Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Friends + JB Jalan Wong Ah Fook Curry Fish Head + Summerbreeze

Hi guys, this shall be a simple and short update, cause I am sooo tired out with only 2 hours of sleep last night, and getting locked out of my house for 3 hours in the afternoon cause I forgot to bring my keys. Always quite hungry at this timing as well, so it would be a torture for me when I am elaborating on my food pictures later cause they are so yummmmyy looking sigh.

Anyways, it was my last week of holidays, so dreading school but didn't exactly feel like spending my last week clubbing again, so I didn't "really" club. I feel like I am getting a beer belly soon at this rate. lol. First 19th year old to have that. 

But got dragged out of my house last Saturday night to zouk (which I am glad I did, really) and these few snapshots below are taken using Vanida's camera. 

Not going to elaborate much, but Tricia has been one of my best friends for years which I'll always have a soft spot for despite our minute or even major quarrels. Although we might not be have met up as much compared to old times due to her prev relationship/school, I hope she knows I'll always be there for her. Be very brave, all a part and parcel, and always remember that friends are forever. And I love you very much. So, brace on. hugs xo

Actually Sony really did improve their cameras in these years. Look at the quality! Cause I am a rather traditional old-school Canon/Nikon fan despite other brands having came out with so many more sleek and chic camera designs (to me picture definition is so important, and I think Canon and Nikon are the best brands that specializes most in camera gadgets! I think my camera is the only thing on earth I don't mind having it NOT in pink haha! k shall stop here in case I sound weirder by min)

Anyway w the pretty girls of the night Vanida & Tricia. 

Vanida, Tricia, Me. I look so unattractive next to them! I swear.... hahah

And another night with shiyun :)

& hold your breath guys.. 
Last week I had one of the best or better curry fish head in Singapore!!! Opened by my mom's friend & we got invited, but I swear I am not bias. I rarely even bother to eat curry fish head in Singapore cause I have never really tasted anything that great or comparable to the very famous one I always have when I go to Johor Bahru (JB)

& Im sure I found its match, now my friends (who I introduced the JB's Kam Loong to and they absolutely love it as well) and I need not travel all the way to JB cause this one I had was almost similar?! And taste so good as well, both a little different in their own awesome ways.

JB Jalan Wong Ah Fook Curry Fish Head
Beauty World Centre 
No. 144, Upper Bukit Timah Road
Tel: +65 6467 0923

Located at Beauty World Centre's (food centre!!)

Closed on thursdays.
Opening hours: 11 am - 8 pm

Btw all of the food serve at their stall has NO MSG at all. My mom's friend was like telling me how she hates msg and using them in her food haha.

The stall serves quite a variety of comfort food from curry fish head, deep fried toufu, sliced fish soup, yong tau fu, oyster porridge and more!!

No msg but this Yong Yau Fu Soup tasted great!! I super love it. I spammed like seaweed and fish maw, my ultimate favorite in these kind of soup based stuff!

Actually the stall is self-service but this is one of  the fried piece the owner handpicked for us to try under the Yong Tau Fu section, 50 cents per piece. And this semi-fried mushroom(?? no idea opps) ball is soooo tasty as well especially when it goes with the chilli they serve here!

And another star of the night, we ordered like two plates of this!!! Okay actually I was skeptical about it at first, but my mom's friend was like "just take two plates!!" Then okay lor, haha lucky, if not one plate wouldn't be enough.. Would just so totally come back for this!!

Deep Fried Dou Gan ($3.00 each plate)
 I usually don't really eat dried toufu. But this fried, dressed with generous amounts of homemade sweet/spicy sauce and covered with cripsy tempura flakes was really the bomb.. Ugh so hungry now.

two pics for this!

And obviously this.. 
Curry Fish Head ($23 - $ 28)
Dont worry if you are picky or scared of eating fish heads? even though to me there's not much diff, cause its all meat. you can add fish meat or the tail part for ($10 - $18)

We ordered ours in medium ($25), fish was super fresh and meaty. And the gravy, vegetables and ingredients in it was perfect. ahhhhhhh sorry too hungry haha

Has my favorite toufu skin (left) in curry and even generous portions of yam (right)!! Which I didnt know would taste so good with the curry.

Was too full but the two stalls next to JB Jalan Wong Ah Fook Curry Fish Head looks promising as well, mom's friend was like saying how good this stall's Xiao Long Baos were much better than Ding Tai Fung's and the sour & spicy noodles as well!!

and this shop that sells variety of Guo Dong (jelly/jellies) The three stalls might be collating to open one big restaurant in the near future since all specializes in their own culinary. So you guys, should quickly come here for causal dining before their renovation hehee.

yummy almond + longan pudding *.*

tookaway these
Tortoise shaped (milk, plain, pandan flavor)
Triangle (coffee!! the light part was sweet and the bottom is definitely bitterish coffee, tasted so cute LOL) 

and chendol jelly + teddy bear (plain - my fav, I guess I like my jellies PLAIN for once haha)
They do customization too. Imagine having a jelly-cake for your birthday! Maybe next time I'll give it a go.


Told you guys I didnt "really" club, kind of chilled here at this windy place in the east, kind of nearer to my house, but still inaccessible without a ride. Used to always came here before I was even legal hahah

Pasir Ris Park
Carpark E
133 Pasir Ris Road
Tel: +65 6584 6515

Mon - Fri: 5 pm to 2 am
Sat & Sun: 5 pm to 3 am

Recently I think I prefer drinking and trying out new cocktails and shit (becoming more alcoholic ugh I feel like I wanna explore more pubs and try more new drinks omg LOL okay I just had the idea while typing that) even thought I know they're really unhealthy and fattening haha guess I'm really feeling in my 20s now.

Food standard seemed to have deproved so nothing much to recommend, but they serve western cuisine & tze char now (biting more than the chefs can chew) and food like tomyum pasta. 

But the main point of that place is that its really near to the sea and sooo windy, so its rather a cool & chill place to be. For chats and heart to heart talks that Fri night w Regina, shan & tess.

more of the guys came and we went to another place for supper and a rdm pic taken and you can see jeremy and tessa being nosey in the pic and looking at something like a car incident which happened.

Polaroid with youyi birthday boy at his birthday chalet.
Zhiyan, me whom looks like a mafia boss they say, youyi & regina.

Still amazed by my 2014 specs so these shall be the last time I will be posting photos of them here. I feel so apologetic now HAHAHAHA

time for bed.

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