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House + Zhiyan's 19th

Ugh.. So here I am trying to blog once again despite being such a lazy bummer at times. So it finally came to my last week of holidays, should freaking treasure it and find something useful to do during New Year's countdown. Any suggestions guys? Anyways clubbing has been a very unhealthy routine for me and perhaps its time for me to try and stop it #okaypleasedontkillmeppl #causeIsaidthisphraseonlyAthousandtimes

But still, I wouldn't want to spend my new year counting down at zouk like last year (freaking crowded some Caucasian actually burnt me with her cigg in the club, hello its Singapore's club, not Thailand's - okay I havent been to bkk's clubs either hehe)

Anyway this whole post is gna be dedicated to my bestie/twin/lover/lesbian lover of my life. Guess she is one of the closest person in my life, despite knowing her for a shorter time-frame in comparison to my clique. Cause we are freaking similar, in some ways at least, and most people always think we look alike and our minds think alike (hehe great minds think alike and sometimes Idk if people honestly think we look alike or its just because me and her always proclaim we are da TWINZ) HAHAHA

Shall start of with a very cute picture of my very happy twin zhiyan tay~

Part I of her birthday was actually spent in the club, then Part II was her birthday dinner. Haha and yes, I ganged up with her clique. And talking about cliques, let me explain this 'hereditary' once and for all. 

Me & Zhiyan are "twins" LOL 
but we are from different cliques.

My clique CBOAH (refer to the pic below - taken during our christmas reunion dinner, which I will blog about in the next blogpost) Consist of ME, wenmin, tessa, regina, weishan and tricia.

And twin's clique is TLTBZ (okay you may see instagram hashtags of #cboah and #tltbz now LOL) Which consist of (picture below) Zijun, Gervina, Twin, Sheryl, Amelia and Jorgine.

Yes and me and twin are besties yup, so back to the surprise. I ganged up with her clique, they all lied to her that they are unable to make it for the club party and acted a little could not be bothered, but I knew the truth but still acted along so that we could all surprise the twin at 12 am! I still had to give the I-needed-to-shit-face when I went and meet her clique. 

She was so touched she almost cried boohoohoo LOL. 
So we came up with an idea of her wearing a board on her neck saying "BIRTHDAY GIRL - FREE KISSES" 
Since she was like "eh I tell you ah I must be the most zai (best girl) of the night and all attention must be on me cause its my birthday" 
Etc so yup she got her wish! I didnt even bother dressing up nicely for her birthday cause I shall let her look the most beautiful that night. HAHAHA (plus i came from a christmas feast so my stomach was so big I changed my bottom into something more comfy hahaha!)

Another group photo with all my party girls! Jess, nat and shiyun.

Ultimate group photo hahaha

Da twins~ She was so beautiful that night. In that white drezz. Could she be the one? HAHAHA sorry zz I like to talk cock.

Yup everyone was gone or gonna be gone.

Flaming lambos for the birthday girl + kisses on cheeks from some of the dream promoters.. but mostly she gave us girls all kisses HAHA. which twin still had the energy to delete almost every single photography shot of it HAHA runs in the genes our liquor tolerance.

shots, shots, shots, shots, EVERYBARDI!

Me and jorgine & me and regina

w zijun, another drunkard of the night.. hahaha

weien and zhiyan and leonard disturbing..

another photo of us~

w Andriel!

With regina again~

Very high twin, me and jessica LOL

With amelia!

And zijun~



Amelia and Gervina :)

Thats about it. Then twin decided to do a stunt on us and yup, at least she didnt end yup like her club party last year (go search my archives for it, in case she kills me hahaha)


Dresscode was pastel then changed to Rainbow cause many was having wardrobe malfunctions. And I was green~ So I matched it with my tinkerbell necklace from swaroski.

Birthday girl chose her birthday dinner to be at Dempsey area. Kind of super inconvenient to go without a ride, but I really like these kind of areas, perfect for dates! One of my first few times at Dempsey and I think I would really want to go and dine there again! So many choices of restaurants!

8D Dempsey Road

Lunch & Tea 
Monday - Friday: 12 pm - 6 pm
Monday - Sunday: 6 pm - 10.30 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm
Sunday: 9 am - 4 pm

They are quite known for their Vintage High Tea promo for around 25 SGD per head, only on Thursdays and Fridays: 3 pm - 5.30 pm (which now seems like a better choice to dine there for, more varieties -cause you can try more dishes & affordable)

Tel: +65 6884 6884

Barracks cafe @ House!

Perfect place for ootd shots hahaha. Imma green nature fairy!

w twin and samuel while waiting for others! (taken from her cam)

Spa Esprit Group's first venture into the F&B arena, opened in 2007 as an ambitious 17,000 sq-feet venue that combines an indoor and outdoor café, four multi-function rooms, and a bar. Nestled in the forest of Dempsey Hill, the former British military barracks has been refashioned into a whimsical dining space.

It was rainy but look at the luscious greenery outside! So appealing to the eyes.

ugh. my very very frizzy hair.

Like the chilly interior too!

Settling down~

& As usual, like Zijun's 19th gervina made some strawberry cream cheese parfait for twin which looks so good *.* My clique is buy cakes...

In addition to their legendary Truffle fries (its a pity we didn't try them but recently too sick of truffle fries, they are everywhere) Barracks Cafe at house also introduced many new variations of fries to their menu! Fries-tastic & Yummy pizzas which is brought by Skinny Pizza in their menu too!

Samuel and zijun~ (Tsk never follow the dress-code hahaha)

me and twin (in her pretty yellow bareback dress) AGAIN while waiting for food

Small part of my birthday present to the twin. Customized twin bangles - I put on for her, so romantic.. (haha other presents shall be revealed at the end of the post)

Our appetizers were the pizzas (really with the thinnest crust from skinny pizza) and fries!

