeup until so fast. LOL horrible hair day though. Cabbed there with twin ^^

the only girls of the night. Saw like afew hot girls. that make me feel soooooo inferior LOL.

girls being girls. 

somehow i still look nice candid here HAHA

whoohoo i got DIMPLE

my double chin that looks like a dimple needs to maintain with all the weight i am gaining HAHAHA


hello jon

hi jj


my hotpink crop guess top for outfit of the night. hahaha this funny zouk bouncer every week keep seeing me and talk to me say why i always wear cropped top for 4 weeks consecutively already.
At the rate im eating, i think i next week cant wear cropped top already. HAH

We are unglam

zhiyan and jon. take pic also need my permission. HAHAH

me and jj again!

Next day went visiting without a wink of sleep. only slept like 3 hours after i club and just slept with all my makeup and in heels (another level up) again. GOT TO STOP DOING THAT. My complexion like shit now. 

no makeup in the car

lack of sleep makes me ~~~~~~~ annoying

homemade food at cousin's place. hehe like to crap talk around w tania :)

kept targeting this bacon thing. LOL i think we ate almost everything ourselves while the adults were gambling and me being a zombie

sunday. visiting again at clementi, let my face rest for days~

made some clique hashtags. So if you wanna see my clique photos on instagram type #cboah
and #cboahfp means CBOAH food porn HAHAHA #lame #me #iamlame

found a cute app so now im making some bookmarks in my phone so its easier for me to contact my most contacted pals. one click to sms/call kind hehe

wenmin's icon so cuteeeeee!
AND im sorry that i put my own face as wallpaper. NOT

Since this blog post is so boring i shall upload me in my new pajamas. not the sexy kind. LOL since its the year of snake. GREEN COLOR!

aunt bought these for me from Hokkaido. Wanna go there soon man!

thats all. BYE FOLKS XO

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