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Cafe Pal + Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining

Hi guys~ Back to my weekly updates. Did nothing much this week, since its like the official first week of my last semester. FYP was good, I think I clogged like the best sales ever since my group's business started during my school's open house. While working ALONE, since stupid shan's timing clashed with our working slots. 

Managed to have met up with most of my besties this week and went to dine at two places serving my top two favorite cuisines Thai & Korean respectively. :D which I will talk about later.

And I guess the curse of my clique is rather spook-ily accurate, everyone's status is slowly getting single one after another just like in the year 2010 after our secondary school phase, and then now. :0 But not to mention I am kind of permanently cursed. HAHA but all hail to 2014, its like supposedly a great year for those who were born in the year of the dog, (superstitious) lets see who is the best dog this year hahahahaha

Btw follow me on Dayre is you haven't, its totally different to what I blog about here, maybe its more nonsensical there haha


Cafe Pal
43 Middle Road
Singapore 188952

So I practically spent my TGIW after school at this modern thai cafe conveniently located near the Bugis area with my babes; twin & zijun and it tops up for the first few cafe visits for its unique concept I chanced with recently.

Other than serving homely thai food, desserts - like chiffon cakes and tea, part of this cafe's unique concept is actually serving milk tea (customizable in diff flavors and toppings) in a bottle! Food and ambiance was good, but somehow the customer service of the place disappointed us a little.

Because we were dining in, they did not allow us to purchase the drinks in bottle "regret to inform you that consumption of takeout items is not allowed in the premises" (wanted it cause the packaging looks nicer) I mean we don't mind paying more or anything but they simply put us off, and not very politely, which ruined the mood in the beginning. So tsk..

so I guess I might come back to do takeaways of their Thai Milk Tea (this time bottled and I wont freaking dine in..) w sagos (my fav kind of toppings!)

loads of choices

Ya the packaging of the peasant bottles..

two storeys

Zijun & Zhiyan!

And me, haha how I look whenever I go to school everyday. Being unable and lazy to dress up, just a school tee and I look so weird without my contact lenses and stuff haha.

Drinks, SERVED IN-HOUSE (haha okay sorry I sound damn sarcastic I should stop it LOL)

Thai Iced Tea (left)
+ Sago & Grass Jelly ($5.80)
"Creamy thai milk tea from the land of smiles"
I preferred this to green monster!! And I really love how well the thai milk tea goes with my favorite sagos :)

Green Monster (right)
+ Pearls ($8.80)
Green tea with milk and coconut
Not too bad, but a little too bland, maybe not sweet enough for our liking.

Mini Toast Kaya ($4)
Wanted to order their recommended Green Tea Chiffon cake w homemade kaya dip but confused up the orders and ordered this Mini Kaya Toast instead. Twin likes it, its good but it feels like it can be prepared at home!!

Mama Mee Salad ($8)
For starters, we had the mama mee salad, its like thai style of maggi noddles with minced chicken and cabbage tossed in tangy and spicy dressings. This was the most spicy dish of the night and I loved it, spicy and sour all mixed together! Really appetizing.

Phad Thai ($9)
The mainstream and ever popular thai style fried noodles. Simple but good! You can order this there if you like phad thai like us :) 

If you want to opt for something new, you can try their Signature Thai Beef Soup served with vermicelli or Phad See-Eu Fried Rice - Jasmine rice fried with dark sauce, mushrooms, a choice of chicken/beef/pork accompanied with a sunny side up!

Tomyum Noodles ($9)
Another yummy main dish at Cafe Pal. Dont worry, it does not taste as spicy as it looks. The soup base was kind of sweet and really tasty and the ingredients and noodles all goes really well together. Served with two wantons as appetizers!

Durian Sticky Rice ($6)
Our dessert choice for the night, durian served with glutinous rice in fresh coconut milk. This was super good and so much more unique since its like durian instead of the usual mango! Portion was just nice and not too overwhelming too, a must order!

Basically food was quite affordable and the places feels homely accompanied by all these simple yet homey dishes, so you guys can try dining here if you like thai food like me! More affordable and tastier than places like Bangkok Jam, if you get what I mean.

On thursday, met up with my babes for a short shopping session at bugis area as well. I really like dressing up or rather wearing dresses that I would never really wear when I am out with my clique, cause they wont really judge me for my weird sense of style sometimes. hahaha


Settled our dinner at
Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining 
201 Victoria Street, #04-11, 6509 6900

Other Outlets:
Square 2
10, Sinaran Drive,#03-68, 6397 6939
The Central
6, Eu Tong Sen Street, 03-92, 6227 8802

Had my eye eyeing on the place for pretty long, whenever I pass by already. But the queue is always rather long at dinner timings and since we had an early dinner that day, I finally get to dine here and I really like all food that they serve! Seoul yummy is really yummy and serves delicious and affordable korean food with good customer service.

Prolly the only place I know - for now, (If you guys know any please ask fm me :)) which serves the korean Army Stew I have alwayyyys wanted to try. It looks soo good and I kept reading it as Amy until tessa scolded me and I realized. HAHA! 

