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Chong Qing Grilled Fish + Table Manners (Changi City Point) + Chocolate Origin (Changi Village) + Manhattan Fish Market + Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

It approximately 2.30 am Friday morning and I just completed my first report of this semester. Still have like a thousand more reports, presentations as well as tests and exams to get to, so im going to be very very very busy. Shall make this post short and sweet then. I doubt I'll even be able to TGIF later, okay not doubt, I am NOT. So no more partying for me I hope hehehe. Darn. The picture above was taken last Friday after ben's birthday at zouk, which I was so completely sober for.


My houndstooth OOTD

Went to Bugis after school with Weishan, Huijuan, Sam and Jeremy to have our dinner~ Cause Sam was treating us for being great group members for our projects last sem, technically treating huijuan cause she was practically the savior of the day by completing one of our undo-able modules last sem.

Kind of a nice view of the shop houses at Liang Seah street, spot mini sam and jer, yes the streets opposite bugis junctions have loads of food places!!

Yup we went to Chong Qing Grilled Fish, they have three branches around Singapore, the one we went I highlighted the address. Do give them a call to reserve ur seats before going, cause it was just a typical thursday evening and there was a queue when we reached already(maybe cause it is bugis), lucky for sam, who is a frequent here, booked in advanced!

18 Mosque Street

1 Liang Seah Street
Tel: 6333 9148
Opening Hours Mon - Fri: 4pm - 2am
Sat - Sun: 12pm - 2am

No. 45
Lorong 27 Geylang

Chong Qing is part of the Sze Chuan region in China, famous for all spicy delicacies.

And of course, this restaurant's signature dish is none other than the Chong Qing Grilled fish (duh) 
(Shown in the menu page below)

Step 1: Choice of fish (Sea bass, golden snapper, grass carp) 
& its size (Large can be shared for 3-4 pax)
 - I recommend Sea Bass, very fresh and tasty!

Step 2: Choice of Flavor(Spicy Numbing, Fermented Black Bean, Spicy Fragrant, Pickled Cabbage, Chopped Chili, Pickled Chili) - Those in italic fonts, you wouldn't be able to choose the Level of Spiciness for the broth Mild / Medium / Extreme

(I wanted to go for the extreme but the guys was like 
"The other time we had mild and it already was sooooo spicy, lets just go for medium, I bet we will still have our assholes on fire the next day!"
In the end I thought the medium wasn't at all spicy so I think that maybe the other time they were there the waitresses didn't like their faces and gave them extreme instead of mild?!
 And gave us mild today -____-
but do still take caution! I read reviews that their medium made people tear and consume huge amts of beer, I guess we were just unlucky but they take their spice seriously here.

Step 3: Choice of sides (listed in the pics below, all these would be included in the broth of the grilled fish served~)
we ordered cucumber, enoki mushrooms*must order*, black fungus, seaweed and beansprouts.
Kinda boring choices I know, I wanted my thick vermicelli or rice cakes but guys being guys, all wanted to go with ordering a bowl of 80 cents rice!

other yummy traditional food they serve on their menu!

sam n jeremy attentively ordering

us girls~

me sooooo hungreeeeeeee

ordered my typical sour plum juice yummm and the guys had beer

this would help quench the flames from the broth! deep fried man tous that goes perfectly well with condensed milk!

The star attraction of the night!

spot the sides

Some weird eerie pig ear from the starters the guys liked....
only had one piece and omg too brave of me.

I preferred the starter I ordered! Sour and Spicy jelly bean noodle, served cold, nothing that special other than the chewy lovely texture with the sauce, I finished most of these myself.

thanks sam for the dinzdinz! :D

huijuan, weishan and meee

walked around bugis and as usual went to get Mochi sweets, hehe I remembered the first time I had it, I didn't really like it cause it wasn't like those fully ice-cream filled mochi that I was used to, but ever since one fine day before club, Jessica bought it at their 313 somerset outlet, and influenced me that this was actually nice! Now I always have to buy it when I spot it!

hehe and there are new flavors I REAAAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY love the honey lemon. GO TRY IT PEOPLE. I think its my fav flavor by far. I had it today again too! ^.^
I am snacking and eating so much icecream everyday no wonder I'm gaining weight T.T

Not forgetting my egg-lets at the junction, rdm! All of us took away pizza flavored. typical eugenia fattening day. yumyum.


This week, I finally cancelled table manners off my to-go-food-places-list!
Quite highly raved and located among-st the many food places at the newly opened changi city point in the east!

Changi City Point (Opposite Expo, MRT)
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038

Daily 11.30am - 12.00am (Late)

Happy hour: 5pm - 8pm
(Discounted prized alcoholic drinks)

An Al-fresco dining pavilion for diners to dine outdoors. 

quirky decor indoor, air-conditioned.

haha so cute!


