Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How a fat girl thinks.

A list of things I would want to improve about myself on.

lol i just freaking dropped my Iphone into the toilet bowl an hour ago.
(Lucky for me, I have not done any forms of business yet) 
I was like taking off my jeans. Then suddenly, PLOOP, i still like slowly turn and look.. thought it was my
lipgloss or smth, then realized ITS MY FUCKING IPHONE. Hesitated for seconds before reaching my
hands into the full of bacteria oh-god area and saved my phone. Its still working miraculously, just that my
phone camera is super fogged and the ringer and speakers have gone bonkers.

other than that Im the kind of girl who can trip over my own leg and fall down a flight of stairs kind. -_-

2. STOP EATING SO MUCH and unhealthy food especially.
I can eat and stuff myself so much even my guy friends are so amazed. I am so scared cause I have already
stopped exercising like for a year lol, and I can survive the whole day just by drinking on sweetened drinks,
not plain water. Add the fact that I just ate finished a 6 dollars worth (600grams) of gummies I bought just
now, followed by Popeyes (fast food?!), then ate like almost a tub worth of icecream, TUB, yes. I am not kidding. Wait for my new food porn post -_-

THUS I really need to start eating healthy, STOP overeating, snacking :( and hopefully go on a diet or healthy routine before my two overseas trip which I am gonna get so fat from.

One last complaint, I think I LOOK SO HORRIBLE without my makeup recently, my eyebag sucks and my complexion is deteriorating!!! T.T I feel so inferior lol I should just stop complaining now. 

Miss the old times where I still look so radiant minus all the nightlife and stuffs.
n my old friends. 
be back soon. xx

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