Friday, July 12, 2013

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison + Smoothie King + Antoinette

Hi guys, I'm back for a very quick update! As seen in the above picture, these few days my nose have been kind of reddish ._. looking like a Rednose the Rudolph reindeer. Somehow my pimples just pops out of nowhere on my nose area, all around there but on the other parts of my face. I HATE IT. hahaha.

Anyways had a real nice day on Sunday with james, (awkward to blog about this cause we quarreled, again, like fuck my life, serious.) 

Oh well, we caught white house down and ITS REAL GOOD, SO PLEASE DO CATCH IT. its so good Imma post a very hot/sexy photo of my fav *starstruck* channing tatum, love all his movies, and this wasn't an exception. My movie expectations are always freaking high cause I am a lie-in-bed-the-entire-day-watching-dramas kind of girl. yup, so when I say this movie is good, its damn good! Amongst so many of the movies I caught recently, this ranked the first! Super touching yet funny. :)

Had dinner afterwards, his treat, at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison! 

333A Orchard Road
 #02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery 
Tel: +65 6733 4541 

Mon to Fri: 11am–3pm, 5pm–10pm 
Sat, Sun & PH: 11am–10pm

Claimed to be the best restaurant which serves tonkatsu in Singapore! Yumz

some herbal tea served.

yup they serve white raddish which is supposedly healthy for the body and keeps the doc away.

sauces for the freeflow salads (Raddish and shredded vegetables). Sweet, spicy and not forgetting the yummy sesame dressing which went with most of my pork culet.

The japanese-french style style restaurant in Mandarin Gallery specializes in their PORK cutlets, heard their shrimps are good, and they also have chicken culets/katsus filled with cheese innards or egg as dressings. So we both had pork for our sets! 

James's Negi Miso Rosu Katsu set ($25++)(I think) Loin for him cause he like fatty fatszx. Super yum :)

and my Hungarian Mangalica Rosu Katsu!! ($31++) Heard that this dish is the best, very very good and a must-try there, so I ordered this! James can't taste much of the difference of the meat of both dishes(other than the sauce he didn't really like of the miso's), but I felt that the Hungarian Mangalica was better, or maybe its a psychological thing cause it is so raved.

Each set comes with unlimited servings of japanese sticky rice (YES free-flow for those huge eaters aka urs truly), thinly shredded cabbage (salad, also refillable) and miso soup. Multigrain rice is also available as I guess its healthier! 

If you all don't already know, I am a pasta over rice eater, I don't usually like/eat much rice, but I could come back just for the rice hereeeee its damn nice and goes with everything! LOL. Can finish the whole bowl and refill *.* I also have to say that the miso soup here is very good as well.

one of our best dinners tgt. 

yup some jelly dessert served aft the set meal which james say his mom can make hahaha

Thank you very much for the treat.
With james. hmmm

I think he is gonna kill me lolololol


Yup, no TGIW for me, but I am gonna tgif at zouk later for Ben's birthday celebration! Went to Antoinette for some high-tea after school on wednesday. They have a few outlets around Singapore but I went to the one at Mandarin Gallery, next to Tonkatsu haha. Prolly going to go back but to their other bigger outlets to try their main w the twin soon!

333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34
Singapore 238897

Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

cosy, dim-litted place for high tea.

Ordered their very raved Strawberry shortcake ($9). Maybe it would appeal to strawberry short-cake lovers but it was just soso for me.

And their Signature cake - Antoinette ($10) Super duper raved and ranked as their first best seller among-st the patisserie!

You better burst their raspberry bubble like in the pic below so that you can savor the whole cake with its company~

Antoinette has quite a selection of custom-blended teas, all around $9 per pot. Ordered the forest berries, pleasant enough for a person who doesn't know how to appreciate tea like me. I wanna try their French apple tart tea (recommended) there the next time!

hahaha added a lame-ass crown on my head cause feeling so princess enjoying tea at a HIGH-tea place. LOL #lame #shameless.

Took-away their macaroons! Cause people actually claimed that their macaroons was as good as Laduree's which I have reviewed nicely about before 
And they are cheaper as well! Ranging from around $2.50-$2.80 per piece. yummm

The three flavors below are their top three flavors of their macaroons ^^ I actually liked their macaroons more than their cakes to be honest! Would come back here to buy their macaroons again!!

Top two best sellers are Brittany {Caramel and fleur de sel - caramel and salt}
& Antoinette {Milk chocolate and earl grey tea ganache and raspberry jam}!

Not forgetting Charlotte {Filled with vanilla cream and strawberry coulis} ;)

Had brunch at the newly opened Smoothie King at Somerset 313!

Their outlets:

The Centrepoint #01-09/10/11 
176 Orchard Road
Tel: 67336864 
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily 

313@Somerset #01-14/15 
313 Orchard Road
Tel: 68362203
 Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm on Sun-Thu & Public Holidays 
8am to 11pm on Fri-Sat & Eve of Public Holidays 

Their are going to open at Suntec City Mall on 16 July 2013 as well!

Super healthy and great fast-food chain for health conscious/diet freaks, great place to come to after gym! *smirks* Cause everything on their menu clearly states the number of calories you are about to consume!

and their smoothies are da bombz too delicious, healthy and ultra refreshing! Their top sellers in the US are
Angel Food (consists of blended strawberries & bananas)
Strawberry X-treme (consists of strawberries & papaya juice)
Mango Festival (a tropical combination of blended mangoes and pineapples)
Almond Banana(consists of 2 types of protein powder!)

*cool fact*
When ordering their smoothies (available in different sizes), you guys can also add enhancers in your smoothies as well by topping up a buck! (1 SGD) Don't worry, these enhancers makes no difference in the taste of the awesomely blended drinks! 

Wide choices of different enhances, just gonna show you 4 examples I found online amongst all the enhancers. Doesn't Muscle builder looks attractive to body builders? heh

After ordering, self-service alert-er given whilst I wait. LOL no idea what issit called.

Got strawberry x-treme!! Super deli, fun and fresh with soy proteins~

Ordered a Salad-
Balsamic Tomato & Mozarella Salad
(234 calories!) hehe yum

and a wrap-
Got to be one of their top sellers and fav wrap ever for me ^^
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Breast Wrap
Their thickness of their wraps are just nice, not too thick. 
286 Calories for this :)
(I think you can have their wraps hot, served there or chilled as well)

Freaking love smoothie king, and I'll be back hehe

ending off the 'healthy' meal by buying garrett popcorn. hahaha 

ootd w my new Gucci shades

ciao guys! have a happy weekend :')

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