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Maki-San + Ice Edge Cafe II + 記得吃 (Ji De Chi) Dessert

"Its so fluffy Im gonna dieee" hehehe I have not watched despicable me 2 yet ;)
HI GUYS, i am back. Enough with the tad of emo posts. (I hope.)
Was feeling so much better and bubbly and in a good mood to do this post, before something seriously annoyed me just now. Feel so stupid la. I think i should stop thinking that everyone is good, especially since last night which made me like open up my eyes, why I always tend to trust the wrong people easily & time and time again they just remind me that my very pessimistic way of thinking was actually right.
and FYI this is not called jealousy or any what not.

Even though people always define me as a girl who clubs alot, I am definitely not those easy type of drunk bitches in the club who dance and make-out w anyone they see or just met. Lol. Super sure of that. What for degrade yourself by just a night of influence under alcohol. Solution is very simple, cannot drink, don't drink. No room for any excuses.
1. Not to be stereotypical here but maybe attached people shouldn't club, I just feel bad for their partners. Not only tattle telling about the guys with dicks but some girls also actually do that. Been there, saw that numerous times. Just haven't done that. lol.
2. Alright I guess some people do know their limits. Just find it kind of turn off. Not trying to shoot anyone here. I just find it a little disappointing and sad.
3. Its my own opinions anyways, no offence taken.

Lagged updates.
On Sunday, I had a very fun afternoon before all the tears at night cause I booked and caught PEEMAK (thai thriller, comedy, romance) at plaza singapura w the usual guys (sean, jon and twin) & then headed down to the cathay to eat our dinner before the movie.

One of my BEST things in my life is definitely her, love spending time w her so much :)
The guys were late so me and twin could have our solo couple dinner tgt ^.^
Liked this shot so I took from her blog~

Maki San 
Located at the basement of The Cathay, super easy to spot once you travel down by the escalator.

The Cathay 
2 Handy Road 
6737 8772 

It makes an excellent choice for a sneak into the movie theater kind of takeaway because a roll of sushi comes in a very commercial, cute and handy packaging. Which you can see in awhile.

super small and cosy corner for sit ins.

self service counter, you can watch the staff prepare ur sushi~

Super idiot-proof forms for customers to design-it-yourself (DIY) your own sushi or salad!

Seems like a very healthy and good place for health conscious, picky food eaters or people who are on a diet cause now they can customize their food!!

Step 1: Choose your size, Little or Mega san! 
I think its more worth it to choose the Mega san cause there are like 2 more choices of essentials + 1 special ingredient for only $3 more.
Step 2: Choose your Wrap & Rice
Step 3: Choose your Essentials (Ingredients you can see in the picture below), Sprinkles (Eg: Fish flakes, Chicken Floss etc) and House sauce! The yuzu sesame sauce is highly recommended!

If DIY is not your thing, or you are simply lazy, you can opt for their house sushi.
FYI, Their signature sushi and salad are Keep On Shrimpin' and A Thing For Tempura respectively.
(I will go back to try keep on shrimpin' hehe)

enlarged version of two of their house sushi on the walls!

the cute packaging which I mentioned earlier, some people actually collects them!

they serve additional side snacks too, and we went for their tempura calamari! w jap mayo for the dip!

This was what I customized for mine (Jon preferred mine over to twin's)

Black fonts stands for the Ingredients.
Yellow for sprinkles.
Pink for Specials.
& Red for the sauce.

for you guys if you wanna customize your sushi like mine! Tempura enoki mushroom is a must have~

Twin's! That she super loved. I think her one had a heavier taste maybe cause of the teriyaki chicken!

Her form~

Did I make you guys hungry?

Try Maki-san now! HAHAHA I like doing advertisement.

After movie, we had dessert at 記得吃 (Ji De Chi) Dessert. nothing THAT special, considering we would be going to taiwan in less than two months tgt! hehehe can eat all the raved desserts then.

lame mango pudding sean ordered. LOL

adding expressions on the desserts cause they were getting kind of boring hahaha. but they had a selection of rather cool cakish-pudding (Forgot what it was called)

And i love these chewy stuff but unfortunately this dish had an overwhelming gingerish taste.


I skipped school so many times this week, the only thing worth mentioning is after a day at school on wednesday, as usual I brought Weishan and went on a food hunt.

It is a one of a kind fusion restaurant w skilful chefs that takes great pride in using their own unique recipes and premium ingredient!
Operating Hours are (Daily) 12pm to midnight

 Ice Edge Cafe :
 2 Kovan Road 
Simon Plaza 
Singapore 540008 
Tel: 6858 5729

Business is so good at their first outlet, usually restaurants have their best dish but I think at Ice Edge Cafe, it would be good to go in a huge group cause everything taste either good or great, you'll be spoiled for choices!!!
thus they opened their second outlet at Thomson, the outlet I went. The launch of Ice edge II introduced new fusion dishes and I would go back to try their very much top recommended Laksa Risotto as I did not have the chance to try it this time round :( I am usually a pasta over rice kind of person.

 Ice Edge Cafe II :
203 Upper Thomson Road 
Singapore 574344 
Tel: 6255 4655 

Many come to ice edge for their desserts only too, if you check their instagram hashtags or check-ins, their have a wide range of selction of waffles, brownies, creme brulee and many many other more which looks so appealing!

Recommended gelatos are their Mao Shan Wang, Ferrero Rocher and Lychee martini (The one we had & the only alcoholic ice-cream I would ever consume cause the alcohol taste is very mild - what for eat my favorite dessert in the world with alcohol wrecking the taste!?)

by the way, now they have a on-going 1 for 1 lunch promotion from daily from 12pm to 3pm (excluding public holidays) and it is Super worth it! You must be glad you read my blog. smirks :)

*EXTRA* Pros and cons of eating w twin and weishan is
Twin: We will want to try everything, as much as possible, available on their menu so we will overorder and overeat. and gouge ourselves like pigs HAHA
Weishan: The exact opposite, the right friend I need to go on a diet. LOL But I still very sad cause I didn't manage to try my calamari and their buffalo wings so i will be back. LOOK BELOW THEY ARE BEST SELLERS. HAHAHA and available for the 1 for 1 lunch promo!
Some of their higher ended dishes are not available for the promo though, and their desserts. 

barefaced~ My eyebags are da bombz

w weishan~

Super yummy potato wedges they serve (so i think their appetizers are a must try) with the creamy pesto chicken! (I love dishes with pestos)

And their recommended seafood aglio olio, cause weishan loves her olios. She is a picky eater! She said she liked the pasta more than the main! Guess their pastas are more of their specialty orders there? But then again I think everything is all quite nice thereeee!

Last but not least, the first creation in singapore - Mao Shan Wang lava cake with a gelato of our choice!!!

this is the best. DAMN SEX.

haha super precise and decorated!

no service charge, and the only bad thing about the place is that the lighting is so blue (makes my food shots look less deli than they taste!)

We are both growing out our fringes. hahaha

love her makmak

can't wait for my Bangkok trip with her SHOPPING AND MORE FOOD in september ^^ Will be travelling with my parents and we found this great promotion by thai airways since my parents didn't want to travel by the budget airlines. The airline's service is comparable to cathay pacific!! Look at how good the deal is!!!

xoxo eugeniania.

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