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The Lawn, Grill & Salad Cafe + Starbucks Secret Menu + Despicable Me 2 + Smoothie King II + 85 Fengshan Centre + MLP Advert

Hi guys! Happy tuesday!
 Back for a short quick update on how my past week and weekend went! Just finished a CA2 test yesterday, so I am resting at home for today cause I am so tired and shagged (but I have no idea why I woke up so early) Sunday was a real bad night for me. Had to do the free labor work in the afternoon for one of my modules despite not studying for my Monday's test. Then at night felt so shitty and bawled my eyes out again as usual + tryna study for the next day's CA. so not a pretty sight nor feeling.

Not harping on that, 


Helping wenmin to advertise this My Little Pony iphone 5 Casing she just imported yesterday. 
Brand new, not used before. She got for almost $50 but silly her got the wrong color.
SELLING for $45, in awesome condition.
Price can be negotiated. 
Text her @ 9751 2017
or email me for negotiations eugeniakohjiatian@hotmail.com
or tweet/fb/dm me anything, but better is to text her.


don't wanna do so many overdued posts, so here's what I had for one of my brunch last week, near my school! 

The Lawn, Grill & Salad Cafe
31 Biopolis Way 
Nanos (building) #01-07 
Singapore 138869 
Tel: +65 64789739 

Nearest MRT: Buona Vista (CC Line, EW Line) 

 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am - 9pm

Very healthy and fresh cafe which is quite crowded during lunch periods. Meat your greens~

Basically customizing your Box are as easy as the instructions in the picture below.

Step 1 Choose your Salad/Rice
- Box for Vege lovers consists of 1 Grill, 5 Toppings (from Greens & Dressings)
-For Rice lovers consists of 1 Grill, 1 Side Salad, 1 dressing, 1 portion of Olive Rice

Step 2 Choose your Grill
-Classic (For additional classic grill serving add $2)
-Premium (For additional premium grill serving add $3.50)

Step 3 Choose your Dressings
-Honeyball -Perky Sesame Ginger -Maple Peanut -Citrus -Me So Spicy -Red Island
-Premium (Add $1 might have seasonal changes)
I personally recommend honeyball, me so spicy and red island (similar to thousand island but with some twerks)

wide variety of greens (but I think broccoli was absent that day :( )

the grill choices

weishan's Box 1 - 
Char Grilled Garlic Prawns (Classic Grill) - MUST ORDER GRILL super yum
Grapes (so sweet n fresh!) + Cheddar + Corn + Fucilli Pasta + Hard Boiled Egg 
cant remember if I left anything out.
Me so Spicy (Sauce)

huijuan's Box 2 - 
Chicken Breast with fresh herbs (Classic Grill) a little too healthy and dry tasting for my liking
Granola (so weird LOL) + Cheddar + Tomato + Fucilli Pasta + Hard Boiled Egg
HoneyBall (Sauce) sweeeet as it sounds

Last but not least, my box, Box 3 - 
Buttered Seared Pacific Dory with Parlsey Rub  (Classic Grill) another MUST ORDER
and being the pig I added another grill I wanted to try
Grilled Salsa Duck (Premium Grill) 
so raved for being tender but what I had that day was just terribly hard LOL maybe the chef was talking on the phone and accidentally overcooked it -_-
Mini Beansprouts (MY FAV) + Tomato (MY SECOND FAV)  + Corn (so sweet n juicy!!)  + Fucilli Pasta (yum) + Hard Boiled Egg
Red Island (Sauce)

some set meal with additional top up with coffee, mushroom soup and dessert!

basically it was a rather filling but healthy meal if u finish all the greens inside which i didnt hahaha
but maybe for someone who prefers to devour their food hot, order the rice choice instead. (AKA WEISHAN she said she would the next time)
Cause unlike the freshly grilled and hot grills the greens are not cos its like supposedly 'healthy' & 'fresh' & saladyy

Look how awesome the rice looks from a pic I obtained from gninethree
good for bulking up gym lovers!


went back to school for a lame compulsory talk aft that. which apparently I fell asleep during. hahaha but got my fav starbucks and finally tried cotton candy flavor on their secret menu and their new white chocolate pudding series!