English Breakfast Pizza ($25)
"A Traditional favorite with smokey bacon and english egg - sunny side up - Served with Portobello mushrooms, roasted neapolitan tomato sauce and ripped basil"
Every ingredient went perfectly well with one another! Yum

Mozzarella Bolognese Pizza ($26)
"Minced beef bolognese topped with generous slices of mozzarella, juicy tomatoes, rocket and basil"
I preferred this pizza to the earlier cause the beef bolognese is so juicy and it makes everything goes really well all together!

I am so hungry right now..

Truffle Taro Fries ($8)
"Shoestring yam fries with aromatic truffle oil"
This kind of tasted like truffle chips, so I guess its a good choice for people with smaller appetites in case you cant finish your mains cause of your appetizers!

Pumpkin Hazelnut Fries ($12)
"Straw cut pumpkin fries with crunchy hazelnut, paprika and chili powder"
Both of these fries were the more recommended two by the waiter among the four choices and I kind of finished up all the crunchy remainings of the fries till its brim hahaha. If you love those kind of sweet potato fries I recon you'll like this?

Overall, all the mains from the house were decent and the portion are just nice, looks quite huge but you wont have to worry about stuffing yourselves, I still had space for appetizers and desserts.

Squid Ink Paella ($30)
"Seafood Paella with clams, prawns, squid, black olives, semi-dried tomatoes and sauteed capsicum. Its crusty top is garnished with Parmesan cheese and fresh coriander"
 I really liked this dish, this is the second/third time I ordered something squid ink-ish (first was pasta, then the pizza from skinny pizza) and it was good all the squid ink dishes hasn't disappoint! I usually dont like rice based stuff but this was addictive, kind of salted so I spammed water. But the seafood given was generous and I really like some of the crusty parts

Roast Chicken with Mash & Fondant Carrots ($26)
"Christmas in a bite. Spice-rubbed chicken roasted until fork-tender and nestled on hearty mashed potatoes and sweet carrots. Sparkled with a sprinkling of fresh parsley"

Bay Prawn Capellini ($27)
"Chili with prawn bolognese and braised baby leeks garnished with micro herbs. Topped with pecorino cheese shavings"
One of my favorite mains of the night as well, its a house classic and a house proud dish. Will order this again when I am back! Love angel hair pastas.

Pork Ribs with Caramelized Pineapple ($29)
"For Rib-sticking goodness. Finger-licking sticky pork ribs salsas with caramelized pineapple and cripsy shallot rings"
One of their chef recommended!

Old-Fashioned American Sliders ($26)
"A pair of hot buns. Mini burgers done medium-well, accompanied by a mixture of sweet potato and truffle fries"
5 Variations of the burgers can be served:
- Loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and "secret sauce"
- Plain with truffle aioli
-Sauteed mushrooms and onions
-Cheddar cheese and bacon (picked this!)
-Bleu cheese and bacon

Love cheesy stuff this was not too bad in my opinion!

Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderlion ($27)
"Jamaican spices flavour this tender cut of pork. Add the fruity taste of peach-cranberry chutney, roasted garlic potatoes and grilled vegetables for an out-of-this-world flavour combination"
Meat was fresh and good but this picture sucks cause I didn't use my camera to take this dish and I asked sam to send me the only pathetic picture he has in his phone so .. the resolution is like this. HAHA

Other mains which we didn't order but claimed to be even favorable are the Asian Sliders ($26), also known as Kong Ba Bao, and one of the best around. As well as The Hanger Steak ($36)  with croquettes and wild mushrooms.

I'll give them a go if I ever dine at the House again.

Then twin went to the toilet and we decided to order from their dessert menu to surprise her since we haven't blown any candles for her this time round! All the food took a pretty long time to be served at the house maybe cause the whole area was huge and the waiters all seems to be very busy all the time like we need to fight for their attention.. but when the cake was served, several waiters joined in to sing my twin the birthday song so the whole restaurant was like looking so I guess their service is friendly and warm!

Shocked again and happyyyy

Warm Strawberry Shortcake ($9.50) 
"Filled with sweet fresh strawberries and poured over with vanilla bean cream"
Maybe we ate quite abit alr so this didn't taste as good as it looks or claimed. But still, its a WARM strawberry shortcake! Twin loves strawberry shortcake but she thinks this was okay only as well.

And the long awaited "rainbow" group shot. kind of a fail uh. hahaha!
Gervina, amelia, samuel, zijun, me, twin, jorgine, sheryl, wei kang.
Only some of us makes up the rainbow combi la!

Since it was dark outside only could make do with camera lighting insideee

Basically the food at House is good (if you have a ride there for convenience) and I loved the ambiance and environment. And there's a 15% discount off with payment by any DBS/POSB Card, good deal (lucky for sam's sharp eyes), esp when our bill came up to about 400 plus.

Happy girl after food :) 

And a record was broken... LOL 9 people (you cant see jorgine and twin's head in the pic) in a mini cooper.

well spent night! 

yup and I customized these bangles from
check them out on instagram @sensibar_sg or #sensibarSG
Their owner Jazreel was really patient and nice with me when I sent in my email enquiries.

I added an infinity sign and heart; twin on each bangle we would be wearing everyday in our bathes and all until one of us loses it in the club or smth -_- haha

Victoria secret couple pouch and benefit makeup set for her as well since its like one of her favvv makeup brands. Glad she loved it. She says its her fav presents this year hehe :)

hoped you had a blessed 19th with me twin!

background from the board twin made for me last year hahaha.

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