FYI: They have different Dinner and Lunch Menus. 
Their lunch menu are more of an customization of Fibers - Starters, Vegetables  (Leaf shaped logo) & Meats - Seafood, Meat (Meat shaped logo) 
Shown in the pic below (I found online) the price and the numbers of fiber and meat for customer's combo to choose from the list of food that table manner caters.

Whereas dinner is more of a la carte, but both similarly can be accompanied by getting a set meal.

What I liked most about my dinner there was their starters! Every single one of it tasted great. Be it recommended or not. 
Lucky for me, I got the snacks sampler, 18 SGD, for indecisive people like me whom feel like trying everything!

Super highly raved ebiko mussels were my fav!! Drools* think I can just order a plate there. Mushroom fritters and chicken quesadilla and spicy wings were all nice too!!! hehe can try the zesty wings though, thai infused.

Chef Recommended Pasta Al Fungi, 15 SDG, quite worthy, so pesto filled :P

and the last main, Ribeye Steak, medium rare, with truffle fries. 25 SGD. I am not that much of a steak person so I do not know how to rate a steak, but my dad said it was okay. Its not chef recommended but still decent, so I think their other mains would all be quite decent or better too :)

But i thought the truffle fries were kind of tasteless.

Ordered a recommended for the ladies Apricot Peach Cocktail, 13 SGD after happy hour price, before was 16 SGD. (the staff was very friendly and helpful, plus service points to table manners!) mom fancies it, but I guess I'm only cut out to drink when I club. Coz i hate the alcoholic taste. the irony.

And i preferred my dad's less costly beer.

table manners serves desserts too! Raved Sea Salted Chocolate Caramel Tart. 6.50 SGD. Quite unique! But can try their other desserts there too.

Overall, table manners is worth a visit, and the ambiance there is rather good, and can be a great spot for youngsters to chill and tar a drink or two.

Ugh, had twelve cupcakes coz my mouth was itchy afterwards. My impression of twelve cupcakes is nothing that great. One of the best sellers is their Red Velvet, but I think some of my friends can make better ones. Haha I'm just enjoying wasting my calories.

check out my makeup-less cupcakes thumbnails

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LAST WEEKEND~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Only picture taken before party w twin and zijun before heading to zouk!

During the weekends, last sat, had a feast at changi and this is my fav stall at the hawker there. The queue is always there! Really cheap and affordable for a plate of super yummy hor fun clad in the sauce accompanied by the crispy chicken chop.

stall name -> Weng Kee Ipoh Hor Fun 
Changi Village Hawker Centre
unit number -> Blk 2 #01-04
65456425, 96791389
Daily: 9am - 10.30pm

Do you guys see a trend here now, I never fail to have desserts no matter how full I am after a meal...
 Chocolate Origin which serves and sells super chocolaty cakes & I just made my Saturday afternoon complete with their Chocolate lava cake with icecream in a cup. Sinful.

Blk 4 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500004
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 9pm
Sat - Sun: 10.30am - 9pm
(another outlet at somerset 313 basement)

Worked with regina on sunday. Quite a good paying part-time job. Too bad I have to sacrifice it this sunday due to my lame school curriculum module which doesn't even pays me. Free labor. tsk.

Face is horrible but guess whose sexy back is that. me or regina? hahaha. actually halter backs are kind of niceee.


Lastly had a good night and dinner with James Seah Wei Jie. He gave up his sleep to meet me, heh, he always have to take his piggy afternoon naps after school -_-"

Went bugis and everywhere we wanted to eat had a long queue so we randomly settled for Manhattan fish market which sucked....

grilled platter for two with the spicy seafood dip for company

Even though we had a sucky dinner, I still had a nice night hohoho and spammed pics, just gonna upload some, which is still alot. 

Act cool dudeeeeeeeeeeeey make me choke on the smoke.


haha i sit so unglam.

shall end off with one of my fav pic of us. pouts


addicted to one piece (sob every ep I have to wait a bloody week) and now this, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), go watch it guys! No regrets I swear. One of the best animes ever!

give yall the link. dont say I selfish heheeeeeeee

Okay, I know I said this post was gonna be short and sweet, but it got kinda draggy so if you read until here, you wont regret...... cos im gonna help you save 5 bucks by saying MC DONALDS BEEF RENDANG BURGER SUCKS, their worst invention ever, I feel like eating a dead chemicalified cow for pete sake. Dont try it. Had 3 mouths, couldnt believe the horror and threw it away and had mcspicy instead.

look like shit too. samuri burger is much better

ciao bellas! enjoy the weekends!

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