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Christmas 2013 + 2014 New Year Countdown + PS Cafe + Shopping hauls

Hihi guys, so this is my first post for the year 2014! So far the year has been treating me great, it has been quite the leisure to have ended 2013 during my holidays, where I did nothing extra-ordinary but managed to recuperate for all the loss of sleep I had during school time. Despite partying on quite various occasion, guess my complexion has became slighter better maybe cause I really sleep alottttttttt during my holidays, thus I started off my post with a totally barefaced animated GIF of myself wearing a pair of lighted specs that says "2014" HAHAHA so cute right....... as in the specs not me, still damn amazed by them HAHA (but my complexion is obviously still not as good as before I even partied and put on makeup DUH..). But my body clock is screwed uh, practically sleep at 8 am daily and wakeup at 4 pm. Thus always having supper and not losing any weight I gained this holidays SIGH. Wanna reach my ideal weight this NEW year. hehe

Anyways, I am kind of overdue-d on my Christmas posts so on and fourth cause I dedicated my previous entire blogpost on twin's 19th. So unfortunately, I don't really have time to do a list of thank yous for those people who were there for me in 2013 as well as new year resolutions. So i'll make it up with this insta-vid I posted on my instagram few days back!

Overall 2013 has been really passable, and it really taught me LOADS of things. One of the few prominent events was actually me having the first date of my life in 2013. Haha, not even a first boyfriend but my first date I guess, which as well taught me more, in a good and bad way. The whole experience made me mature in some ways and kind of changed my mindset of certain things and my friend was like sending me this comic strip below.. saying that this girl in the comic is DAMN like me.

hahahahah sorry guys. I think i'm even more wary against new people and guys in my life now. HAHA. But really thankful for everyone who makes the effort every now and then and of course I LOVE MY FRIENDS <3 guess they are the ones who would never ever break me and will be there for me all the time. LOVE YOU GUYS. So yeap! Not thinking of anything much now and finally free enjoying life now as it is. :) 

Received this pretty chanel boy from my parents at the start of the new year and I love it ^^ So I am pretty sure 2014 will be a much better year (materialistic me HAHA jk) I am so thankful for them.. and I shall try be a even better daughter this year!! (i suck sigh) 

Alright, enough of the ranting of the new year. HEHE shall start of with how I spent my christmas and new year countdown asap!


Shopping date with regina, finally single, so I have been spending more time with her this holidays compared to the rest of my attached bitches. This date was actually unplanned, wanted to head down to town alone (for the first time) cause I had so many gifts I wanted to buy for twin's birthday and the Christmas exchange. I swear town was sooo crowded that day and I think I can conclude that I can't shop alone, cause I am really fickle and need opinions HAHA.

hint: got something from VS! HEHE. Super tired us in the toilet after shopping. 

Wanted to rest our tired legs and decided to go for dessert at PS CAFE. blogged about it before, so you can read my dinner experience there the previous time

Portions are always quite big so you either have to settle for mains/desserts while dining there, and this time I had desserts. Really like the ambiance and the continuity standards of their food there!

I shall try their cakes next time!

regina :)

eugenia :)

Must order! One of the best Truffle shoestring fries ($15) around, since regina hasn't tried it before I ordered it again on my second visit! But after eating it for the second time, I kind of miss the Au Chocolat truffle fries I had before! LOL!

Sticky Date Pudding w Ice Cream ($14.90)
One of my favorite kind of dessert, stick date cake with caramel and vanilla icecream! Ps Cafe serves the better ones around! yumm!

and this is what I got for my clique's Christmas exchange!


With jessica~





and of course TWINZ

thanks keith once again for the christmas prezzie. :D

Which got me started on applying pink lipstick shade recently, which I never thought I'll suit, since I am always on team red LIPSTICKS. hahaha


Before my stomach expanded (thus needa change into pants before twin's birthday party at club mentioned in the prev post heh)

With my besties, clique at tessa's place! (Everyone has to bring a dish prepared by themselves like last year!)

This was my dish. Mashed potatoes + mushrooms + onions & baconnnn!

I still added like airplanes on my packed mash-potato which obviously tastes better than how it looks since these shots were taken by my iphone!