Yum cause this basically is just vanilla frap (my fav) and raspberry pumps, can teach the barrister how to do it if they don't know.

I heard the dark mocha choice is better cause at least there's a contrast between dark choc taste but I still stubbornly chose the sweet-all-the-way choice.

enjoying our venti bucks!

You can search about the starbucks secret menu online with more flavors, which is getting so not being a secret anymore, here are some which includes ingredients you can instruct the barristers cause not all would know how to make the one in the secret menus!


studied awhile with weishan's good influence at coffee bean in the east, hehe some nice choc cake (forgot it's name) so sugar coated and I finished most of it.

psycho-ed twin and weishan to catch DESPICABLE ME 2 with me hehehe cause I so good never club, at least need to watch a movie. With some romance this time, not too bad quite funny and super cute at parts, but 1 was still obviously better.

but Agnes and the minions are so darn cute still.
Can someone buy me a minion plushie pretty please *.*


worked at suntec, best part time job & pay ever

Wenmin came to find me for my loner lunch break. hehe so sweet of her, had smoothie king again!!! cause its so good and healthy. but I was damn fucking hungry so I thought that its not that filling after all for appetite like mine

Tried their Grilled Spicy Chicken Wrap this time round. Not too bad, 324 calories, but grilled teriyaki still wins I think hehe

and she had a Caesar chicken breast Salad (279 calories?) I prefer this over to my balsamic tomato mozzarella salad I had the other day cause at least there are MEAT in this!

thanks sweet friend hehehe pretty girl here. scroll to the top of my post to buy her MLP casing again! hahaha.

Oh, cause we were at Suntec city mall, the newest smoothie king outlet, it was the last day they were giving these cups for 50% off their awesome lip smacking smoothies, healthier choice than ur bubble tea GUYS!

Got my fav 
Strawberry X-treme (consists of strawberries & papaya juice)
again( more of a sweeter base)
added BEAUTY COLLAGEN (enhancer, you dont know what issit you seriously have to look at my archives)
wenmin got another strawberrie oneee
Lemon Twist Strawberry (197 cal)(obviously strawberry and lemons)
and its more sour based and We both loved it too as well! top two favs 
wm added PROBIOTIC (enhancer, you dont know what issit you seriously have to look at my archives)

now she loves smoothie king too hehehe

yummmmm was so freezing afterwards working without my jacket. :(
Camwhore with reginanananana heehee

super at bedok 85 fengshan centre w her aft work, my parent's treat. I think their BBQ stall deproved sadly was still so raving for it. But the chai chee porridge and some tangyuan stall IS STILL GREAT, which I had almost two bowls ._. 6 tang yuans aft the supper.
And so upset my 'lao zap from my mouth' insta vid got deleted cause I was taking pics of my BALLS of tanyuans. LOL another reason why eugenia koh jiat tian shouldn't multitask. can never and ever.

my appetite in ratio to regina's

work then must spend, immediately spend -_- since i always spend most on my money on food though, this is a more recent haul I got hehehe
Two new Perfumes
- La perla (flowery and sweet smell)
-Britney Spears Midnight fantasy (sweet smell)
I like those sweeter perfume smells than those floral kind hahaha

and VDL (just opened their first and brand new outlet at suntec city mall, directly opposite where I work)
So i got my fav makeup. A new lipstick!
Bright orange shade: 606 Brooklyn
different from my usual red.
loving it!

ending off with my new cravings lolololol 
oreo birthday cake flavor!!!!!! taste like paddle pop LOL and i love eating colorful stuff. 
dunno if they make me psychogically think its damn delicious 
eg me eating rainbow but still think its damn nice kind of logic. 
hahahaha okay but its damn nice la. LOL

and durian eating madness GIF hahaha.

lol and last but not least sharing is caring, weather so hot. TRY THIS new koi macchiato fruit series. see, plus points of reading my blog, hehehe shamelesssss me. Had the mango one the other day. fucking sexxxxxxxx Im gonna buy this later. HEHE

till next time, eugenianianiania XOXO

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