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Tamoya Udon (Best udon in SG!!) + Dulcet & Studio + Swap N' Shop VI

Since I am slightly more free now.. Shall chop-chop-dodily-do finish up on some of my overdued post! Actually quite excited to be blogging about it. (the best udon in Singapore yumz!!). BUT anyways. Should be quite busy from tmr onwards w birthday dinnerz and such. Plus I'll need to do finish my school report before my official holidays. So I doubt I have time to promote this BUT.. 

this saturday
7th Dec 2013, from 11 am to 7 pm, 
me and my friends, 
twin (zhiyantay), Weishan (@shannnxd), Tricia (@trishykor)
Will be setting up booths at this annual Swap N' Shop flea by gushcloud at JCube, Level 5

Will be letting go of my items from $5-$10 dollars, (or maybe two/three pieces for ten bucks, haven't decided), some brand new, some worn once like this flowery piece below!! Which I just bought in my recent Bangkok trip, but i have the bad habit of only wearing some of my clothes once, so.. Shall find some time to dig all of them up to sell them at the flea!

My booth will be booth 68, do support us :)

With that said, I shall move on to talk about my very very excited topic. haha of course, its about food again.. But I really like this restaurant I found for tessa's 19th birthday celebration! As she was the birthday girl, she chose a cuisine for me to tediously find a location. (as usual). And she loves jap food, so she chose Japanese cuisine! 

And after brainstorming for pretty long, I finally thought of this udon restaurant in singapore. Claimed to be the best! You do realize Singaporeans rave about ramen more than udon, because there are more well-known ramen places around Singapore in comparison to udon. And my friend tessa here is the ultimate udon lover.. So.. YUP. we went to the best place to have udon in singapore! ^.^

I usually foodporn alot and my friend was like asking me recently
"since you always go and dine at so many places, which is the best?"
"i cant really compare leh, diff place, diff kind of food, all not bad lah"

but now.. I can say the place would be tamoya udon
Really is an hit with my tastebuds, plus addition of two words - so afforable!!
The place is a must visit and I would love to revisit it too lol! 
Doubt I heard any negative reviews about the food they serve there too.

tamoya is opened by udon champion Tamotsu Kurokawa, one of the best udon chain in japan. The one opened at Liang Court is its first overseas branch!!

177 River Valley Road
#01-32 Liang Court
Singapore 179030

Tel: +65 6337 0301

Daily: 11 am - 9.30 pm

(think they have another branch at Chinatown point #b1-48/49)

did you know that udon comes in so many different variety too? all along I thought only ramen had different varieties! and I shall make ordering easier for you guys!

The reason why this No.1 udon is cheaper than other places is because of its 
self-service system:
1. Order (tell the jap chefs at the counter what you want)
2. Pick up your fried items (their awesome tempura, onigiri or others)
3. Proceed to pay
4. Add your own toppings (free flow)
(remember to take the tempura sauce from the machine too! if you took any tempuras)

I know this is very singaporean, cause I told this to wenmin and she said I damn singaporean or smth HAHAHA. *rolls eyes*

But i read it somewhere lah okay! 
The chef would usually push the tempuras cooked earlier in front, so if you are pickier or like your food/tempura to be just as deliciously piping hot as the udon served to you, tip is to take the tempura the deepest in.

As for me well, I am usually not picky, I can eat my food at any temperature seriously. But heat is a real important factor for some food esp tempura! I think the best tempura in the world wouldn't taste as good if its cooled. 
Trust me on this, hahah cause most of my clique did listen to my advice and they went like
"omg the tempura damn good"

but the birthday girl tessa... sometimes I think her ears are blocked or she forgot to dig them LOL
was like 
"why my tempura so hard" 
 im like "I DID" 


remember to be considerate and return your plates after dining!! no service charge!

finally at the free flow condiments station. 
add as many fish flakes, tempura flakes, seaweed, onion, soya sauce, sweet sauce, spicy flakes and any other more goodness to your paid udon bowl!!

chilled water and tempura sauce.

we ordered most of the different choices they have of their udon. It is a pity I didnt get to try their Kama-tama Udon - the udon mixed with raw egg. Cause you'll have to wait 5-10 mins for that and everyone was rushy.. :( Next visit!