Spot my mashpotato & gravy, the chicken wings my mom fried, Tricia's beehoon she brought (her maid cooked it.. I think HAHAHA)

Like last year, Weishan cooked curry again~ Finished up super fast.

Regina BOUGHT COOKED chickens from cold storage. Not surprising if our potluck dinner was more successful than the previous year (if you look at my archives).

tried the new kind of lemon flavored tiger beer. I liked it! tasted like lemonade HAHA

Louis' homemade duck, the star of the night.

Which he professionally sliced o.o someone award him the best guy cook award please.

and tessa's brownie which I spammed the MOST, I think I helped her entirely cleared up this plate the most la... I have such a sweet tooth, but it was really nicer than the ones she baked previous year! I swear.

And wenmin's cheesy mushrooms which was good in my opinion heheh

and her deviled eggs as well! Me likey YUM

look at how popular my mash-potato is k thanks. 
Nico cooked some Campbell soup, chunks made tomato pasta, davis fried nuggets (??)  

presents under the christmas tree~ (almost said coconut tree haha)

w fudgey boy, trish and shan!

after the 'feast'..

The girls, (us) finally had our Christmas gift exchange session. 

from left to right 
1- wenmin's cotton on pjs
2- tricia's body shop item (I forgotten what)
3- My Victoria secret gift (apparently most popular and wanted of the night despite wrapping it, since my plastic bag made it so obvious & TESSA got it and she was like yay haha)
4- regina's hello kitty termal flask (she thinks its cute and i'll like it HAHA)
5- tessa's mac lipstick
6- weishan's handcream forgotten the brand name heh

egg-cited us, one pick of the lots and we were done!

Group picture with our presents! :)

And I got wenmin's PJs! 

hahaha kinky eh... kiss under the mistletoe or smth.. But look at my facial expression on the right.. the Pjs are like in Large size!!! My mom asked me to just let her wear, too big for me HAHAAHAHAHA 

In our attempt of taking a group shot w the guys after popping the champagne.

and then somebody spilled drinks and everybody was like "wuddd" and I still continued drinking effortlessly LOL

cheers~ Hope you guys had a great Christmas! :)
From Marcus, rui hao, ivan, louis, davis, tessa, nico, weishan, regina, me, Tricia and wenmin!

2014 New Year Countdown

Unlike last year, boy am I glad I didn't spent another countdown at a club again. It would be so freaking packed and hard to hail for cabs after I swear no matter WHERE you are!

So I actually spent it with some of my best bros hehe another group of people I love in my life. (other than my clique CBOAH) 

We headed over to Sean's place because we could chill at his rooftop, watch fireworks from padang, while counting down. 
Wanted to have bbq at first, but it was drizzling in the afternoon and it was a too last min decision, so we settled for some Canadian pizza delivery since many hotlines were unavailable. Who in the right mind would want to work on a new year's eve!

Managed to psycho this twin to come because in 2013 we spent majority of these festives tgt and I really wanted to watch the fireworks with her *.* and enjoy like a romantic kiss under the moonlight HAHAHA

was at the edge of the rooftop trying to portray and practice our positioning of how romantic would our couple shot be under the fireworks.

then headed over for some pizzaaa~

two Hawaiian, one meat lover and the most snatched bbq chicken (or smth i cant rmb) should have just ordered two large pizzas of that! 

unglams ahead. (jon, sean, andrew, yilang)

me and JJ eating pizza and 'posing' HAHAH 

so pretty maximum la

(aaron, jon - whom later seriously started 2014 with a bang when he went downstairs to pee and didnt see the TRANSPARENT sliding door so he knocked into the door and chipped two of his teeth LOLZ nice face there, and seannnie boy)

ahhahah roy lol they are all gonna kill me

more shots of me and twin and bo-gay jon hahaha jk

another failed shot LOL

played some card games before 12 am's arrival.

and this was how the fireworks from sean's place looks. 

damn pathetically small I had to zoom almost all the way, I still wanted to take some romantic shots with the twin HAHAHAHAHA joke

drinking games - ANDREW STYLE with baileys and beer. 

Regina came shortly afterwards.

So its 8 am and the sun is officially up. Hope you guess enjoyed this post and have a blessed 2014 ahead! :) 
Shall end off this post with a picture I took from zouk's album not too long ago!

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