Can you imagine all long I wrote like I want to try AMY STEW in my to-try-list hahahaha tess was like "who the fuck created this dish, amy ah? Its like created when korean ARMY guys throw alot of stuff into a pot and eat it while in army thus the name" haha I felt so stupid LOL.

Anyway, they have this really good promotional combo now which consist of 
Army stew + choice of appetizer +  choice of dessert + 2 drinks + 2 Korean Multi-grain rice
This is good for two pax. But since we had 4 people that day, we actually upgraded the 2 korean multi-grain rice (meh I hate simple/healthy food) to their popular mains for an additional top-up of $8.90 each! (usual $16.90)

Added $1.50 each to upgrade the 2 inclusive Korean Roasted Barley Tea to SeoulYummy Ice Lemon Tea with Aiyu Jelly. (Recommended cause they are really yummy haha)

I then realize I always do this kind of stupid things like not reading carefully, cause I was like.
"lets upgrade our drinks from the barley to ONE ice lemon tea and ONE aiyu jelly hehehe"
Me "LOL WTF oh i see"

I am so freaking blur sometimes haha

Refillable ban-chan similar to like any other korean restaurants. I only like the kimchis hahaha

and the star-dish of the night. The Army Stew!! You can have it as Army Stew with Assorted Meat or Army Stew with Spicy Octopus & Assorted Seafood.

I wanted to try the seafood one but weishan (the picky girl) wanted the meat so we gave in to her. Anyways the waitress says that the meat is actually the more popular choice. Maybe it matches better with the rice, but I was considering the fact that we were going to be eating with other mains with meat already so we should order this in seafood.

Looks really spicy but it was just nice since we opted for less spicy cause Tessa cant really handle spicy stuff well. Their "Assorted Meat" includes: chicken, beef, pork belly, luncheon meat, fishcake, enoki mushrooms & kimchi. Tasted really great and everyone loved the exceptionally thick ramyeon (maybe next time we should add two portions of the ramen noodles), soup, and I love the spicy chicken! 

before mixing the army stew. yum yum *.* only I ate the luncheon meat tho, does anyone feel like a dog when you eat luncheon meat?

Opted for Spicy Rice Cake for our appetizers, cause the potato pancakes does not look as appealing as seafood pancakes, it is one of my favorite and must haves in a korean restaurant! Anyway, the sauce and the rice cakes went pretty well altogether! Overall all the dish I had at seoul yummy was at least of a certain standard and nothing was of disappointment.

Popular mains choice one - Stir Fried Glass Noodles with choice of either beef/pork/chicken. Can be spicy or not. This was really good and tessa and weishan really loved the spicy beef we opted for *.* Noodles were so flavorful thanks to the beef's marination and all the other ingredients.

Main choice two - Hotstone Bibimbab (really HOTstone cause I scald myself touching the bowl.) Similarly, you have a choice of beef/chicken/pork again. And me and wenmin was like SPICY CHICKEN. hehe really liked this as well and I finished like almost the whole bowl of bibimbab myself since it was in front of me and the girls was all too full to their brims. 

Very yummy and affordable meal, everything was nice?! So I guess I'll be back.

Only the pork belly was a tad overcooked in our stew hahaha

tessa and weishan~ cuties

and wenmin and me HAHAHA

Last but not least, our dessert. We all reallyyy liked this! We opted for the mixed fruits Bingsoo (recommended on the Bingsoo series) Wise choice and recommended by my twin. Its like frozen yogurt on the top and not the mainstream ice-cream. Which makes it more tasty and the colorful bottom contains green and red jellies with mixed fruits & aloe vera. Super good and refreshing choice of dessert! *.*

hahaha happy me

w wenminnnn~

bill topped up to around $84 for 4 people so its definitely worth a try especially when their outlets are so convenient!

And another day my mom bought me krispy kreme donuts and I managed to try the remaining flavors (sorry for the half-eaten pics haha) I did not try the other time when i did the review

from top, left to right

Original Glazed - tried before and the most popular flavor.
Red Velvet - tried twice, not really a fan.
Cappucino Franco - Worth the try too, glazed above with cappuccino fillings! :)
Cinnamon Apple Filled - one of my fav assorted cause I look cinnamon desserts and apples!
Almond All Over - Its supposedly topped w chocolate but I have no idea why is this glazed haha.
New York CheeseCake - Worth the try cause the insides are filled with cream cheese too *.*

And one of the usual zouk nights with some of the babes. Fun night ^^ Drank alot lol from f-club > dream > zouk > phuture > velvet!
Nicko, linette, me and shan 
(single as of now haha) So I guess now I have three fellow clique-kis to like club with me. 

screwed up shots cos all of us was like gone lor hahahahaha

Forever spilling drinks all over my shoes when I club. 

Hope you guys had an enjoyable weekend! :)
I cant wait to dye my hair next week for the new year!! Say goodbye to my young punk high-lighted hair color I had for almost a year now. Since I am gonna be twenty this year already! hahaha

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