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I Am Cafe + Xin Yuan Ji 新源记 (Best fish soup) + Victor's Kitchen + New Hair

Hi guys, it has been more than a week since I last updated! Was quite busy last week, plus some personal issues (if you read my dayre, cause I'll have updates there almost everyday), so didn't have the time to sit down and blog. So I am just gonna start now!

Last monday after school, went cafe hopping with Jessica and twin! At one of the newest opened cafe situated in Haji Lane.

I AM Cafe
674 North Bridge Road
Off Haji Lane

Tel: +65 6295 5509

Opening Hours: 
 Mon to Thur: 11am – 11pm
 Fri to Sat: 11am – 1am
 Sun: 11am – 10pm

This Cafe practices Halal food preparation methods, but perhaps due to their cocktails served in their menu (alcohols) they have no halal certificate yet. Food served there are European inspired, Amsterdam in particular, which I have no knowledge on. I-'Am' stands for am in Amsterdam. Seats are limited and more of a open-concept without air condition. So maybe you can call to reserve.

Many people would come here for their Rainbow cakes, Red velvet and more! All cakes are handmade from the crew behind the cafe.

With my dates.

who also likes to take candid pictures of me

while waiting for food, took a little long. & had to self-service our own water 

jess and twin photobomb!

First up the starter we had was Calamari Relight My Fire ($6.90)
I already told twin not to order this cause I have read bad reviews on their starters and it they seriously taste like those which you can buy from supermarkets and self prepare at home. So this was just a waste of money.

The only acceptable main of the night was the Fish 'n' Chips ($15.90)
Not as nice as I thought it will be but if you wanna dine here, this would be one of the safest choices, like its still acceptable, just normal fish and chips, like maybe from fish and co? maybe on some good days, the chef might fry it at a better standard than the usual standard.

Hotstuff Messy Jumbo ($10.90)
Another dish which does not taste as good as it looks. 8" Jumbo sausage topped with minced beef and house-special sauce. I guess among the rest of them I was the most willing to eat this. Because I can eat anything if you just throw me loads of sauces. But we had our chicken sausage we initially wanted replaced by their beef sausage cause it wasn't available. So perhaps the chicken one would have been more pleasing.

And amongst all the pizza, the most recommended pizza was the Meatball Pizza ($15.90)
The crusting and base was okay I like it's spiciness. But we all really disliked the meatball that came with each slice on top, tasted damn hard and weird. So rather have ordered it in Hawaiian flavor or something. First time to get cheat by the chef recommended icon at the side on a menu LOL.

I dont know about their other cakes but if I were to come back to dine at this place again, I'll definitely only come back for this! 

Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake ($8.90)
Firstly, it looks super appetizing with one of my favorite combination of colors, RAINBOW. And I really like how their layer the crepes and putting chocolate in each layer as a divider. This is my first time trying out a crepe cake, as a non-chocolate lover. The chocolate taste wasn't too heavy for me to handle so we all enjoyed this!

Bill came up to around $64 with service charge. This is the first halal restaurant I can recall to have dined in and I guess maybe it wouldn't really appeal to chinesey crowds. Not trying to sound racist, but maybe its the area its situated in as well, you can see most customers there happy are browns.

And I finally dyed my hair on thursday~

Wanted a copper-red (meaning more orange color) but somehow it came out looking more red. Perhaps next time. You can see my bleached area having the copper streaks though! Changed my hair parting to a center one too, received good and bad comments. Some people say I look a little CHINA which is offending-ly funny hahahaha 

Tess says I look more demure if I just shut my mouth. HAHA but most of my guy friends think this makes me look better or issit they just wanna compliment me and not hurt my feelings haha!

Since we all dyed our hairs together, my girls and I decided to settle for dinner near the bugis area. And settled for the popular eatery which claims to serve one of the best fish soups in Singapore.