The sets we ordered! Made it simpler for you guys by putting the receipt of each set at the top of the pictures ^^


Tricia's Sanuki Udon which stands for soya sauce based soup. (Do not worry it is not overly salty or more salty than Kake) She loved it! So did the others, but I personally prefer the original Kake Udon, which shall be elaborated later.
Her tempura was Prawn and Kakiage (veg) Both pretty yummy!! I cant choose which one I prefer cause one is meat and one is veg!
Tamoya's tempura are all priced between $1 - $2.50


Kake Udon, this golden looking broth which stands for salt based light soup. Really liked this the basic base flavor for most udon.
Wenmin added Kitsune (spot it in the soup- something which taste similar to the sushi you eat wrapped with beancurd skin) yummy! and the Shitake Mushroom tempura was so good as well!


And the most perfect combination of the night. Kake Udon add Beef. (salt based add beef) 
It may be the most priciest of them all (not just cause tessa ordered large for herself - udon sizes - regular or large) because you add beef inside. And trust me, the beef here tasted better than the ones you have in yoshinoya's beef bowls. And the portion of the beef you add is pretty generous! 
Must order!


And weishan's Curry udon which she didnt really like LOL. 
The curry is good, the udon is good. But a goo-ey texture definitely does not go well with a chewy one. So I would recommend the option of curry with jap rice at other restaurants! not here! Unless you really loveeeeeee jap curry to this extend of ordering it everywhere, even regina the jap curry lover didn't! (or her toothache of the day saved her)


Finally, my Zaru Udon. All of their udons are actually available cold/hot only Zaru Udon is cold only and Kama-age Udon (one we didn't order) is hot only.

 People order Zaru to experience the most springy texture of the udon. As the cooling process makes the udon contract, which will result in it being more springy and resilient! Frankly, I am more of a ramen than udon person because it becomes soggy if its served hot, but after trying Tamoya udon, it really changed my opinions on udon!!! 

The cold udon will be served with a addition sauce which you'll have to soak the udon in. Yummy!


repeated tempuras

 and regina's Kake Udon - but with decorated with different condiments and toppings~

Then wenmin went to get an additional chicken cutlet which was tasty too ^^

It really is the best udon restaurant in SG!!

So this year, the clique got tessa a hair straightener (rowenta) as well as a (babybliss popular in korea) hair curler~ (haha pic taken below by tessa. lousy photographer!!)

This was an additional gift from me and regina. Super chio and pretty Victoria's Secret Passport holder!! Since she loves to travel and this was so pretty! I want one too.. HAHA. My idea okay, but me and regina was bickering over which color to get for her. Reg wanted the black and gold one but turns out that pink is the best la!! Im glad Tessa liked it too!!

and a hour before tessa's arrival. Cause she is always damn late.. But its her birthday so ok lor. HAHA. me and shan went to this newly opened cafe which serves jap x italian food and pastries to get a mini cake for tessa!

Their signature fruit-cake (forgot the name) which wenmin loves cos its similar to that of a strawberry shortcake which the clique didn't really love cause its full of cream. 

but..... we all need sweet treats aft a meal.. hahaha!

happy 19th tessa ;) hoped you had a great one xx!

group photo w my silly hair (... forgot to take it out) without weishan cause she was the photographer *smirks*. anyway bet she was also lazy to leave her sit!

ultimate messy hair + tess~

reg and tess!

trish and tess!

wenmin in her loser np shirt KIDDING HAHAHA still pretty! and tess!

shan and tess~

thats all.
 shall end off this post with a trip to the newly opened aft renovation lagoon food village! at east coast park! :)

You know there are always so many competing bbq stalls at hawkers. Especially in places like chompchomp/lagoon food village. 

But I found one good bbq seafood stall at East Coast.
East Coast Lagoon Stall No.43 
Stingray Forever Pte Ltd

They are the first Bbq seafood stall in lagoon! And serve really good bbq seafood. Even my parents agree. The stingray was soo good!
 Around that area, also should be stall number 40 + or so, near stall no. 43, there is this stall which sells popiah. Freaking heavenly too. Beats the one at Old airport road food centre!

sorry for the half eaten pic, but spot the heavenly popiah. ordered like three rolls of it!!! finished by me and my dad mostly.

and my dear girl regina is single and back to partying haha!

so thats all for my short and interesting (i hope) post. Do remember to come down to Jcube to support me and my pals this saturday! ;)
any enquiries

LAST DAY OF BEING 18. you can watch my vid on instagram. just for laughs. lol hahahaha 

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