And really, I think their food is really good and I'll probably dine there again in the future and try all their special signature tze-chars!! (dishes) New found good slightly later dining shop ! :)

Xin Yuan Ji 新源记
31 Tan Quee Lan Street

Tel: +65 6334 4086

Daily: 11am - 1am

Uploaded this cause weishan looks so sexy hur-hur

Tess, shan, gina all looking at the yummy menu~

Shan and Regina! LOL all of our hair looks so good after styling.

Tessa and me~

animated gif cause of the wind haha

My hair looks more maroon than copper lor. SOB.

Look at the popular choices for their fish soup mee hoon! 

At the side of the stall you can see what are their signature dishes. I wanna go back to try their salted-egg calamari!! I saw many tables ordering them.

Regina ordered the Fried Fish Meat Mee Hoon Soup ($5.80)
With Milk of cause.

Tessa ordered the Fresh Slice Fish Mee Hoon ($5.80) With milk 
(No picture forgot to take, anyway they all look around the same LOL)

Me and tessa both prefer fresh fish slices (non-fried) and boy they were so good and fresh, everything went so well together! This place really serves one of the best fish soups in SG. But since young, my mom always trained me to eat fish soup without milk sooo I think I rather try their without milk fish soup mee hoon next time when I go back.

And this was the Mixed Fish Mee Hoon ($8.80) With milk.
means both fried (weishan likes) and fresh fish slices (I like) in one!


Another star of the night, Prawn Paste Chicken ($13.80)
Wenmin's FAV and I fell in love with the one they serve here as well. Superrrrr good, one of the best I have tried too?! Which brings me to the point on why I would wanna dine here again and try their other signatures!!

pictures all a little blur cause of the smoke emitting from the noodles manz. Spot my favorite plum juice in the picture, haha I have grandmother taste. See all the 'youngsters' ordered pepsi. Healthy weishan stuck to her plain water.

High-tea after school

Victor's Kitchen
Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street

Tel: +65 9838 2851

Operating Hours:
Closed on Mon
Tues to Sun: 10.30 am - 8.00 pm

Finally tried one of the quite raved and affordable dim-sum eatery in Singapore along 126 & Swee Choon. I think 126 and Swee Choon serves better dimsum in my opinion.

But maybe cause I only ordered limited choices of food this time round, since I had to finish all of the portions I ordered by myself. Cause my mom was vegetarian that dayyyy! >:(

I think this was the best 'dish' of the evening. H.K. Summer Ice Tea ($3)
Super refreshing and darn good. LOL I love milk tea and milk tea lovers would love this! Super authentic hong kong taste too.

Their dim-sum menu is also more limited compared to 126 and Swee Choon. But they have more unique signatures here and Jon told me to try their You Tiao Cheong Fan (quite a unique combo with fried fritters inside soupy chee cheong fan) He says its nice so maybe next time I'll order it!!

Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun ($4.50)
Most Signature!

love the yummy salted egg oozy fillings!

Scallop, Sausage Carrot cake with XO Sauce ($4.50)
another one of their signature which everyone raves a must order about!

Yummy Yummy Phoenix Claws ($4)

some scallop sambal sauce which goes well with the dumplings up next!

Victor's King Prawn Dumpling ($5)

succulent big juicy prawns!

It's just affordable dimsum in my opinion, what's yours?


haha the hilarious scene I explained on my dayre.

I went home aft club and comsumed like two pots of cambell soup with bread and loads of other nonsense being tipsy, lucky didn't burn down the kitchen lol

Random starbucks at the airport. Tried the new new year flavor Asian Dolce Latte

more bitter than what I usually would opt for cause I am a sweet tooth but its okay~~

And one of the food I would have since young and its really popular with queues most of the time.

Yong Xiang Xing Tau Foo 永祥興豆腐
Peoples Park Complex Food Centre
Opening Hours: 1pm till sold out (usually by 4pm)

my fav part in a bowl of YTF.

Ending off with a random short insta vid of me singing "Do you wanna build a snowman" from disney's new movie frozen! It's a must watch! As in the movie, not my video HAHAHAHA u can watch if you want. Cause I am so lazy to make videos now.

Hope you guys enjoy the longggg post shall end off now, blog soon!

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